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SoPlayer App for Windows and Mac Computers: How to Install, Activate, and Watch TV Online

Before installing SOPlayer for Windows or Mac computer, there are some things you need to be aware of first. Many individuals get confused about the app when someone tells them what it can and cannot do. So let’s start with what the SO Player for Windows app, or Mac, can’t do.


Many Nora Go and SO Player IPTV Service Providers have closed their doors to new customers/subscribers for reasons unknown. We are no longer recommending any Nora Go or SO Player IPTV Service at this time. We have been receiving a lot of messages from visitors that they can no longer renew their subscriptions–no support, no website, no nothing.

Here is what we recommend doing…

Start over and choose a new IPTV service provider that uses a different app. We removed 7 SO Player and Nora Go IPTV services. There are currently 3 top IPTVs left that don’t use either app. They use a different app.

We are updating our sites, testing/reviewing new IPTV services with different apps. We will post our reviews and videos as time goes on. Right now, you can click the link below to…

Visit Our IPTV Comparison Chart Here which is being updated to add more IPTVs.

DO NOT READ BELOW… All IPTV service provider links have been removed…


Firstly, it’s not a standalone TV app which means it doesn’t deliver live channels or video-on-demand content by itself once the app has been installed.

Secondly, it’s not a subscription and you don’t need to sign up to download the app.

Note: If you already have the SOPlay app installed on your device and just want to know what comes next, click the link below to sign up to the IPTV Service Provider. This will be your next step to activate the app and start watching TV online.

Sign Up to IPTV Service Provider for App Activation and FREE Trial or Subscription

How to Download/Install SOPlay App on Windows and Mac

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How to Remove Your Device When Changing IPTV Services

So what does the SOPlayer app for Windows or Mac do? When you download and install the free app to your device, you need an IPTV service or OTT TV service to activate the SOPlay app. Streaming live TV channels and VODs all come from the IPTV service or OTT service. From herein on, we will mainly talk about IPTV services. You are going to be using a 3rd-party app developed by someone else and not the IPTV service or OTT service.

The app connects to the IPTV service where both work together with your high-speed Internet connection which allows you to watch your favorites online. That said, this will help you better understand both the app, IPTV service, and how each works.

3 Things Needed to Watch IPTV Online…

  1. Modem/Router/WiFi/Internet Connection: Obviously, you need an Internet service at home from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). I recommend having at least 30 Mbps Internet connection (download) speed but more (faster) the better. You want to avoid buffering issues (streams that stop and play repeatedly). The golden rule for buffer issues is it’s usually an individual’s device or Internet connection causing the issue.
  2. SOPlay App: This 3r-party app must be downloaded/install to your device. It’s a free download and no subscription or signup is required. To activate the app, you need an IPTV service Provider…
  3. IPTV Service Provider: Activates the SOPlay app and delivers live channels including on-demand content. The app connects to the IPTV service.

SO Player Download Windows and Installation Instructions

If you are going to use a Windows computer, you can go directly to the Google Play Store Here to perform the SO Player download for Windows. This is a very simple process that anyone should be able to do. Mac users can go to the Apple (iTunes) Play Store for the SO Player for Mac Download. Since I don’t own a Mac, Mac users can just follow along. The instructions are basically the same for the SO Player app for Mac.

Many ask “should I install the SO Player for Windows or Mac download first or Subscribe to the IPTV service first?” You can do one or the other first. It really doesn’t matter. Just know that once SOPlayer for Windows or Mac is installed, an IPTV service provider will be needed to activate the app.

You might want to download/install the app before paying the low subscription fee to the IPTV service. If there are no issues when downloading and installing the SOPlayer app for windows or Mac computer, then you’re ready for the next step. Read below…

SoPlayer for Windows/Mac: How to Activate and Watch TV Online

Again, it really doesn’t matter where you start first. You can visit the IPTV Service Here to sign up for the FREE Trial or low-cost subscription fee. They will provide information, instructions, and SO Player download Windows link including Mac link. After completing the sign-up process which is easy to do, you will be automatically taken to the Thank You page that has your Order/Account information.

This page will also include your activation/login credentials with Provider ID, Device Pin Codes (1 per device) including username (all numbers) and password (all numbers). The activation/login credentials are needed to activate the SOPlay app on your device.  So if you installed the app first, now you know what is needed to activate the app and where live channels and VODs come from.

To Download/Install App and Sign Up for IPTV Service FREE Trial or Subscription – Click Here

Click Here to Watch Video Tutorial on How to Download/Install and Activate SOPlay App

Note: When clicking the 2nd link above, scroll down that page to find the video tutorial — SO Player for Windows or video tutorial — SO Player for Mac.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to download, install, and activate the SOplayer for Windows app or Mac app. The IPTV service provider delivers 100s of live premium channels including 1000s of VODs. You will get access to popular networks to watch news, movies, sports, and shows.  Also watch on-demand movies and TV series with episodes, catchup TV, global TV, seasonal sports, PPV, and much more.

Get Your IPTV Service FREE Trial or Subscription Here


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