Local TV Channels and Internet TV Channels Without Cable

Alternative to Getting OTA Local Channels and Internet Channels From US, UK, CA, and AUS

American TV Channels and British TV ChannelsTV viewers are no longer restricted or required to opt into a contract to watch local TV channels and Internet TV channels. There are many alternatives available today than years ago where high cost of cable and satellite TV ruled television land.

Whether you just want local TV channels (OTA) or Internet television channels, or both, you can have it any way you want. This optionally also includes choosing the price to pay for ‘x’ number of national and regional channels. In the end, there’s no paying for many channels you don’t normally watch if at all. And there’s no contract or difficulty if wanting to cancel a streaming TV service at any time.

Update: IPTV services now adding Local USA TV (same OTA TV) Channels online. However, all local channels may not be available for your city. These service are still adding local channels but you can purchase an indoor HDTV antenna to receive all local OTA channels. The major upside to choosing an IPTV service is that you get 500+ live premium channels, local US channels, 1000+ VODs, PPV, CatchUp /DVR, and more.

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TV viewers living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or another country can get access to the same TV channels. In other words, get access to channels from the US, UK, CA, AUS, and even Ireland. No country is blocked, no one is restricted. You can watch American TV channels, British TV channels, Canada TV channels, and Ireland TV channels from one source.

Local TV Channels with or without Internet TV Channels

Saving money to watch live premium TV channels without cable or satellite TV stays on many people’s mind today. Many folks don’t have these services due to tight budgets or fixed incomes. Living without access to premium live TV channels is a hard way to go, especially when friends and neighbors have what you don’t have. Until now, many low budget consumers begging for a la carte TV programming had no other option.

To best understand how to get most of, if not all, your favorite live TV channels with TV shows, movies, news, and sports, check out your options.

Two Options to watch local TV channels and/or Internet TV channels:


HDTV OTA Indoor/Outdoor Antenna. Anyone who says you need cable or satellite TV to watch all your local TV channels in your area isn’t being honest.

Just buy an indoor or outdoor TV antenna and use your television to scan all channels in your local area. An indoor antenna is much easier to setup. It works great when placed in any building, as long as nothing blocks the reception. Local TV Channels

It won’t be long before you notice how crisp and clear the picture quality is. Here’s why. Cable operators compress their TV signals to conserve bandwidth so that they can deliver multiple services (TV, phone, and internet) over a single connection.

An indoor HDTV antenna is easier to install when attaching the coaxial cable to the back of the television antenna input. Get an indoor antenna with 50-100+ amplifier and scan for OTA local TV channels from television stations in your area. These are free-to-air live TV channels that cost you nothing.

TV channels USA. TV viewers living in the United States can get up to 100 channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, THE CW, and PBS — USA live TV channels. UK get over 80 British TV channels over the air TV channels.

See USA Indoor Antennas with Amplifier

All other countries can check Amazon for Indoor/outdoor antennas

If looking for TV channels in my area – Click Here (search for American TV channels).

If looking for TV channels near me – Click Here (search for U.S. or Canada channels.


Internet TV Channels. There are many online TV services available for those who have or want to, cut the cable cord or ditch the dish. You get many of the same national channels and some regional TV channels found on cable/satellite.

Moreover, there’s no contract, bundled package, high cost, or hidden fees to be concerned about. And you will like not having to pay for many channels you don’t watch or have any interest in. Canceling is as easy as clicking a button and you don’t need any set-top box or receiver if you don’t want one.

An Internet TV service can deliver up to 80 or more Internet TV channels. TV viewers can many of the same cable TV channels – See below…

ESPN, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, CNN, TNT, Animal Planet, Sky Channels, Showtime, BBC, FX, BET, Fox Sports, Hallmark, Aljazeera, SyFy, Galavision, A&E, Bravo, CBSN, The Weather Channel, HGTV, FYI, Food Network, E (Entertainment), Fuse, History Channels, Fusion, Lifetime, and many, many more.

Many live premium TV channels to watch movies, news, TV shows, and sports. Not only can sports fans watch local teams and games through over the air TV channels (offline) but can get access to a great deal more Internet TV sports channels online.

There’s an Internet TV service that delivers TV channels the USA and British TV channels. Another service delivers USA live TV channels, UK TV channels, Canadian TV channels, Australia TV channels, and some Ireland TV channels. And there are other Internet TV services with Internet television channels that may suit your needs even more.

To see some of these services that deliver all kinds of Internet television channels to watch TV shows, movies, sports, and news broadcasts, take a look below:

FuboTV. This live streaming TV service is very similar to SlingTV. Both are competing for the same TV viewers living without cable/satellite TV or TV Channels USAwant to cancel. As it stands now, there’s a price war going on for the best TV package to win you over. You get more Internet television channels with Fubo – up to 90+ live premium channels, depending on which package you choose.

However, only U.S. and Canada residences can use this streaming service. Other countries are blocked. They deliver USA TV channels, UK TV channels, and Canada TV channels. Both national and regional channels are included to watch sports, movies, TV shows, and news. There are plenty more national channels found on cable/satellite, then there are local and regional TV channels. You’ll get several of them.

You may want to connect an indoor or outdoor antenna to your television to get all the local TV channels from your area.  Then switch back and forth to get Internet TV or local TV.

Like SlingTV, Fubo also delivers on-demand TV or catch up TV and plenty of it. If you miss a live TV program, this service has a 72-Hour Lookback feature. It records all live streams automatically and stores them for 3 days. That’s enough time to watch any missed TV shows, movies, news broadcasts, or sporting events.

