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Whether you opt into the ShowJacks Free Trial or ShowJacks Subscription, you’ll see that they cater more to North and Central American television. And you can watch some parts of South American TV as well. The ShowJacks TV Free Trial is used for those who may be a bit skeptical or have compatible apps already installed that they want to test. More on the latter later.

Though the ShowJacks TV Subscription allows you 30 days or 90 days of access, the free trial should be considered first. I say this especially to newcomers to IPTV services and watching TV online.

Whether it’s the ShowJacks IPTV Free Trial or ShowJacks IPTV Subscription, I can tell you that you will be happy with what you get and see. It does not matter whether you live in or from North, Central, or South America, everyone can get access. All people from all walks of life can watch the same streaming content delivered by this IPTV service.

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Important Videos to Watch:

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Compatible Apps/Apks (Unlimited Player & Similar)

The ShowJacks Free Trial and Subscription service support the Thorium Player that requires the Service ID, Username, and Password. But here’s something you need to know. If you already have the Unlimited Player installed, you can continue using that app.

Since Unlimited Player requires the same activation/login credentials as Thorium Player, you don’t need to install anything. If you experience a performance issue, just uninstall Unlimited Player and install the Thorium Player.

In addition to this, the same applies to any player app/apk that also requires the Service ID, Username, and Password. If you have that player already installed, then you don’t need to download/install anything. Just use the same app/apk if you want to.

ShowJacks Free Trial

The ShowJacks Free Trial gives you 24-hour access to test everything on your compatible device. This helps anyone that may be apprehensive and those that have another player as explained above that wish to test first. You get access to all the streaming content available and features.

The 24-hour trial may not be enough time to test everything but you can get somewhat of a feel for the IPTV service with the app/apk player connected. If you watch the video above, I take you through the free trial signup process. This leads you to the Order Page where you must enter your personal information.

No credit card is required when entering into the ShowJacks TV Free Trial. You must also enter your email address and create a password. Make sure to write them down somewhere because you will need them later to sign in to your IPTV service account. Just watch the video above.

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ShowJacks Subscription

Instead of signing up for the ShowJacks Free Trial, I paid for the ShowJacks Subscription so that I had more time to test. It’s the same signup process for the free trial only this time you pay the subscription.

2 Subscription Plans w/ 5 Device Connections at One Time:

  • 1-Month Plan: $26.00 USD
  • 3-Month Plan: $66.00 USD

You can access the same streaming content and features in both plans.

There were two payment methods at the time when I paid for my one-month subscription. The PayPal method was my choice. Whenever a merchant allows PayPal payments I also choose that method. PayPal protects consumers.

My bank account is connected to PayPal and I have been using them for years. I suggest using them as well but you don’t need an account with them necessarily. You can still pay with a credit card, at least that was the case in the past.

The other method is paying with a major credit card. So if you have a credit card or PayPal account with your bank account connected, these are the only ways to pay the ShowJacks Subscription. Again, you don’t pay anything for the ShowJacks Free Trial.

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Additional Information…

There is no automatic or recurring billing. When you pay for either the 1-month plan or 3-month plan and it ends, you simply renew the subscription. You must revisit the IPTV service website, in this case, ShowJacks to renew. So always remember the name of your IPTV service and where to find them online.

The IPTV service provides support. Don’t go online looking for support for the app/apk name you are using. You get nowhere. Go to the IPTV service that supports the app you are using and where you paid your subscription, or enter into the trial.

Final Notes…

When you signup to get the ShowJacks Free Trial or ShowJacks Subscription, you should receive emails from them immediately. This is true if you are a newcomer to this IPTV service.

I was a former customer when they were under a different brand name and using the Unlimited Player apk. I got one email from them but didn’t get the setup instruction email with my activation/login credentials.

I had to contact support to provide me with that information. But if you are new to this service and never used them in the past (Clutch TV), expect to get emails immediately. Check your Spam or Junk mail folder if you don’t get any emails. If any are in that folder, just move them into your regular email inbox.

Whether you signup for the ShowJacks Free Trial or Subscription, it’s a pretty simple process. You can watch the video above to see what I mean. You will find all the video links above to see everything with your two eyes. After that, you just might want to skip the trial and pay the ShowJacks Subscription.

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