Simply TV Shut Down and Simple TV Shut Down

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Alternative for Simply TV and Simple TV Shut Down

By now, you should be aware of the Simply TV shut down (Click Here) and Simple TV shut down (Click Here). Both Internet TV services are no longer in service. Both cannot be used to watch TV online anymore. You may have come across some Simply TV reviews or a Simple TV review that didn’t give you an update. But you found one source here that provides an update. So what’s next?

Simple TV and Simply TV Alternative

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You can continue using the Lenox app or use the new replacement app. However the Lenox app in not supported anywhere. It cannot be downloaded anymore.

If you decide to use Lenox and it doesn’t perform well, then uninstall the app and install the new replacement app from the IPTV service below. That app can be downloaded to any compatible device and is supported.

Get your Service ID, Username & Password by clicking the link below…

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It’s time to search for an alternative that will give you all or most of what you were receiving from the other service. I recommend that you visit our Top 10 Comparison Chart with IPTV and OTT Services. Many have free trials with no credit card required when signing up. You can get access to 100s premium live channels as well as 1000s of on-demand videos.

Many popular TV networks to watch movies, sports, shows, and news broadcasts online. No Geo-restriction. Individuals living in any country can subscribe to the IPTV service. The OTT service that we reviewed also delivers regional channels but has Geo-restrictions.  It’s a great streaming TV service for USA and Canadian residences.

Although the OTT service delivers some live premium channels to watch shows and movies, sports are highlighted more. Regardless of which service you choose, IPTV or OTT, you should find many of the same channels as SimplyTV and SimpleTV.

Simply TV Reviews and Simple TV Review by Other Reviewers

I don’t know much about Simply TV or Simple TV IPTV and whether you were using a set-top box, Nora Go app, SO Player app, or some other app. All Simply TV reviews you find online probably doesn’t help much in regards to what you should do next.

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I never use any set-top box and ready don’t want to. Why bother with hardware when you can use an IPTV or OTT service with apps for your devices Many use free apps such as Nora Go, SO Player, Lenox Media Player, and so on. This saves time and money getting set up. All you want to do is watch your favorites online as quickly as possible on your devices.

So if you want to know how to remove the previous IPTV service from your Nora Go or SO Player via Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, you may be able to accomplish this by watching the video above.

First Thing To Do

Some IPTV services can do a reset on their end to remove your devices from their IPTV service. Just contact support to see if they can do a reset for you to remove all your devices from their IPTV service. On the other hand, other IPTV services will tell you they can’t do a reset on their end. I don’t know if SimplyTV is one of them or whether or not they ever recommended using Nora Go or SO Player.

In any case, the video above is going to show what to do if you ever come across a ‘Device Type Not Allowed’ error inside the Nora Go app or SO Player app. You can also follow the same steps if you experience an issue whereas you’re unable to enter your activation/login credentials or some other error.

Simply users and non-users can follow along.  If you are only interested in finding an alternative IPTV service to get the equivalent to Simply TV channels, see the end of this post. I will direct you to the Top 10 IPTV services that I tested, tried, and reviewed that are worthy to use.

Here’s a video that I found on YouTube that may help you, regarding the Simply TV shutdown

The video above also tells you about doing a Factory Rest. But this should be the last thing you resort to doing, because all the apps you installed may be removed. I did something else and it worked the first time but not the second time around. I don’t recall if I was using the NoraGo app or SO Player app. But you can see all the steps in the first video at the very top of this post.

How to Remove Previous IPTV Service from Nora Go or SO Player Due to Device Type Not Allowed Error or Other Errors

The following may be an alternative to doing a Factory Reset on Firestick. Other devices with the NoraGo app or SOPlayer app installed may need to do a factory reset. But contact the last or current IPTV service to see if they can do the reset on their end.

Instructions for Firestick device with Nora Go or SO Player reset:

  • Open Amazon Fire TV/Firestick ‘Home’ screen with Remote
  • Move right to highlight ‘Settings’
  • Go down, and then scroll right to select ‘Applications’ and click it to open
  • Scroll down to ‘Manage Installed Applications’ and click it to open
  • Look for the NoraGo or SOPlayer app (whichever one you have) and click it to open
  • Scroll down to ‘Clear Data’ and click it
  • Click ‘Cancel’ and then click ‘Clear Cache’

Note: I didn’t click ‘Force Stop’ but someone else did. You may need to ‘ Uninstall the app’ but do this next time if the previous steps don’t remove the IPTV service from your Fire TV or Firestick.

As for my SOPlayer app that was installed, the steps above did not work. It may have been the Nora Go app that I used the steps above and it worked. The old IPTV service was removed from my app via Firestick. I may have uninstalled and then re-installed the Nora Go app. I’m not sure. Only do this if the old IPTV service isn’t removed.

Again, you want to remove the old IPTV service so that you add the New IPTV service. If all fails, then you must do a Factory Reset which the video at the very top shows how to do the reset.

SimpleTV IPTV and Simply TV Channels

The IPTV services that I reviewed and tested many popular TV networks, Loca channels, CatchUp TV, US TV, UK TV, Canada TV, Spanish TV, French TV, Filipino TV, and so on. You most if not all the Simply TV channels or SimpleTV IPTV channels. There’s plenty of on-demand movies and TV series. One IPTV service includes Sports Replay but most IPTV services include PPV events with no extra cost.

The EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) which is a TV guide lets you manipulate what channels you want to be listed in the EPG. The list of network names and shows in timeslots works great. Simply the show in the time slot to start watching it.

What to Do Next…

If you are trying to figure what to do next regarding the Simple TV shut down or Simply TV shut down, I suggest finding a good IPTV alternative by visiting our Top 10 Comparison Chart. You can compare the top IPTV and OTT services. There is a Review link for a full review and link to visit the IPTV service website.

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