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How to Install Unlimited Player on Firestick or Fire TV via App/Apk (Step-by-Step Download Instructions)

Watch the video tutorial above that provides the Unlimited Player app Firestick step-by-step instructions. You will complete the how to install Unlimited on Firestick setup on your streaming device in no time. Since the app cannot be found inside the Fire TV or Firestick internal Amazon app play store, you must first install the Downloader app.

NOTE: The video above also talks about a particular IPTV service that’s offline right now due to maintenance work. They said they will be back online in 1-2 months. So for the time being, you will get access to another IPTV service that’s very similar to using the app. You will find the link below.


Unfortunately, there is a major upgrade happening with Unlimited Player IPTV services. They are the ones you pay the subscription, activate the app, and deliver all the streaming TV/VOD content. From what I’m being told this upgrade will continue until early January 2022 and should be ready to take new customers.

In the meantime, there is no IPTV service to use the Unlimited Player app and we don’t have any other IPTV service that allows you to continue using the Lenox Media Player app.

The best we can offer you is visiting our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to find another IPTV service that uses a different TV app. You will find some good ones listed starting with your Recommendation #1. Click below…

Visit Our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to Fina Alternative IPTV Service Provider


You will be installing the Unlimited Player Firestick Apk version of the app, and therefore must use the Downloader app to enter the Unliplayer URL. This will commence the downloading process to install the apk version of UnlimitedPlayer on your Fire TV or Firestick. The apk file is found inside the Apk directory and this is all you need to know for now.

This is a free app/apk download/install. You don’t pay or sign up for anything to download and install. Unlimited Player just like any other TV app out there is not a standalone TV apps/apks. The app must be activated by the streaming TV or IPTV service–this is when you pay. The IPTV delivers all the streaming content (live channels & VODs).

The Unlimited Player apk for Firestick simply connects to the IPTV service provider. In order to activate and use the app/apk to watch TV online, you must sign up to get the IPTV subscription.

Normally, you want to start with finding an IPTV service that uses the UnliPlayer app/apk which I will point you to a top IPTV service. You also get the setup instructions when visiting the IPTV website.

Best IPTV Service for Unlimited Player Apk for Firestick – CLICK HERE or Read Full Review Here

NOTE: Click the link directly above will take you to a top IPTV service but the website may still be undergoing maintenance. Part of the website is missing. If that’s the case, you should see a ‘Shop’ link on the left side. Just click that link to get the subscription. Now if you want to see how everything works and watch live channels/VODs play, just click Step #3 below.

You can also watch the IPTV website review HERE. You’ll see exactly how the website looked before the maintenance work occurred. In the video review, I break things down further when explaining the info on that website.

Now that we have the basic understanding out of the way, it’s time to get set up so that you can start watching your favorites online.

Unlimited Player App Firestick – Steps to Take…

Step 1: Watch Download/Install Downloader App Video HERE (Get Instructions)
Step 2: Watch How to Download Unlimited Player on Firestick video at top
Step 3: See It In Action Video Here (Unlimited Player on Firestick connected to IPTV service)
Step 4: Get Your IPTV Service Provider Subscription Here or Read Full Review
Step 5 (optional): Purchase Ethernet Adaptor for Fire TV/Firestick HERE (Faster Internet Connection)

Other Important Videos to Watch…

How to Prevent or Decease Consistent Buffering Issues (Fire TV & Firestick)
Other Buffering How-To Videos


Step #1: You must set up a parameter inside the Fire TV/Firestick Settings first and then download/install the Downloader app. Do Not use/enter the URL if demonstrated in the video.

Step #2: You need to write down the following URL: http://unliplayer.com/unli.apk to download/install. This will be the URL you are going to type inside the Downloader app – watch the video at the top.

Step #3: You can see everything in action with the unlimited player app firestick setup completed and IPTV service-connected. I take you on a tour inside the app/apk to see all the live TV channels and VODs in their respective categories, sub-categories including features. You will see the navigation, other types of content and watch me play them.

