Understanding Nora Go, SO Player, IPTV Service 101

Understanding Nora Go App/SO Player App | Understanding IPTV Service Provider | Fastest, Easiest Way to Watch TV Online

If you are in a hurry and just want to watch TV online, just scroll further down to find steps on the quickest way. But I must warn you, you need to learn a little about what you are getting into first to avoid confusion, mistakes, and embarrassment.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We no longer recommend using the Nora Go app and SO Player due to many if not all IPTV services for those apps not accepting new customers and subscription renewals.

I encourage you to stop looking/using either app and go with an alternative IPTV service that use a different app. You can click the link below to find one…

Click Here to Visit Our IPTV Comparison Chart and Choose One

Best streaming media device to use with any IPTV services…

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Please Disregard Reading about Nora Go and SO Player Below…


If you are new to Internet TV, new to Nora Go and SO Player, or new to IPTV Service Providers, you need to read everything below. If you decide not to read everything, I guarantee you will get confused and mess up.

Many visitors who already subscribed to an IPTV Service Provider come here thinking we are Support or an IPTV Service Provider. We are neither one of those. We provide Internet TV information and are product/service reviewers who reviewed many IPTV services and OTT TV streaming services.

Most of these same visitors lack a clear understanding of Nora Go, SO Player and IPTV Service Providers. Many don’t even know the name of their IPTV Service Provider. Here’s a list of what they think and/or get confused about…

  • Nora Go is a subscription or IPTV Service Provider
  • SO Player is a subscription or IPTV Service Provider
  • Don’t know how/where to contact support
  • Nora Go or SO Player delivers live channels and VODs
  • Don’t know how to download/install Nora Go or SO Player
  • Don’t know how to renew a subscription
  • Don’t know anything about IPTV Service Provider email to the subscriber
  • Installed Nora Go app or SO Player app and get the login screen
  • Don’t know where to get pin code, provider ID, username, password
  • Don’t read everything on the IPTV service website before signing up

Again, we don’t own any product/service that you see on our website so don’t contact us for support. We indicated no support in the popup window that you saw when visiting our site. And we indicated no support in our Chat Now box before a visitor sends us a support message or billing question. We are happy to answer any question about a product or service found on our InternetTvDotCom website with exception to support and billing.

To be clear, we are not owners or employees of any product/service that you see on our site. Moving forward…

So if you are willing to listen to us and read/follow the steps below, we can help you better understand many things about the app and IPTV service provider including what to expect.

Understanding Nora Go and SO Player Apps

The best thing to do first is finding a good IPTV Service Provider. They will tell you what app they want you to use. More on this later. If you already downloaded/installed the NoraGo or SOPlayer app to your device or intend to do that, you must understand the following.

Neither app is a standalone TV app. They don’t deliver any live channels or on-demand videos to watch online. Both are free app downloads and not subscriptions or IPTV services. Don’t get them confused with the IPTV Service Provider. Both apps are 3rd-party apps not owned by any IPTV Service Provider. There are many other free apps out there but many IPTV services use SO Player more so than Nora Go.

Also, understand both apps work pretty much the same way. You can’t tell the difference once inside the app.

SO Player is a better performing app when installed on different compatible devices than Nora Go. This is not to say that Nora Go is useless. When you install one of these apps on your device, you must activate the app. The only way to do this is by signing up for an IPTV Service Provider. You need activation/login credentials to activate the app so that you can watch streaming content from the IPTV Service Provider.

Two Video Tutorials that you can watch if needed…

Click Here to Learn How to Download/Install Nora Go on Smart TV

Click Here to Learn How to Download/Install SO Player to All Other Compatible Devices

Normally, you find app download/installation instructions on the IPTV service website. If not, click either link above that interests you.

Moving Forward…

Compatible Devices for SO Player/Nora Go

Android Devices (TV/Box/Phone/Tablet), iOS Devices, iPad & iPhone, Amazon Fire TV/Cube/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Mag Box, Apple TV, Computers (Windows/Mac), Smart TV (mostly Samsung or LG).

The best device to use: Any compatible streaming media device such as Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, and Apple TV. The Firestick is the cheapest and great performing device. Most IPTV services list that device as compatible.

Learn More About Amazon Firestick Here

Depending on the compatible device used with NoraGo or SO Player installed, you can enter the Pin Code and Provider ID in the app.  Or you can enter the username, password, and Provider ID. I suggest you enter the Pin Code and Provider ID.

How to Remove Your Device From Previous IPTV Service Provider

Before going any further, it’s important to know what to do when you want to switch IPTV Service Providers and have Nora Go or SO Player already installed.

IMPORTANT! Never ever install the Nora Go app and SO Player to the same device. It’s one or the other. You have Nora Go installed to one device and SO Player installed to another.

You can always uninstall the app to replace it with a different app. We are only talking about interchanging the SO Player with Nora Go app or vice-versa. I suggest you watch a video tutorial with steps that may help you remove your device from the previous IPTV Service Provider.  Some times you can get the IPTV service to remove your device from your IPTV service account. Just contact their support representative to see if s/he will do the removal for you.

If they can’t do the removal, you must try to do the removal on your own.

Click Here to Learn How to Remove Device From IPTV Service

Using Smart TV or HDTV TV with Nora Go or SO Player

If you have a Samsung or LG smart TV, you stand a better chance of finding the Nora Go app inside the smart TV app store. If you happen to find the SO Player and it doesn’t install on your smart TV (device), this means your device isn’t compatible. Try searching for NoraGo instead. If you find that app, go ahead and install it on your smart TV.

