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We are going to answer what is ATV IPTV and how you benefit from using them to watch your favorites online. I break everything down in the video above on what this IPTV service claims to deliver. Video #1 above.

I encourage you to watch each and every video posted below so that you don’t miss a beat. Don’t think you know it all. If you miss something, then it can through you off and cause confusion. Don’t pay for any subscription plan until you you know all there is to know.

I encourage you to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick as I demonstrate further in the other videos below. You will also see what devices are compatible. I’ve also include the link to visit the ATVIPTV website where you can also learn more on what is ATV IPTV.

Click Here to Get More Info, Sign Up, Free Trial, Subscription

Next Video 2: ATVIPTV Free Trial
Video 3: Install ATV IPTV APK on Firestick
Video 4: ATVIPTV App Features, Navigation, Channels, VOD
Video 5: Watch ATV IPTV on Firestick
Video 6: ATV IPTV Record and Catch Up Features
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You can watch your favorites over the Internet no matter what country you are from. Everyone will get access to the same streaming content.

What Is ATV IPTV Service Provider

This IPTV service provider like many others brings together live channels and video on-demand streaming content. You must install their app which is free to do. This can be done first or after signing up for the free trial or subscription.

You need a high speed Internet connection, 25 Mbps download speed or more. The name of the game is higher or faster the Internet connection speed the better. I have over 200 Mbps that I get from my ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is Comcast. You have to pay more to get more speed. This is not a cable TV service or associated with one anyway.

But should be OK having 25-30 Mbps to help avoid buffering and playback issues.

You don’t need any hardware other than a compatible device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. And you don’t need an antenna to watch Internet TV via your IP address provided by your ISP.

You will get many cable TV channels live to watch on your device in SD, HD, 1080p picture quality. Perhaps even FHD or 4K if you have a 4k TV.

There is no recurring billing, no contract, hidden or extra fees, or anything you’re accustom to seeing with a cable TV service.

What ATV IPTV Is Not

They don’t deliver local or regional live channels. For that you can either purchase an indoor HDTV antenna to scan all your local TV channels or check out a free local TV streaming website if you live in the US. See links above.

You cannot share your IPTV account with someone else living in another location outside your household (IP address). In other words, one account is for one IP address only. You can use only one compatible device at one time but there is the option to add 2 extra devices for an additional cost.

You will not get all your cable TV channels. If interested in the US channels, it’s the same thing. I found many countries included, around 19 or so. You get access to all those countries no matter where you live in the world.

What Is ATV IPTV Video

Make sure you watch the video on what is ATV IPTV. I provided additional information and show you how to sign up to get your free account. Then I show you how to enter into the free trial which continues into Video 2.

There are 2 great features that come with ATVIPTV. I show the Record feature and 7 Days Catch Up feature in the other video.

Learn More and Get Your Free Trial or Subscription Here


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