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How to Get SOPlayer App on Samsung Smart TV and Watch Your Favorites Online

The SOPlayer app on Samsung Smart TV instructions is pretty straightforward. It’s an easy setup for newbies as you will see when watching the video above. Once the app is installed, you’ll watch me play so player on Samsung TV live channels and VODs. You will also see me navigating throughout the app, all the content categories, subcategories, features, etc.

But in order to watch all your favorites online using the SOPlay app, you need a top SO Player IPTV service. Don’t worry, I’ve already tested and reviewed a top SO Player IPTV service and it’s the best I’ve seen yet. Keep in mind the app is not a standalone television app, meaning it does not deliver streaming content by itself.

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You need to activate the SO Player Samsung TV app and connect to a streaming TV service that delivers live channels and VODs. Once the SO Player app is installed on your compatible device, the next step needed is the IPTV service to activate the app and deliver all the streaming content.

I am not going to cover everything here. I have provided all the links to video tutorials, the review, and so on (see above) to help you learn more. If you already installed the app on your LG or Samsung smart TV, then all you need is a SOPlayer IPTV service provider. This is where you get the subscription to watch TV online. The app is totally free to download/install.

Unfortunately, the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) didn’t work at the time I reviewed the SO Player Smart TV app. I could not play any channels from the EPG (TV guide). I’m sure the IPTV service that I’m recommending you to use is working on fixing the issue.

You can always contact the IPTV service via chat box when visiting their website to see if the EPG is working before subscribing.

Testing Your SOPlayer App on Samsung Smart TV

The best thing to do is download/install the SO Player app on Samsung Smart TV first. Or, the LG smart TV if you have one or both. If there’s no issue during and after the installation process, then go ahead and sign up for the IPTV service trial.

The low-cost 24-hour trial gives you access to everything to test on your smart TV. So give your undivided attention to testing the streaming content available. If everything pretty much passes the grade, then your next step is to pay the full subscription.

They give you a few subscriptions to choose from. Click the link above to read my full review and you’ll see the breakdown and prices. Keep in mind there are two apps this IPTV service uses. The DuplexPlay and SO Player apps. You must choose one or the other. SO choose the SO Player subscription.

Both apps work great but if you want to know the difference, the Duplex is No IP Lock and SOPlayer is IP lock. No IP Lock means you can use a VPN service but cannot with the IP Lock. I never had a problem using SO Player with many IPTV services without using a VPN service. So there is nothing to be concerned about.

SO Player Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart – Does It Matter?

It doesn’t matter which brand smart TV you use, either LG or smart TV. This is just a matter of preference or what you already have. The SO Player Samsung smart TV is not the name of the app. I’m just using the term since this is primarily about Samsung smart TV users. I could easily have said SO Player LG smart TV. The app works on both brands.

As long as your smart TV has an internal app store and you are able to find the app, you are good to go. I was able to find the app on both my LG smart TV and Samsung. You can also use a compatible device connected to your smart TV such as Apple TV, Fire TV/Firestick, or NVIDIA Shield.

What I would do if I were you especially if you only have one household television is purchase a Firestick. Connect the Firestick to the back of the TV, activate it with a free Amazon account, and install the SOPlay app to use as a back up. Again, the EPG is working whereas I can play EPG channels on my Firestick.

SO Player App Performance

I really like the performance as you will see from the video above. But some users that used the old version of the app in the past expressed they liked the performance better. I had no problem with the new version. If you came across some individuals recommending the old version, I suggest trying the new version first which you will get starting out the gate.

Now let’s talk about performance a little more here because when people say the performance of an app is bad, it could be something else. There could very well be an issue with an individual’s Internet connection or device. For the most part, I don’t have any issues with the SOPlayer app on Samsung smart TV, Firestick, etc.

If you have inadequate Internet connection speed, a very old or poor streaming device, have not updated your operating system and files on your device, then you may experience an issue. Let’s talk about the Internet connection speed for a moment because this is usually the source of the problem.

No IPTV service is perfect, no TV app is perfect. I run a test and choose the best combination of app connected to the IPTV service. I only write reviews for IPTVs with the least amount of issues with the app. You need at least 30 Mbps but higher/faster the better. If you have 50, 100, or 200+ Internet connection speed, that’s great! You want to eliminate getting ongoing buffering and playback issues as much as possible.

Another thing is don’t use a WiFi (wireless) connection for your smart TV. Use an Ethernet cable for your primary smart TV. For all other connected devices use a WiFi connection. The IPTV service that I’m recommending allows up to 4 device connections at one time.

In Closing

Using the SO Player on Samsung TV app with a great IPTV service gives you the best of both worlds. Both work together seamlessly. The interfacing is impeccable and streaming content plays fast and smoothly. Only the EPG live channels didn’t work at the time of my video review when using my smart TV. I’m sure the IPTV service will have this fixed. The EPG did work (played live channels) using my Firestick.

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