I’m not sure about other brands of smart TV. If your smart TV has an app store and you can find either one of those apps, then install it. If not, there’s a workaround.

Again, I usually tell people to start with the IPTV Service Provider first. But it really doesn’t matter if you start with the app first or IPTV service. The thing you must understand is you must choose an IPTV Service that uses the Nora Go app or SO Player or both.

Visit Our Top 10 Comparison Chart to Find Good IPTV Service

Let’s say you can’t find either app or there’s no way to install the app directly to your smart TV or HDTV. If that’s the case, you must now consider using/buying a streaming media device. Of course, there are other compatible devices that can be used without a TV.  I recommend getting the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Again, it’s cheaper and a great performing device.

If you have multiple household TVs (smart TVs and/or HDTVs or both), you can connect a Firestick to each TV. As long as the TV has a working HDTV port, you can do this. Now other household members can watch something different on other TVs at home. You can install the Nora Go or SO Player if it can be found or works on smart TVs (Samsung/LG) as well if you want.

Alternative to Using Streaming Media Device or Smart TV

If you don’t own a streaming media device such as NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV/Cube/Firestick but you have a computer, here’s what you can do. Since IPTV services are compatible with Windows and Mac computers, Linux computers cannot be used. You can connect your computer with an Internet connection to an HDTV or Smart TV via HDMI cable and watch everything with audio included on the big screen.

Click Here to Learn How to Connect Computer to TV
(Search Youtube.com for more video tutorials if needed)

What is IPTV Service Provider and Sign Up Process

Ok, now you should have a better understanding up to this point. Let’s understand the IPTV Service Provider and signup process. If you start with choosing a top IPTV Service Provider, they provide all the information you need with visiting their website. They provide what devices can be used, usually provide app download/installation instructions and other information. You can contact support for help if needed and for questions. Usually, these services have a chatbox. If the representative is currently online, you get help right then and there.

If no one is online, just leave your name and correct email address. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Usually, they respond to support messages within hours.

Depending on the IPTV Service Provider, they can deliver live premium television channels, local channels, global channels, catchup TV w/ DVR, huge sports channels with different sports sections. Sports also include PPV events both live and on-demand. IPTV services also deliver on-demand movies with recent releases that include all the popular genres. This on-demand section also includes TV series with their episodes.

But there’s usually more streaming content available as well.  Most IPTV services don’t develop their own app. Many tend to use 3rd-party apps such as Nora Go, SO Player, Smart IPTV, Lenox Media Player, and so on. In my opinion, SO Player and Nora Go are the better apps.

I advise signing up to the IPTV service to get the free trial first – no credit card needed in most cases. On the sign-up page, you are also asked to enter an email address. Make sure you enter the correct address or you won’t receive important emails. You are also asked to create a password. Make sure you remember the password. The email address and password that you create will become the login details to sign in to your IPTV My Account or Account.

Although many IPTV services have added local US channels, you won’t get all of them for your city. I suggest purchasing an indoor HDTV antenna with an amplifier (75-mile or more radius). Connect the antenna to the back of the HDTV or smart TV and perform a channel scan. If you are going to cancel cable or satellite TV, you can get all your local OTA channels totally free. Click Here to Learn More.

Normally, IPTV services allow up to 4 device connections. But if you are looking for an IPTV service that allows more than 4 device connections, I have one for you.

How to Renew Your Subscription

When visiting the IPTV service website, there’s usually a My Account or Account link at the top. Click the link to go to the login page. Use the same login details you create when signing up for the IPTV service. Enter your username (email address) and password. If for some reason, you can’t remember your password, there will be a reset password link available. Click that link to get a new password.

When inside the My Account or Account, you get access to your order and account information. Also important, you get access to your activation/login credentials that activate the Nora Go app or SO Player app. You can also renew your subscription after the 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription period ends. Also, emails that you receive from the IPTV service will have this information and link to get to the My Account or Account.

Key Notes:

Know and remember the name of your IPTV Service Provider after signing up

Look for the IPTV Service Provider emails in your inbox after signing up. If no emails, look for them in your Spam/Junk mail folder. If those emails are there, move them to your regular email inbox.

  • Understand What Nora Go and SO Player can and cannot do
  • Know how to renew a subscription and remember login details to Account
  • Go to YouTube.com to find any video tutorial if you need to lean something else

Quickest Way to Get Setup to Watch TV Online

Click Here to Visit Our Top 10 Comparison Chart and Choose an IPTV Service
(You will see what app is recommended also)

Click Here to Learn How to Download/Install Nora Go Smart TV (Samsung or LG)

Click Here to Learn How to Download/Install SO Player to Other Devices

For those who have been using an IPTV service already…

Click Here to Learn How to Remove Your Device When Switching From One IPTV Service to Another

Newcomers to Internet TV

If all of this is way over your head and you’re relatively new to Internet TV but you want to cut cable or ditch the dish to save money, I suggest you signup to download our FREE Guide: How to Watch TV Online. Everything we mentioned in this article is included in the FREE Guide with a lot more information to help your understanding.

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In closing, feel free to contact us using our Chat Now box in the lower right corner. Remember, we are not an IPTV Service Provider, owners, or employees, or support.  I’ve written this article specifically for those who want to get a good understanding of Nora Go, SO Player, and IPTV Service Providers. I hope this information helped improve your understanding and that you are ready to take the next step. Enjoy!

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