Tribe IPTV Subscription

Here you will find detailed information on the Tribe IPTV subscription and low-cost Tribe IPTV trial. The video above will walk you through the signup process. Since the trial is like a paid subscription, you’ll see signup and pay for the one-month subscription plan. Both the trial and subscription basically have the same signup process.

You will be creating an IPTV account when getting your IPTV subscription. Always go back to the Tribe IPTV website to renew your subscription and get support if needed. Keep in mind that Tribe delivers all the streaming content and provides activation, and support for both the app and streaming content delivered.

There is no need to go elsewhere online to search for support for the app or streaming content. It’s wise to bookmark/save everything. You must remember the name of your IPTV subscription service and where to find them online.

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Tribe IPTV Subscription to Use IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro is the recommended app being supported by Tribe IPTV. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your compatible device/devices, you must activate it. When signing up for the Tribe IPTV trial or Tribe IPTV subscription, expect to receive emails shortly from the IPTV service.

Your IPTV account will be created where you can log in to get account information. You will be given the Service ID, Username, Password, and Portal URL. You find setup instructions on the Tribe TV website for any compatible device such as the Firestick.

Once you logged in and activate the Smarters Pro app, you will have access to the home screen with all the streaming content available.

Here are the subscription packages and costs for each…

  • 48-Hour Trial w/ 1-Device Connection: $2.00 USD
  • 48-Hour Trial w/ 2-Device Connections: $3.60 USD
  • 48-Hour Trial w/ 3-Device Connections: $5.40 USD
  • 1-Month Subscription w/ 1-Device Connection: $10/mo
  • 1-Month Subscription w/ 2-Device Connections: $18.00 USD
  • 1-Month Subscription w/ 3-Device Connections: $27.00 USD
  • 3-Month Subscription w/ 1-Device Connection: $24.00 USD
  • 3-Month Subscription w/ 2-Device Connections: $43.20 USD
  • 3-Month Subscription w/ 3-Device Connections: $64.80 USD
  • 6-Month Subscription w/ 1-Device Connection: $40.00 USD
  • 6-Month Subscription w/ 2-Device Connections: $72.00 USD
  • 6-Month Subscription w/ 3-Device Connections: $108.00 USD
  • 12-Month Subscription w/ 1-Device Connection: $69.00 USD
  • 12-Month Subscription w/ 2-Device Connections: $124.20 USD
  • 12-Month Subscription w/ 3-Device Connections: $186.30 USD
  • 24-Month Subscription w/ 1-Device Connection: $120.00 USD
  • 24-Month Subscription w/ 2-Device Connections: $216.00 USD
  • 24-Month Subscription w/ 3-Device Connections: $324.00 USD

NOTE: You can read my full review that takes you deeper into the subscription, refund (may not be any), support, etc.

Only Two Payment Methods Allowed

This applies to both the Tribe IPTV trial and Tribe IPTV subscription.

Unfortunately, there are only two payments, and paying with a credit card outright isn’t one of them. I don’t think Tribe IPTV is US-based which explains their using cryptocurrency as one payment method. Most US TV viewers I believe are not on board with paying with cryptocurrency right now.

The other payment is PayPal and before you start singing hurray it’s not the typical payment setup. There’s more involved to make a payment. For this, I’ll leave you with watching the video tutorial above. You get to watch me mess up a little while in the process of making a payment via PayPal.

But in the end, I figured things out. So this will help you know what to expect and at the same time avoid what I did wrong.

In Closing…

I wish they had more payment methods available. After testing many of these IPTV services and apps over the years, I’ve seen just about everything. So what I think is going on is Tribe must have run into an issue with credit card payments such as chargebacks, and a PayPal issue. There are more IPTVs out there that have the same issues which make it a bit hard to accommodate all TV viewers.

If you are from the US, like me, then you’ll probably choose the PayPal payment route. I’m not ready for cryptocurrency payments online just yet. But you are asked to tell PayPal that you are sending money to a friend or family member.

This will waive being able to contact PayPal should there be an issue with the merchant such as help getting a refund. Many individuals are ok with this and you can add them to the list. But I’m experienced and you may not be.

So the best thing to do is enter into the low-cost Tribe IPTV trial first to see how things go. Later when you feel a bit comfortable and like what you see, you can shoot for the Tribe IPTV subscription.