Step #4: You can start with this step first if you want to pay the subscription and get the activation/login credentials (Service ID, Username & Password) ahead of time. When visiting the IPTV service website, you will learn more and see all subscription packages with fees.

They also have setup instructions. I also suggest reading the full review by clicking the link in Step #4. The IPTV service may still be undergoing maintenance work whereas part of the website is missing but you can still sign up. If you only see a ‘My Account’ page, just click the ‘Shop’ link in the left column to ‘Add to Cart’ and subscribe.

Best IPTV Service for Unlimited Player for Firestick – CLICK HERE or Read Review

Step #5: This is optional but I suggest you do it if you want to avoid buffering issues as much as possible. No IPTV service perfect but most IPTV buffering issues comes from the user’s end, not so much the IPTV provider. You need to get your end in order before blaming the IPTV. I suggest having around 60 Mpbs Internet Connection Download Speed if not higher to stream all kinds of streaming content. I also put links further up to how to resolve buffing issues.

You can install a free speed test app from the Firestick/Fire TV Amazon app store to test your Internet connection speed. Do Not install the wireless or WiFi speed test app. Test and see how much speed you are getting and make note of it. If you experience consistent buffering issues, then you need to pay more to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to increase your Internet speed. But before you attempt to do that, do the following first…

You should not use a wireless or WiFi Internet connection for your primary streaming device that you are going to use mostly to watch TV online. Instead, connect the Ethernet cable coming out of your modem/router to your Fire TV or Firestick.

The only way you can do this is to purchase an Ethernet adaptor for the Firestick or Fire TV. You can purchase one on Amazon or go to your local store to buy one. Click the link in Step #5, it will take you to Amazon to make a purchase. This will improve the Unlimited Player app Firestick performance.

Unlimited Player Firestick

I am using the Firestick 4K which works great with IPTV services and apps. The controls on the Firestick are easy to use without all those buttons found on TV remotes. I also like Alexa Voice and access to the Amazon Play Store with a fully loaded app store to download/install all kinds of apps. Unfortunately, the Unlimited Player Firestick app isn’t inside the store but the Downloader app is which allows you to download/install Apk versions of apps.

If you are using an older Firestick version, I suggest you break down and buy a 4k version even if you don’t have a 4k smart TV right now. I’m sure you’ll end up getting a 4k smart TV down the road to enjoy the best of watching TV on/offline. You will follow the same instructions on how to install Unlimited Player on Firestick 4k.

Unlimited Player app Firestick & IPTV Service – Final Notes

You should now know the steps to download/install the Unlimited Player app Firestick by watching the video at the top. And I posted links to watch the other important videos. When the Unlimited Player Firestick connects to the IPTV service provider, you will have access to tons of live and on-demand streaming content. There is something to watch for the entire family which also includes PPV, local channels (but not all), 24/7, CatchUp TV, and lots more.

Once you sign up to get the IPTV service subscription, you are in their hands. You can ask them presale questions as well as get support when needed. Both subscription plans when you see them do not include automatic billing. There is no recurring payments charged to your card. You pay again to renew the subscription when it runs out–just go back to the IPTV website to renew. The Unlimited Player Apk for Firestick is a great way to watch TV online.

Remember, sometimes you may see UnliPlayer which is one and the same app/apk. For other compatible streaming devices, the app can be downloaded directly from the Google Player Store. However, you won’t find the app inside the Apple Player Store so Apple/iOS device users are left out right now.

Simply invest in a Firestick if you don’t have one. It only cost $25.00-$35.00 but I would get the 4k version even if you don’t own a 4k smart TV yet. Then follow the how to download Unlimited Player on Firestick instructions in the video above and follow the steps in this article post.

CLICK HERE for Best IPTV Service Provider for Unlimited Player App Firestick


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