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The video, Watch TruView on Firestick, allows you to look over my shoulders as I play live/on-demand streams from the TVT app connected to the TruView IPTV service. If you haven’t watched Video 4 and the previous videos, I recommend you do so. There’s a lot of important things you must see and know.

In Video 4, you get a walk through as I demonstrate navigating through the app, features, global channels including VOD movies and TV Series. None of the streaming content is played in that video.

UPDATE: I tested the Duplex Play app and it works great with this IPTV service. TruView made things a bit easier when installing/downloading the DuplexPlay app. They will provide you with everything else you need to start watching TV online when subscribing to the service — Click the Link below. You can ignore the video above and install the app by getting instructions HERE. Also, the free trial was changed to $4.50 trial.

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3 Sections to Watch Live Channels and VODs from TruView on Firestick

The TruView IPTV service did the smart thing which is dividing up the enormous streaming content onto different servers so as not to cause major buffering issues. They also have a backup in case some of the servers go down. To explain further…

You can watch TrueView on Firestick from the TVT app that has 3 sections of logins. This is how they divided their streaming content which is good for subscribers. As a result, mostly all channels and VODs that I played did so quickly and smoothly with no major playback issue.

I have not experienced any buffering issues. You can watch TruView on Firestick without any buffering.

After you sign up for the free trial or subscription, you get 3 emails immediately. Once the TVT app has been activated when entering your username and password provided by TruView, you are to reply back to them to get another set of login details as such:

  • TVT-Backup (login)
  • TVT-TV Guide (login)
  • TVT-Prime (login)

You log into one of the 3 above at a time to get access to certain streaming content, display of channels/VODs, and features. To watch live channels and use the EPG (TV Guide), you would log into the TVT-TV Guide section.

To get access to all movies with genres and TV series with seasons/episodes to watch, you would log into TVT-Prime. Or, you can log into the TVT-Backup section which also layouts all the countries with channels in them.

Watch TruView on Firestick Works Seamlessly

I tested many live channels from the US mostly and most of them played extremely well. This also includes watching VOD movies and TV series. If you’ve been complaining about buffering issues from other IPTV services that you tried, it shouldn’t be the case with this IPTV service.

I have over 200 Mbps that I get from my ISP (Comcast). You don’t need that much but you should have at least 25 Mbps download speed. Inside the TVT app there’s a Settings icon where you can perform a speed test using the Firestick. My download speed was around 100 Mbps via WiFi.

A new LG smart TV was used with my Firestick 4K connected to it. I highly recommend using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s works very well with IPTV services and apps. I never experienced any problems. There are other compatible devices that you can use but the Firestick gave me the best experience.

Very seldom did I come across non-working channels or other issues. You can always contact TruView support when needed. Just tell them what section with channel names or VOD that you are having problems. I really like watching TruView TV on my Firestick and I know you will too.

Types of Live Channels and VOD

You get access to many of the major TV networks to watch live sports, movies, kids/shopping/food channels, news, movies, and much more. TruView TV is loaded with all kinds of sporting events. Also included are PPV, local and regional channels, over 50 countries, tons of VOD movies & TV series, and 24/7. There is something for the entire family to watch.

Watch TruView on Firestick is a great way to watch all your favorites online without the high cost. Watch the video above and you will slowly but surely become intrigued with this IPTV service. But you need to watch videos whereas links are provide at the very top of this post. Enjoy!

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