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Everything you need to know about SO Player IPTV services (a.k.a. IPTV SOPlayer) is revealed in the video above and within this post. I have reviewed and tested many of these services using the same app over the years. Not only will you understand more but will be directed to the #1 recommended service, IPTV with SOPlayer.

There are two basic parts needed to get set up to watch all your favorite, channels, networks, shows, sports, news, movies, you name it, on your compatible device: 1) SOPlay app; 2) IPTV service provider. The app cannot do without the IPTV. If you want to get a further understanding of what is an IPTV, Click Here.

You will soon find an IPTV provider that allows you to choose either the Duplex app or SO Player app. But for now, we are going to focus on the latter which is our topic in this post. You don’t need any subscription to download and install the free app. The only subscription you will need is the IPTV service. Let me explain further…

The app is not a standalone TV app that will stream content all by itself for you to watch online. Instead, the app must connect to the IPTV servers. In other words, the IPTV for SOPlayer. The service will activate the app and deliver all the streaming content.

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NOTE: If the link above isn’t working, you can visit another SO Player IPTV service – CLICK HERE or HERE.

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Pros & Cons to Using SO Player IPTV or IPTV SOPlayer

What’s great about using an IPTV that uses SOPlayer is that restrictions are at a minimum. Whether you are living in or outside the US, you will get access to all the same streaming content. No VPN service is required. You won’t be able to connect to a VPN service even if you try because the service and app have an IP Lock platform.

Subscribers get more variety in SOPlayer TV (SOPlay TV) streaming content such as live channels (premium/local/global), dedicated live sports section, adult section, and PPV events including music and gospel channels. You also get access to on-demand movies with all the genres, new releases, and TV series with seasons and episodes.

The #1 recommended IPTV SO Player service you will be visiting also delivers CatchUp TV, on-demand PPV events including on-demand NFL. Not only do you get some USA local channels for your city but some Canada local channels for those interested. As you can see, there’s a wealth of streaming content at your fingertips without paying a high premium.

The cost is cheap, unlike what you’ve seen dealing with other sources for TV, movies, sports, and so on. But understand IPTV SOPlayer (SO Player IPTV) services deliver what’s available over the Internet. They are not actual content providers. Nevertheless, millions of people worldwide have been using these services for years with tremendous savings.

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NOTE: If you link above doesn’t work, you can find another SO Player IPTV service HERE.

Compatible Devices for SOPlay TV

The first thing you need to know is what compatible devices can be used with SOPlay TV, meaning the app. You may already have a compatible device with an Internet connection. If not, then you need to get that part set up to move forward. Any devices not listed below are not compatible.

SOPlayer TV Compatible Devices:

  • Computers (Windows OS & Mac OS)
  • Android Devices (TV, Box, Smartphone)
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, IPod)
  • Amazon Devices (Fire TV, FireStick)
  • Apple TV
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV (Samsung & LG w/ Internal App Store)

Only the listed devices above are compatible with SOPlay TV. You can use up to 4 devices (3 non-mobile devices + 1 smartphone when traveling). And you can use all 4 devices at one time when connected to the same IPTV service.

In Closing…

I recommend downloading and installing the SOPlay TV application on your compatible device first. If you can do that without any issues, then proceed with signing up for the IPTV service. You can enter either into the low-cost trial or one of the subscriptions. This is the only service I tested and reviewed that offers 3 subscriptions (1, 2 & 4months) at different low prices.

There is no recurring billing. Once the subscription ends, you make the decision to renew again or not. I would enter into the trial first to test everything on your devices. There is no refund. This is stated in their Refund Policy on their website. So the trial would be the ideal thing to do before shelling more money. You only pay a few dollars for the trial.

The #1 recommended SO Player IPTV service is getting ready to launch their TS Player. This will give subscribers the ability to watch everything inside their favorite web browser. I am not sure yet but this may mean you can use any compatible device via web browser outside your home or IP address. Give them a try.

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