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Watch Topeba Streams on SO Player (SOPlayer) App

Topeba Streams is turning out to be a great IPTV service choice. Not only did they make it to my Top IPTV Comparison Chart, but are listed as my #1 Recommendation. This came after testing Topeba using the Duplexplay app they recommended using. Later on, they updated their service and now the SO Player app was added and I tested it also.

Before I get into all the details of my review, understand no TV app including the SO Player is a standalone app. The app must connect to an IPTV service or streaming TV service that delivers all the streaming content. Understand this and you’ll know not to search online to find a SOPlayer support website or go elsewhere outside of the IPTV service when something isn’t working.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are no longer recommending this IPTV service. You check out the alternative SO Player IPTV Service to get the Trial or Subscription.

CLICK HERE to Get Alternative IPTV Service or Read Full Review

Do Not Read Below. All Links to Visit the IPTV Service Below Have Been Removed…


SO Player and Duplex apps both connect to Topeba Streams. When using this IPTV service, you can only choose one of these apps per IPTV account. Always contact the IPTV service support when something goes wrong especially when there’s an issue with live channels or VODs are not playing or playing as well.

If you cannot get channels or the app working for some reason, contact Topeba Streams if you already subscribed. If you want to know how to activate the SOPlay app, where to get the activation/login credentials (Provider ID, Username, Password, 4 Device Pin Codes), just subscribe to TopebaStreams.

UPDATE: Topeba Streams is now EZ Hostin. You can choose one of 4 apps (SO Player, IBO, or TopebaPlayer, or EZPlay) Click the Link below…


When clicking the link below to visit the IPTV service, scroll down the page to find SOPlayer Shared Hosting, IBO Shared Hosting, and TopebaPlayer Shared Hosting. Each one is a TV app, just choose the one that interests you and subscribe.

You should also go to the menu bar at the top of their website to click the ‘Shop’ link, Renew Service link (for subscription renewal), and Activation link (1st-time use). When clicking the ‘Shop’ link, you will see another TV app called EZPlay Shared Hosting + VPN.

Click Here to Learn More (EZ Hostin) and Get Subscription

Topeba Streams Full Review – Click Here
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Video 3: How to Install DuplexPlay on Firestick (Install Downloader App)
Video 5: Topeba Streams DuplexPlay Features
Install SOPlay on Firestick or Compatible Device
How to Stop Buffering on Your End
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9/9/21 UPDATE: No longer offering 4-month or 6-month subscription for SoPlayer. The 3rd party DuplexPlay app has closed the doors, due to major duplication of their app. Discontinue deployment of DuplexPlay is now in effect. Existing users can use the application until the activation runs out. Once, the activation has expired, DuplexPlay users will be moved over to the new JuslivTV app.

Switching From One SO Player IPTV to Another SO Player IPTV Service

There is something very important to know about the Topeba Streams on SO Player. Sooner or later, you’ll be faced with the following and need to know what to do.

If you already installed the SOPlay app on your smart TV, Fire TV/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, or some other device, you must do the following. To activate the app through a new or different SO Player IPTV service, you must first try to activate SOPlayer when getting the activation/login credentials from the TopebaStreams subscription.

If you get an error message such as ‘Bad Credentials’ and cannot activate the app, you need to contact TopebaStreams support for help. If they can’t do a reset on their end after you have an account with them, then you may need to do a factory reset on your streaming device. You will find a video link above if you want to know more about a factory reset.

This was something I had to do since I test different SOPlayer IPTV services from time to time. This was the only way I could complete this Topeba Streams on SO Player review.

IPTV Buffering Issues

The first thing you might want to do is blame the IPTV service if or when a buffering issue occurs. The fact is no IPTV service is perfect. What I do is find IPTV services with the least amount of buffering to make things easier for you. Minor buffering that comes and goes for a little while and don’t come back again is not what I am talking about.

You must first take a look on your end when consistent buffering occurs. You will need at least 30 Mbps of high-speed Internet. But the faster your Internet connection speed is the better. Keep in mind a wirelessly (WiFi) connection is not faster than a wired (Ethernet cable) connection.

Your primary or main TV (smart TV or HDTV w/ compatible streaming device), or whatever primary streaming device you want to use, should have a wired connection. All your other connected devices to the IPTV service can use a WiFi connection. Many individuals don’t know this and think all their trouble stems from the IPTV service or any streaming TV service.

I have over 200 Mbps that I get from Comcast. This made occasional buffering less and less. Always do a speed test to see how much Internet connection speed your compatible device is getting. You can either install a speed test app or visit a speed test website, such as

Testing Topeba Streams on SO Player via Firestick

The video above takes you to the TopebaStreams website where I show the features including the categories and sub-categories of live channels and VOD movies/TV shows. In the Topeba Streams on SO Player video review, you will see the entire layout of the app, the interfacing which is very user-friendly, fast, and smooth, all the streaming content delivered and can watch as they are being played.

Major TV networks with movies, news, sports, documentaries, for kids, and much more. There’s even a dedicated Sports category that also includes PPV events to watch all the fights/boxing live including the big fights on Saturday nights. There are also on-demand NHL, UFC, and NFL games.

You get access to new movie releases with all the genres, all kinds of TV series with seasons/episodes, and something for the entire family. Just watch the video above to see for yourself in action. And I’m just touching on the surface. There’s a lot more streaming content from countries, US, UK, CA, France, and so on including channels in Spanish and more.

Subscription Plans and Prices

3 different subscriptions and prices including the low-cost trial as follows:

  • 24-Hour Trial: $4.50
  • 1 Month – 4 Device Connections: $24.99
  • 2 Months – 4 Device Connections: $49.98
  • 4 Months – 4 Device Connections: $99.96

I didn’t make this a full-blown written review because you will see everything when looking over my shoulder in the video above. I wrote my full review and provided a link further up. What separates Topeba from other SO Player IPTV services is the following:

  1. One of two great TV apps (Dupleplay or SOPlayer) to choose from
  2. Many subscription plans for each app and price sets
  3. 1 to 5 device connections
  4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6-month subscriptions depending on which app
  5. SO Player has CatchUp TV (most if not all don’t include)
  6. Everything else included that other SOPlayer IPTV services have

Old SO Player Version vs New SO Player Version

I used and tested both the old and new versions. Many SO Player users complained about the performance is better in the old version. If you are a first-time user, you probably won’t notice any difference and I suggest don’t let this be a concern.

However, if you know the difference and want to install the old version of SO Player, then click the video link at the top to watch the video tutorial.

What You Should Do

If you are satisfied with the Topeba Streams on SO Player, then it’s time to visit their website. I show you in the video where to go to get the subscription for either the DuplexPlay app or SOPlayer app. You can watch my video review when using this IPTV service on the Duplex app–see at the top.

I suggest entering into the low-cost trial first to test everything on your device(s). However, if you are quite satisfied with what you read and see, then go ahead and pay the subscription. But keep in mind they don’t offer a refund once your account has been set up.

Click Here to Get Trial or Subscription–Now EZ Hostin


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