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How to Download and Install Steps

Below is the How to Install Progo TV Fire Stick tutorial transcript from the video above. Also referred to as ProgoTV Firestick. You can watch the video or read the transcript word for word or do both.


ATTENTION: No More ProGo TV. It appears they are no longer in service. Their website is gone, videos are gone, and a visitor here said he received an email from ProGoTV saying they are out of business. All links to visit this IPTV service have been removed below. You can search Google for … progotv … and they are gone.

Do Not contact us for any support (technical or billing). We are not them. We are not an IPTV service.

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How to Use DuplexPlay App to Watch Progo Streaming TV
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NOTE: If you are in a hurry and want to subscribe now and get set up to watch all your favorites online, just click the ‘Click Here to Visit’ link at top. Be sure to enter the coupon code when subscribing. On the Progo website, click the Support Desk link in the upper right corner. Then click the Device Support button.

This IPTV service provider has No IP Lock which means you can use a VPN service. I recommend that you use one. I also recommend reading my full review (see link above) to gather more information and watch the video review where you’ll see the Progo TV for Firestick in action.

You will need the URL and Filing Store code which I have provided in the transcript below. Whenever you see two brackets [ ], they will contain notes I made to help fill in the gaps in the tutorial.

This post is copyright protected so you won’t be able to highlight and copy anything here. Simply write down the URL and Filing Store Code needed.

Once you completed all the steps from the Progo TV on Fire Stick tutorial, you simply enter your username and password that you receive from ProgoTV when you subscribed.

If you don’t see any emails, look in your Spam/Junk mail folder. If there, just move those emails to your regular email inbox.

How to Install Progo TV on Fire Stick

The steps below will take you through the Progo TV app download and installation process. You will be required to download/install the Downloader app and Filelinked app so that you can install the ProgoTV app on your Firestick.

I am not sure about the Fire Cube but you should be able to use Amazon Fire TV also. Just follow the same steps in the video or written tutorial below to get the Progo TV Fire Stick app installed.

NOTE: See bottom of post on how to use the Duplex IPTV app that connects to the Progo TV service to watch TV online.

ProgoTV on Firestick Transcript Begins Here…

STEP 1: Firestick Settings (Progo TV Set Up)…

While you’re trying to make sure you can download the applications you want, make sure you go to ‘Settings’. Scroll on over until you get to my Fire TV.

You’re gonna go to developer options. You’re gonna make sure that the ADB debugging is OFF.

Click on Apps from Unknown Sources. You want that to be ON okay. That’s the only way you’re gonna get these applications to work when you download them.

STEP 2: Install Downloader on Fire TV Stick

Now go to Search [go to Home screen first]… search for the application known as Downloader. This is integral in order to be able to get the [other] applications on your Fire Stick.

STEP 3: Install Filelinked on Firestick

Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’re going to be here [Download screen with blinking cursor]. You need this URL [type/enter this in address bar] because you got to get to Filelinkd.

I said if you had that application before you don’t have to go through and type all of this stuff in. You can just move quickly so you’re gonna type in Once it’s done [installed], click the play button [button inside circle on Firestick remote] to Go.

It’s now going to search. … going to find the file… going to download it, once it is done. It’s going to give you the capability of installing this on your device.

Click ‘Install’. Don’t click ‘Cancel’. Click ‘Install’ okay. Now it’s going to install it and it’s going to ask you do you want to ‘Open’ the application or do you just want to say ‘Done’.

STEP 4: Install Progo TV Fire Stick

Click ‘Open’ because you want to go in and move forward. Okay, now the next thing you need is our filing code. Where do you find that on our website? If you click on the app store, the first thing that it shows is our filing store code [54732853]. It’s right there… 54732853.

Also, in our discord server and frequently asked questions, it’s the first thing because it’s the first thing that everyone asks… what’s the filing code. But now that you got it, go back into the application and enter.

If you don’t have it, make sure you type it in there [54732853]. Click ‘Continue’… that’s then going to bring you into the filelinked store. There’s going to be a pop-up in a little bit [may not appear]. Make sure you get rid of that [popup].

I’ll show it to you in a second. Scroll down… You see there it popped up [may not appear] — Click ‘Dismiss’.

To get rid of that [popup], you don’t want to mess with that okay. Everything that shows here is the applications that we have for you to be able to download. It shows you the last date that it [ProgoTV app] was uploaded.

Click on the download icon to start downloading the particular application you want to download and install.

Note: You will see something like… ‘Progo TV Black App v4.0.3 Plus’ or latest version – click it to download and install.

Now once this finishes downloading just like before if you need to install it. So we’re going to wait for it to finish. Boom… Click the ‘Play’ button to start the installation process.

Click ‘Install’ not ‘Cancel’. Let it do its thing.

When it’s done once again it’s going to ask you… are you ‘Done or do you want to ‘Open’ the application.

Click ‘Open’ that’s going to allow you to open it [ProgoTV app], gain access, and then use the username and password that we sent you [check your email] when you paid for the [ProgoTV] service and you’re good.

How to Install Progo TV Fire Stick Transcript Ends Here

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How to Install on Duplex Play App to Watch ProgoTV

There’s another way watch Progo TV streaming content when using the Duplex IPTV app. You can install the app on a number of compatible devices including the Fire TV Stick and Smart TVs (Samsung & LG).

Click Here to watch the video and be sure to read the article post below the video for more information. There’s a link to get instructions on how to download/install the Duplex app connected to the ProgoTV service. This is just another way how you can install Progo TV on your Firestick, TV, or other compatible device.


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