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Signing Up to 6-Hour TV Team Free Trial, 48-Hour Trial, or Subscription

The video tutorial above takes you through the sign-up process to enter into the TV Team Free Trial or 48-hour trial. I highly suggest entering into the low-cost trial because you get more to test and can test everything on your compatible device longer.

Two days will give you enough time to test a huge number of live channels and VOD. You should know at the end of the trial whether or not to opt in to one of the full subscriptions. The 6-hour trial should provide full access to everything but you won’t need to choose a payment method — no payment required.

The TV Team 48-hour trial will require payment for £5.00 ($6.13 USD) but no credit cards or PayPal is accepted. There are many payment methods including cryptocurrency which might be the next best option.

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Note: When clicking the link above to visit the IPTV website, be sure to click the 3-line red icon to open. Click the Help & Support link. Read the instructions for your compatible streaming device you want to use. You will find what app to download/install with instructions as well.

Free Trial Sign Up
Install Downloader on Firestick (must install before installing Smart IPTV)
Install Smart IPTV on Firestick
Amazon Firestick Info & Where to Buy Online
Best VPN Service to Use (hides your IP address)

Note: You will find all set up instructions for different compatible devices and apps to install when visiting the Help and Support section. Just click the Visit Now link above to go to the TV Team website.

Signing Up Process

Make absolutely sure you enter your correct email address. Check it twice because you want to make sure to get emails coming from TVTeam with TV Team free trial info and instructions. There will be a delay when getting the email. It took them about an hour or so to send me the email.

Note: It can take up to 10 minutes to a few hours depending on how busy the IPTV service is before you get your email. You are not on the clock when waiting for your email. You are no the clock when sending the email so be sure to put time into the testing process as much as you can. There is no personal support on the TV Team free trial.

After some time has passed and you still don’t see an email from them, check your Spam or Junk mail folder. If you see an email in that folder, just move it to your regular email inbox where you normally receive emails. This way all future emails will go there.

What to Do When Waiting for Email

Much of your setup work will begin when visiting the TV Team website and going to the Help and Support section. This is section is fully loaded to helpful info, tutorials, and troubleshooting. You have already decided which compatible streaming device you are going to use.

So now you need to find out which app will be needed and download/install on your streaming device. Take the time to go through the Help and Support section to find setup instructions for your device and what app to download/install.

Keep in mind that once you have the app installed on your device you won’t be able to watch TV online. The app must be connected to the IPTV service, such as TVTeam that delivers all the streaming content. Many newcomers to IPTV services thinks everything starts with the app. When something goes wrong, instead of going to the IPTV service website such as TV Team, they search the app name to find help.

Always know the name of your IPTV service and go to there if you experience any TV app issues. The issue should one occur isn’t with the app but with the IPTV service such as channels not playing, not audio, etc.

TV Team 48-Hour Free Trial & Subscriptions

To be frank, I would rather that you opt for the TV team 48-hour Trial because you also go through the payment process. Here is where you much take your time to decide which payment method to use. If you are from the US, like me, you probably come to a complete halt when seeing no credit card or PayPal option.

You may need to seriously think about cryptocurrency but I do not recommend learning this on the fly. TV Team will direct you when going through the payment process but I suggest visiting the Bitcoin website and start reading up.

Trial (2 Plans)

  • 6-Hour Free Trial: £0.00
  • 48-Hour Trial (Full Access): £5.00 ($6.13 USD)

Subscription Plans

  • Newbies 1 Month: £24.95 [$30.58] (Bitcoin 17.50 – 30% Off)
  • Basic 3 Months: £47.00 [$57.60] (Bitcoin 39.95 – 15% Off)
  • Commercial 6 Months: £70.00 [$85.79] (Bitcoin 59.00 – 15% Off)
  • Premium 12 Months: £127.00 [$155.64] (Bitcoin 99.95 – 21% Off)

Now is the time for you to decide on what you want to do. Take the 6-hour TV Team free trial or low-cost 48-hour trial or one of the subscription plans.

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