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How to Run Windows Programs on Mac

Winebottler is the go-to app for how to run Window programs on Mac. It gives you the ability to run Windows-based programs or apps and files such as web browsers, video games, media players, and even run business applications on your Mac machine. And it does this very easily when putting everything into Mac app-bundles.

If you want to run Windows apps on Mac, whereas the setup is quick and easy, then Winebottler for Mac is the way to go.

The video tutorial shows how to run Windows apps on Mac without being tech savvy or wiz-kid. Anyone can do this and enjoy running the same Windows applications that so many Window users use today. To play popular video games and use software applications that are windows-based, you need the Winebottler for mac download.

Wine for Mac can be used:

  1. When your job gives you a login, mail, calendar or contacts that only work in certain browsers
  2. When wanting to test a website in Windows-based browsers
  3. When wanting to play video games not supported on OS X
  4. When certain accounting tool or trading platform only works on Windows
  5. When an audio book player isn’t available on Mac OS X

Winebottler makes how to run Windows programs on Mac simple that even a child can do it. Watch the video to see exactly how easy it is. Winebottler also does automatic installations that lets you select from a range of applications/programs, which Wine for Mac will provide automatic installs. When hitting “install,” Wine leaves users with a neat application on their desktop.

Whether it’s an .exe program or file made for Windows, Winebottler is how to Run Windows programs on Mac. You simply choose an .exe program of file on your Windows computers and Wine for Mac will do the rest. Just find where the Windows .exe program or file is on your Mac computer, select it and open it on your Mac machine.

Hope you enjoy the watching the video on how to run Windows apps on mac. Wine is the best app to run windows on mac. That said, here’s where to download Winebottler for free…


Obat Kencing Nanah says:

Hey! I am from Indonesia and glad to see your blog.. Your video is very helpful for me..i will practice your tutorial .. Thank you

Adam Jackson says:

Hi ,am really glad to see your post. your video is really helpful.
Thank you for sharing.

sadiq abdulalim says:

thanks for this post, the video made everything easier. i surely will be following every steps

Nikhil Labade says:

Thanks for share post your video very helpful i don’t have mac but
your post knowledgebl…

sofia says:

I had no idea that one can run windows programs on mac. I usually opt for android emulator on mac to play some android system application on mac software. Thanks for sharing great info. Will give it a try.

Charan says:

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