Step 4 – Filelinked

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The video above walks you through all steps on how to install Filelinked on your device. If you came here for Helios TV information and to continue Step 4 on how to Install Helios TV Advanced Capability App on Firestick, simply follow along with the video to complete the final step. To return to the installation instruction page/

Note: We Are No Longer Recommending Helios. There is a better IPTV service with more content and features…

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For Helios inquirers only…

I was told by support the Helios TV Gold subscription was best to used with the Helios TV Advanced Capability App, while the other Helios Brands are best used with the Helios Tv Pro Smarters App. The Helios core is best used with the Smarters VOD player.

If you haven’t watched the other videos to understand what exactly is Helios TV and didn’t read/watch the review, don’t go any further. You need to watch those videos by clicking the link above. This way you will know whether or not this IPTV meets your needs when it comes to watching television online.

What is Helios TV

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Watch IPTV Service in Action Here


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