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How to Install and Watch Locast on Firestick

In the video above, I’m using my Amazon Firestick 4K that takes you for a Locast on Firestick tour. Everything is the same if you’re going to use the Locast Fire TV app. I’m sure everything will be the same if using the Fire Cube. Once the Locast TV app is downloaded and installed on your device, you will need to enter the activation code.

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When inside the app, everything is pretty much straight-forward. You don’t need a manual. Your eyes will take you where to go to click/select local channels. You can scroll up/down, right/left inside the Locast TV Guide which provides all the local channel names. Also,  included are TV program names for each channel in their time slots and day of the week.

The Locast on Firestick app works very well. The channel delivery, interfacing, picture quality are very good. I found no issue with watching what I wanted to see online. However, there will be a bit of delay in watching a channel because of the donation ad that appears first. Because this is a non-profit local TV service that rebroadcasts local channels, they need donations to help with maintenance.

They are also pending a lawsuit by some of the television networks due to copyrights but don’t let this scare you. The founder of the service is also an attorney who also counter-sued the same television networks. He claims there’s an FCC loophole that allows non-profit organizations to rebroadcast channels. You can Read My Full Review Here that provides more details.

How to Install Locast on Firestick

Open your Firestick Home screen. I have the Amazon Firestick 4K and tried using Alexa to find the Locast TV app but couldn’t. So the next easiest way is to use your Amazon Firestick remote and going to the Home screen. Scroll left to the magnifying glass icon to do a manual search.

Type in… locast tv

You should now see the Locast app image. Click to commence the download/installation process and when finished, open the app. Follow the same instructions if using the Locast Fire TV app.

You will need to use a computer or mobile device to visit the Locast website to register. Your device must be connected to the same IP address (location) as your Firestick. Provide your information such as email address and create a password. Make sure to remember your login details. You must also select one of the 16 Kocast cities that you reside in.

Next, you will receive your activation code. This is the code you must enter into the Locast on Firestick app. When completed, the Locast TV Guide will appear for you to start watching local TV online. Follow the same Locast TV app download instructions for each Firestick connected to other household TVs. You can only watch local channels in your city when selecting your city. You can’t watch channels from other cities without a VPN service.


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