Sports fans will love this service because it delivers over 250 Internet sports channels with all kinds of sporting events. But this is not to say they fall short in delivering entertainment channels outside of sports.

There are plenty of live movie channels, live news channels, and live TV shows to watch online. There’s also a DVR feature that allows you to record whatever you like. In the basic package, subscribers get 30 hours of DVR storage. This can be upgraded to 500 hours of DVR storage, which more than what SlingTV offers.

Lastly, there’s a 7-day free trial with full access to all features and content. And there’s a Cancel link in the ‘My Account’ page that lets you cancel before the 7-day trial. Or you can cancel anytime during the paid subscription period.

Use Fubo to watch favorite TV channels USA, British TV channels, and Canada TV channels. Though there are more American tv channels available, there are some International channels available also. Remember, this service only of U.S. and Canada residences.

Although there is no smart TV app (Samsung TV) available right now, this service is compatible to many streaming devices and smartphones. And there are many free apps available for those devices that connect to your HDTV or smart TV.

This doesn’t mean you have to purchase another device such as Amazon Fire TV or Stick. You can connect your computer to TV with HDMI cable connector and watch everything that way.

To Review FuboTV Further and Watch Video Demo, Click Here


247TvStream. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution and want to watch cable/satellite TV channels on your computer, then this service does the job. Internet TV ChannelsYou get over 150 premium live Internet television channels from THE US, CA, UK, Canada, and Ireland. You get more American TV channels and British TV channels than other channels.

This service is a cheaper alternative to cable/satellite and you can also watch everything on any smart TV or HDTV. Just connect any Windows or Mac computer to your television via HDMI. There are no apps available for any device. Simply log into the website and start watching Internet channels.

There is no Geo-location restriction with this 3rd party service. This means anyone from any location worldwide can get access to the same Internet channels. Every country can watch the same TV channels in the USA and. UK TV channels including Canada, Australia, and Ireland TV channels.

Many of the same cable/satellite TV channels are included to watch online but no on-demand content is provided. As for as the price goes, 247TvStream is the clear winner compared to Fubo and FreeAirTV but their service less compatible with devices.

You can watch the channels on your television when connecting a computer. Many people simply use a laptop computer to watch live premium TV channels. You can use a smartphone to watch some of the content. There are many sports channels/networks included, whereas sports fans should be, please. There’s also plenty of live movie channels, news channels, and TV shows.

There is no DVR or 72-Hour Playback feature. If you want to record (DVR), I suggest you use a 3rd party recording software – Click Here.

A couple of downsides to this service is that they have no local TV channels and they are 3rd party. You get to watch many cable/satellite TV channels to watch live sports, movies, TV shows, and news broadcasts. By far the quickest, easiest setup that lets you start watching your favorites right after signing up. No hardware or software or surfing for live channels to watch online.

If you are searching for the cheapest service with Internet TV channels, then here’s one to try. There is no contract or hassle and there are many subscription packages available. Right now, they have a one-dollar 7-day trial that gives you full access. You can cancel before the trial is over if you want. Or let the subscription kick in and pay the low price that you selected when entering into the trial.

To Learn More and Watch Video Demo, Click Here


FreeAir TV. If searching for a complete television setup without the high cost of cable/satellite TV, Free Air TV should be on your list. You have the Local TV Channelsoption of choosing their indoor HDTV antenna if you don’t already have one or CloudAntenna OTA DVR and Cloud TV. They let you stream live and recorded OTA HDTV channels over numerous devices at the same time.

Moreover, you can many local TV channels and Internet TV channels with TV shows, movies, news, and sports as well as record anything you want. They provide everything you need so that you don’t need to go elsewhere. The indoor OTA HDTV antenna brings free TV. When adding the CloudAntenna OTA DVR and Cloud TV, you can watch World TV with a selection of 700+ International TV channels.

There’s a lot more to this service than meets the eye. Even if you don’t have a WiFi router needed to connect to the Internet, they provide this as well. You get to choose the prices and whatever is needed on your end. And if you are not sure after visiting their website, simply contact customer service for guidance.

To Get More Information and Watch a Video Demo – Click Here

How to Choose Local TV Channels and/or Internet TV Channels Solution

If you want just over the air TV channels, then buy an indoor HDTV antenna with an amplifier (50-100+ mile radius).

See USA Indoor Antennas with Amplifier

Note: All other countries can check Amazon for Indoor/outdoor antennas

If only interested in watching premium live TV channels on your Windows or Mac computer, then 247TvStream is your best option. You can also connect a computer to TV via HDMI cable and watch everything on the big screen.

Right now, they have a $1 special 7-day trial. You can cancel before the trial is over or let it continue into the low subscription that you choose during the trial.

If you want the best of both worlds when having local TV channels and Internet channels, then choose FreeAir TV channels. They have everything needed to get setup. You’ll save over $1,000 per year compared to cable/satellite TV.

Get the cost savings, best quality, and optionality with fewer restrictions that so many TV viewers enjoy having today. Review each method above and weigh what works best for you. Feel free to ask us questions by leaving a comment below or use our Chat Now box. We are not available 24/7 so leave a message with name and email address if using the Chatbox.

It’s best to have local TV channels and Internet TV channels so that you get an arsenal of entertainment no matter where you are in the world. It’s just a matter of knowing exactly what you want and what comes easy.


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