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Many if not all Lenox IPTV services have become Unlimited Player IPTV services. Due to poor performance issues with the Lenox media player, Unlimited Player (a.k.a. UnliPlayer) became more popular and is supported. The player works pretty much the same way as does the Lenox but better. It requires the Unlimited Player Service ID, Username, and Password to activate the media player that connects to the IPTV service.


Unfortunately, there is a major upgrade happening with Unlimited Player IPTV services. They are the ones you pay the subscription, activate the app, and deliver all the streaming TV/VOD content. From what I’m being told this upgrade will continue until early January 2022 and should be ready to take new customers.

In the meantime, there is no IPTV service to use the Unlimited Player app and well don’t have any other IPTV service that allows you to continue using the Lenox Media Player app.

The best we can offer you is visiting our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to find another IPTV service that uses a different TV app. You will find some good ones listed starting with your Recommendation #1. Click below…

Visit Our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to Find Alternative IPTV Service Provider


You can still use Lenox with these IPTVs but that media player is no longer supported. UnliPlayer (the replacement) is supported. If you experience a performance issue using Lenox, it’s advised that you uninstall it and install the replacement.

You must understand that no TV app (media player) is a ‘standalone’ whereas it delivers all the streaming TV/VOD content by itself. An IPTV provider is needed to activate the player which also delivers all the streaming content. The player is free to download and install on any compatible device. Depending on the streaming device used, you can find the player inside the Google Play Store HERE.

Finding A Top Unlimited Player IPTV Service Provider

Generally, you want to start by finding an Unlimited Player IPTV service to get more information, set up instructions to download/install Unlimited Player, trial (if available), subscription. In the video above, you can watch as I take you inside the app connected to the IPTV to see everything. And don’t worry, I provided the link below to get an Unlimited player subscription.

You get to see me navigate around, the features, how live channels/VODs (all the content) are organized in their respective categories/sub-categories. You also will see many live channels play including on-demand movies and TV series.

Click Here to Visit the IPTV Website Now and Subscribe or Read Full Review Here

How to Download/Install Downloader App (Do this first if using Fire TV/Firestick device)
Part 1: Install TV App on Firestick
Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Firestick (Get Faster Internet Connection) or Other Devices
Get Free Streaming Local Channels
Get Indoor HDTV Antenna and Watch Local TV Offline
Steps to Prevent Buffering (Streaming Device, App, IPTV Service)

NOTE: When clicking the link above to visit the IPTV website, they may still be undergoing maintenance whereas part of the website is missing. However, they are still accepting new customers. If you are taken to an Account page, on the left you will see the ‘Shop’ link. Click that link and you will be taken to the next page to subscribe. This is how you get the Unlimited Player Service ID, Username, and Password via email. If you want to see how the full IPTV website looked, Click Here to watch the video review.

We actually test reviewed two of these IPTVs that are very similar and rated them high on our chart. However, one is undergoing a major upgrade and closed its doors to all customers. We were told this will last a couple of months and will open their doors to all new customers again. When that happens we will update our end.

Unlimited Player Service ID w/ Subscription

There’s not much to tell here whether you want to continue using Lenox or use the replacement — UnliPlayer. Both players require an Unlimited Player subscription whereas both need the Service ID. When you sign up for the trial (if there is one) or subscription, expect to receive emails from the IPTV immediately.

If you don’t see any emails, then check inside your Spam or Junk mail folder. If any are there, then move those emails to your regular email inbox. This way you will receive all future emails from your IPTV service in your inbox. I love using the Firestick which is connected to my smart TVs and one HDTV. That streaming device works great with IPTVs and you should get one or more for each of your household TVs. Learn More Here.

Unliplayer – Compatible Devices Can Be Used

One of the pluses is Unliplayer IPTV uses a No IP Lock system. This means you can change your IP address thereby using a VPN service if you want. You should also be able to take/use any compatible streaming device connected to the IPTV service when traveling outside your home near or far. Or moving to another residence, city, state, or country.

Here’s a list of compatible devices:

  • Mobile Phones with Android
  • Android Box 5.1 or Higher
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Tablets
  • PC/Laptop (w/ Bluestacks Emulator)

Unfortunately, iOS devices and some of the other popular devices are not included in the list above. Therefore, those devices cannot be used. As for smart TVs such as the Samsung and LG or smart TVs with an internal app store, you won’t find Unlimited Player. You must connect a streaming device such as the Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, or NVIDIA Shield. You should be able to use an Android TV if you have one.

All Unlimited Player IPTV services list the same compatible devices. IPTV services prefer that you don’t share your IPTV account with other people living outside your household. Unlike IP Locked IPTVs, No Locked IP IPTVs have fewer restrictions that give you more freedom to change IP addresses when traveling. You can use any compatible device that you want.

Getting Best Performance

I highly recommend purchasing an Ethernet adaptor for your primary streaming devices such as the Fire TV, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Tablet, or Computer. Whichever device you are going to use most to watch TV online at home, use a hardwired connection rather than a wireless (WiFi) connection.

One end of the Ethernet cable connects to the modem/router where the Internet comes from. The other end connects to the streaming device. In my case, I purchased an Ethernet Adaptor for my Firestick which you should be able to find on Amazon for your device. If you already have the Ethernet cable connected directly to your smart TV, simply disconnect it and connect that end of the cable to the Ethernet adaptor that connects to the streaming device.

You want to do this to avoid consistent buffering issues. The Ethernet cable gives you a faster Internet connection than a wireless connection. Use a wireless connection for all other secondary connected devices to the IPTV service but not your primary device. Your Internet speed should be around 60 Mpbs to play all kinds of live streams such as SD, HD, FHD, 4K, etc.

Before using an Unlimited Player IPTV service or any IPTV service, you should run a speed test to see how much Internet connection speed you are getting for your device. If you have less than 60 Mpbs Internet connection download speed and are not experiencing any consistent buffering issues, good for you.

But if you experience an ongoing buffering issue, consider increasing your Internet connection speed by contacting your ISP (Internet service provider such as Comcast). Of course, this will increase your cost but you are going to get huge cost savings when opting for an IPTV service compared to cable TV or TV/VOD subscription. Why not use some of the savings to increase your Internet speed. Also, see the ‘Prevent Buffering’ link further up.

Unlimited Player IPTV, In Closing…

If you never used an IPTV service before let alone an Unlimited Player IPTV service, I suggest signing up to get our Free IPTV Setup Guide HERE. Take your time and read the full review – click the link further up to review the top IPTV service for UnliPlayer.

Should you experience a problem with UnlimitedPlayer, don’t search online for help. Instead, go directly to your IPTV service provider where you paid the subscription. They support that player. If you get an error message or some or all channels don’t play, or other issues, simply go back to the IPTV service website (always remember the name) for support.

Save the emails the IPTV service sends you so you can refer back to them to find their website. That’s all there is. You have the info in this post article including videos to get going and complete the setup. Enjoy!

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