What Is Clutch TV

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Be sure to watch the what is Clutch TV video above as I uncover how you save money as well as other benefits when using this No IP Lock IPTV service. I cover everything written on the website to further break down the IPTV service, streaming content delivered, app, device compatibility, getting set up, and provide other important details.

You will also watch me sign up for the free trial, see the entire process, and watch as I receive emails from Clutch. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect and not speculate.

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Some Key Points – What is Clutch TV…

  • You can use a VPN service (No IP Lock) to hide your IP address if you want. Connect any compatible device when traveling, not just a smartphone
  • Do Not rely on any IPTV service for local channels. There are several way to watch local OTA TV channels. I provided two ways above (see links)
  • You get up to 5 device connections to use at one time. You can use 4 devices in-home and 1 device out of home. Or, use 5 devices in-home
  • For your primary compatible streaming device, use an Ethernet cable for faster Internet speed. Other devices can use a wireless connection
  • Unlimited Player app is free and does not require a paid subscription or signup to download/install it to your compatible device. The TV app does not deliver any streaming content
  • You must subscribe to an IPTV service to activate the app. The IPTV service delivers all the streaming content
  • Always know the name of your IPTV provider. The Unlimited Player app is not an IPTV service or provider. If something goes wrong, always contact your IPTV service support, where you have a subscription, to get the issue resolved
  • There is no recurring or automatic billing. You must renew your subscription after 1 month or 3 months whichever one you subscribed to. To renew, just visit the same IPTV service website and click the ‘Account Details’ link to login or do whatever you are told to do to renew

Something More to Note…

  • If you experience an on-going buffering issue, this usually stems from the users end and not the IPTV service. See the link above to learn how to stop buffering issues.
  • You should have at least 30 Mpbs Internet connection (download) speed but higher/faster the better. Having 50, 100, 150, over 200+ Mbps would be idea but not necessary. Buffering issues can stem from inadequate Internet connection speed
  • Compatible devices include: Android Devices (Phone, TV, Box); Amazon Devices (Fire TV, Firestick); Tablet; NVIDIA Shield; Windows PC/Laptop (w/ Bluestacks Emulator)
  • My recommendation for best streaming device: Amazon Firestick – It’s low-cost but powerful. Has Alexa Voice and works very well with IPTVs/TV app. Easy to use functions on the Firestick remote control to perform what is needed from the app. But it will require more steps to get setup. See link below to watch video tutorial for Firestick

More What Is Clutch TV Information

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what is Clutch TV if you watched the video above and read the article post. If you are a newcomer to Internet TV, this method offers the easiest way to get access to and watch your favorite shows, sports, news, movies, and so on, online.

Get tons of live channels including VOD movies, VOD TV Series, and much more. The Unlimited Player app can be found inside the Google Play Store including Apple Play Store.

Depending on the compatible device being used, you can download the app from the Play Store or internal store of your device. For Fire TV/Firestick users, you must download/install the Download app first to sideload the apk version of the app. You must enter the UnliPlayer apk URL inside the Downloader app to commence downloading/installing it.

Final Note…

The IPTV service and app have been tested and reviewed by me. If this service didn’t pass the test, I would not have wasted your time or my time writing a full review and creating video reviews. I think you are going to like this IPTV service. In conclusion, What is Clutch TV is just another way to watch all your favorites online.

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