TruView TV App and IPTV Service

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In this video, you get to look over my shoulders as I take on a walk-through the TruView TVT app (TruView TV app) connected to the TruView IPTV service. You will see the navigation, features, countries, live channels, sports, 24/7 channels, PP, local channels including VOD movies and TV series.

Some of the features inside the TVT app includes Preview Screen, Full Screen, Parental Control, EPG Timeshift, Search Tool, and so on.

UPDATE: The free trial was changed to $1 trial.

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Video 1 – What is TruView TV
Video 2 (Part 1) – Install TruView on Firestick (Must Watch)
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I found the TruView TVT app quite appealing. It’s user-friendly, navigation is easy, technology was seamless, and features quite handy. How the app connects with IPTV service to play the streaming content was smooth and for the most part fast when playing a live channel or VOD.

I did not experience any issues using the app with the IPTV service. Once you get past the installation and activation process, you can start watching everything inside.

I choose to use my Firestick 4K connected to my LG smart TV. I Highly recommend using the Amazon Fire TV Stick — it’s the best streaming media device.

Using the Firestick comes with a number of steps to follow so I want to make myself clear on this. Just click the link at the top to begin watching the setup and installation process for the Firestick.

TruView TV App or TVT App

The TVT app has 3 main sections of streaming content so as not to cause buffering issues. There separate TruView servers for each of the 3 sections as follows:

  • TVT-Backup (just in case one or the other or both servers below go down)
  • TVT-Guide (Live Channels & TV Guide)
  • TVT-Prime (Movies & TV Series)

Each of the 3 above requires logging in and there are separate Usernames and Passwords for each. You will see demonstrate all of this and more in the next video review (Watch TruView on Firestick).

The TruView TV app (TruView TVT app) works great on my Firestick. Logging into the app and other parts of the app are seamless. Once you are familiar with the app and IPTV service connected, you come to enjoy the wealth of entertaining streaming content as you will see in the next video.

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