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Video 4 demonstrates the workings of the app with Topeba Streams on Firestick to help you can decide if this is something you want. You can use either Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, perhaps the Fire Cube. And if you don’t have a Firestick, you should. It’s a great streaming device for IPTV services also. There are other compatible devices that can be used also such as Windows 10 computer, Android devices, NVIDIA Shield, smart TVs (Samsung & LG).

Although you might want to use your smart TV without the Firestick, think about having one. All the top IPTV services and streaming TV services are compatible to the Fire TV Stick. A number of these services don’t use an app for smart TVs.

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Video 1: What is Topeba Streams (IPTV Website Review)
#2: Topeba Sign Up, Trial, Subscription
#3: How to Install DuplexPlay on Firestick (Install Downloader App)
Video 5: Topeba Streams Duplex App Features
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How to Stop Buffering on Your End
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How to Install Topeba Streams App/APK

There is an entire video tutorial on this subject that you need to watch. Just click Video 3 above to learn the setup. You will be required to install the Download app but before you can do that, there is a Firestick setting you must enable. Once the Downloader app is installed on the Fire TV Stick, there’s a Downloader setting you must enable.

Amazon upgraded the Firestick which now has a different layout/display. I’ll show where you need to go and do inside the new Fire TV Stick. Including how to remove an app and move an app to the front.

TopebaStreams Firestick Benefits

The Fire TV Stick remote with controls make is it very easy for the user to navigate and use the features such as Record, PIP, Add to Favorites, and so on. If you are a newcomer, you should have this device in your household. I connected 4K Firesticks to all my TVs (HDTV, Samsung & LG smart TVs) and never looked back.

Using this streaming device is better than using a smart TV without the Fire TV Stick for the simple reason of having the ability to preform everything with ease of use. You’ll enjoy the quality with the TV app installed that connects with Topeba. To me, there’s nothing better than Topeba Streams on Firestick and the best way to know is to experience it for yourself.

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