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Whatever the reason you’re searching for a SOPlayer Alternative or Apps like SOPlayer, your search may very well end here. I’m going to reveal not only a great app alternative but a great IPTV service where you can use one of two apps. In other words, you can choose the Duplexplay app or SO Player.

The app that comes closes to giving you the same functions and setup as SO Player is the Nora Go app. However, I stopped recommending NoraGo and started recommending the SOPlay app some time ago. Simply because the latter offers better performance across many compatible devices and there are more SO Player IPTV services available.

There are many TV apps out there that can be downloaded for free to any compatible device. But the one app I want to tell you about is the free Duplexplay app which appears to be something new. When I first tested the app connected to a top IPTV service, I was taken away by how everything worked seamlessly. The interfacing, performance, navigation, features, and streaming were all great!

So great that I made the Duplex app with the IPTV service my #1 recommendation. Don’t worry there’s a link here that you can click to visit the recommended IPTV service that uses both Duplex and SOPlay apps. This can be the idea SOPlayer alternative or one of the apps like SOPlayer that you are looking for.

Click Here for #1 Recommend IPTV Service and App Alternative

Note: If the SOPlay app IPTV service says ‘Out of Stock’, go to the alternative IPTV website – CLICK HERE.

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Other Apps Like SOPlayer (SOPlayer Alternative)

If you were searching for streaming services like SOPlayer, let me correct you on something to provide more clarity. There are many SO Player IPTV services out there. The app connects to the IPTV provider whereas the app is activated by the IPTV provider who also delivers all the streaming content.

The app is not a standalone app. Therefore the SOPlay app is not any streaming TV service. It’s just a free app download that requires an IPTV subscription to watch your favorites online. Hopefully, I have clarified things going forward.

There are other apps like SOPlayer (SOPlayer alternative) and you can find them when visiting my Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart Here. Just scroll down that page when you get there to see the Comparison Chart. You will find apps like SO Player in some ways but not entirely. Each app’s layout and navigation will be different including features and some of the streaming content will be different also.

SOPlayer Alternative Firestick (Apps Like SO Player for Firestick)

When it comes to finding a SOPlayer alternative Firestick setup or apps like SO Player for Firestick, again I must point out to you the IPTV Comparison Chart. There you can quickly compare IPTVs side-by-side to see subscription prices, features, apps used, compatible devices, and the list goes on.

Either I use my Firestick connected to my LG and Samsung smart TV or TV app directly installed from my smart TV internal app store. If you were having issues trying to get the SOPlay app installed or working correctly on your device, then you should definitely try the DuplexPlay app. Or maybe you just want a TV app that provides more features, such as the Record feature. The Duplex app would be a great choice. It will perform very well on your Fire TV or Firestick.


Let’s be clear… Individuals that have issues using SO Player generally relate to performance. They blame the app and even search online to find the developer or think the app is a streaming TV service. They are wrong with their thinking but you shouldn’t be. You always start and end with the IPTV service and contact them for support, regardless.

The main thing to consider when watching TV online is your Internet connection speed. I recommend having at least 30 Mbps. IPTV services and streaming TV services may recommend less. I also recommend that you speed test your streaming device to see how much Internet connection speed you are working with.

Look at the download speed in Mbps. If it’s below 30 Mbps and you are having consistent buffering and playback issues with the app on your device, then you need to consider doing the following:

You might want to try a different compatible device to see if the same issue occurs. Either that or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Comcast or whatever ISP you’re currently dealing with and have them increase your Internet connection. speed. This will, however, come as an additional cost.

Something else that you may want to look at is WiFi (wireless) connection vs Ethernet Cable (wired) connection.

A bit of advice: If you have the Fire TV/Firestick or different compatible streaming media device connected to your smart TV or HDTV which is your primary way for watching TV online, then you ought to be using a wired connection.

For instance, you can purchase an Ethernet adapter for the Firestick as I did or another streaming media device. A wired connection is usually faster than a wireless connection. This can make a world of difference and maybe the reason why you are looking for a SOPlayer alternative or apps like SOPlayer.

SO Player Alternative (Apps Like SO Player) In A Nutshell…

By now, you are aware of the so player alternative and apps like SO Player available to you and where to find them (hence: Top 10 Comparison Chart). You may even want to reconsider using the SOPlay app again based on what you’ve read here.

In any case, you may have found a solution when checking out the Duplex app connected to the #1 Recommended IPTV service. I can promise that you will notice a big difference. You can choose one or the other app per IPTV account (SOPlay or Duplex).

There is no other IPTV service out there I tested and reviewed that gives you a lot in return for your money (very low cost). There’s even a 24-hour low-cost trial (a few dollars) to test everything for yourself. When you click the links I left for you at the top, you can gather more info and see everything in action to help make up your mind.

Just wait and see the type of streaming content you get including CatchUp TV. By the way, you may want to reconsider the SOPlayer alternative because CatchUp TV is included by the IPTV service. Enjoy!

To Visit #1 Recommended IPTV Service with App Alternative – Click Here


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