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Watch TV Online Using Unliplayer App/Apk (a.k.a. Unlimited Player)

The Unliplayer app/apk is the abbreviated name for Unlimited Player app/apk which can be found in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, you won’t find this app in the Apple TV Player Store which means it’s not compatible with iOS devices at the moment. It’s not compatible with that many streaming devices.

However, it’s a good TV app that many if not all IPTVs using the Lenox app switched to the Unliplayer. We were told the old Lenox app/apk is no longer supported. That said, you now need to look for an Unlimited Player IPTV service.

Some individuals download/install the free app/apk to their compatible device before finding an IPTV service. By the way, you’re probably wondering what is an apk so I will explain it. Some compatible streaming devices such as the Fire TV and Firestick cannot find the Unliplayer app inside the Amazon app store.

If you are in a hurry, just click the link below to visit the UnlimitedPlayer IPTV service website. This is where you need to go to get a subscription to activate the app/apk. They deliver all the streaming TV content to the app/app. But I really do suggest reading everything below.

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How to Download/Install Downloader App
Best Streaming TV Device – Amazon Firestick

Unlimited Player for Firestick / Unlimited Player Apk for Firestick

If you have an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, you will need to download and install the Downloader app first. This is how you can install the apk file from an apk directory.

To understand better, the apk file version of the app comes from an apk directory when using those devices. Watch the video at the top. It will show what settings are needed in the Fire TV and Firestick. Next, and you will see how to find, download, and install the Downloader app.

Next, you must open the Downloader app and type in the apk URL provided by the Unlimited Player IPTV service provider. I’ll explain further what is an IPTV service below.

In the video above, you will type in the following URL in Downloader:

This is how you download/install the Unliplayer app/apk (a.k.a. Unlimited Player app/apk). If your compatible streaming device can access the Google Play Store, then you can download the app directly without using the Downloader app.

The UnliPlayer apk works very well with the Firestick which I recommend using. I have 3 household TVs (2 smart TVs-LG & Samsung plus an HDTV). All 3 TVs have the Firestick connected. The Unlimited Player IPTV I’m using has the apk installed on my Firestick connected to my LG smart TV.

This is my primary way of watching TV online which is my living room. To avoid buffering issues as much as possible from my end, I purchased an Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices. I suggest doing the same thing for any primary streaming device you are going to use to watch TV online.

Compatible Streaming Devices

Here are the devices you can use with the app or apk:

Mobile Phones with Android, Android Box 5.1 or Higher, Amazon Fire Stick/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, and Tablets Including PC/Laptop (w/ Bluestacks Emulator). The app is not compatible with other streaming media devices or streaming gaming devices.

As for iOS devices, an app may be forthcoming that these IPTV services for Unlimited Player will use. But for now, iOS devices users are out of luck.

Unlimited Player IPTV Services

Now that you have an understanding of the UnliPlayer (Unlimited Player app), the Downloader app, and compatible devices, it’s time to learn about the IPTV service.

Once the app is installed on a compatible streaming device (see above), it does not deliver any streaming TV content by itself. First, the app or apk must be activated. The app/apk connected to the IPTV service where all the streaming TV content comes from. When you sign up for the trial or subscription, you get the following:

  • Service ID
  • Username
  • Password

You can call all 3 above the activation/login credentials. It’s the same thing Lenox IPTV services were provided in the past. So now you are probably thinking will the Lenox app work when using an Unlimited Player IPTV service. The short answer is ‘yes’. But these IPTV services don’t support the Lenox app. They support the UnliPlayer app which is a better performing app.

If you already have the Lenox app installed on a compatible device, you can try using it if you want. However, if there’s a performance issue, don’t contact the IPTV service for support. You need to uninstall the old Lenox and install the new replacement app which is the Unlimited Player app/apk.

When you go to the Unliplayer IPTV service website, they will

Unlimited Player Service ID

Many visitors to our website contact us asking for the service ID, especially those that were using the old Lenox app. The IPTV services they were using either closed down or those users forgot where his/her IPTV is located. We have been recommending individuals to an IPTV service where they can get the Unlimited Player Service ID and login details.

Free Trial

I am recommending two IPTV services whereas you can choose one of them. Both do offer a free trial but you won’t see any free trial mentioned on the IPTV website. What you need to do is contact support via the chatbox when visiting the IPTV service website.

In Closing…

When testing the UnliPlayer (Unlimited Player) app/apk on my Firesticks, I found the layout to be easy on the eye (attractive). The Interfacing is smooth and easy, had no issues navigating and finding what I wanted to watch online. The app/apk connects to the IPTV service servers. The performance was good overall and I did not experience any major buffering issues.

But you must have enough Internet connection speed for SD, HD, FHD, 4K, and 4K streaming content. I recommend having at least 60 Mbps or higher to avoid buffering on your end. You may be alright with 30 Mbps download speed but the faster the Internet connection speed the better. No IPTV service is perfect.

I also recommend using an Ethernet cable for your primary streaming device where the TV app is installed. The Ethernet cable will give you a much faster internet connection speed than a wireless connection. You can go to Amazon to find an Ethernet cable adapter for your compatible device as I did for my Firestick HERE.

I recommend one or the other IPTV service provider below. It does matter which Unlimited Player IPTV service you choose. Both are pretty much the same, just different brand names. I believe they have the same ownership so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. When you choose one, save the other IPTV somewhere in case the other goes out of service.

If you are going to use the Lenox app that’s already installed on your compatible device, then think about opting for the free trial. You must contact support to request the trial. Again, the Lenox app is not supported by the IPTV service but you can use that app. If it doesn’t perform well, just uninstall it and install the UnliPlayer app/apk (Unlimited Player app/apk). If you want a free trial, just contact the UnliPlayer IPTV service support via chatbox.

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