Jedi Stream on Smart TV – Part 1

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Jedi Stream on Smart TV Using Nora Go App

Be sure to watch the Jedi Stream on smart TV video above to see inside the app that’s connected to the JediStream service.  This IPTV service lets you use two apps. Nora Go for smart TVs — specifically Samsung and LG brands — and SO Player for all other devices. Both apps don’t deliver live channels and on-demand videos by themselves. They need an IPTV service to activate the app that you are going to use.


New customers are no longer being accepted but there is an alternative SO Player IPTV service you can subscribe to. The free trial comes and goes so you want to get it when available. Just click the link below to visit the website or read the full review…

To Learn More and Get Your Free Trial or Subscription, Click Here or Read Our Full Review

DO NOT READ BELOW… All Jedi Links Have Been Removed


UPDATE: 24-hour Free Trial changed to 3-day trial for $5. When you see Free Trial in the article below think 3 days for $5.

Where to get your Activation/Login Credentials for Nora Go: You need to sign up to an IPTV service provider for the trial or subscription. They are the ones that deliver live channels and VODs, not the app itself. The IPTV service will provide the activation/login credentials after signing up which will include the Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password. 

You can install the app first or sign up for the IPTV service first. Either way, you won’t be able to watch TV online until the app is activated by the IPTV service provider. Click below to get started and sign up for the IPTV service to activate the Nora Go app for smart TVs (Samsung and LG).

Click Here – IPTV Service Sign Up to Get FREE Trial or Subscription

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How to Install NoraGo on Smart TV

Download & Install SOPlayer on Other Devices

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The IPTV also delivers live channels and VODs the app connects to and not the other way around. After signing up to the IPTV service, you are given a provider ID (3 digit number), 4 device pin codes (1 pin per device), the username (all numbers), and password (all numbers). This is your activation/login credentials that you must keep on file and never lose. In most cases, you only need to activate the app one time.

When signing up to the IPTV service, you’ll also be asked to enter your email address and create a password. Make sure to save this information because this will be your login details when signing in to your ‘My Account’ at Jedi Stream. To renew your subscription, simply log into ‘My Account’ and go to Order and then click View. You can find My Account at the JediStream website and you will receive an email with all your information also.

Now if you can find the SO Player app inside your smart TV app store, then, by all means, download/install it. But in most case, only the Nora Go app can be found.

Jedi Stream on Smart TV (Samsung or LG)

I have a Samsung smart TV which may be an older model than yours. All you need to do is search for the Nora Go app inside the smart TV app store. When you find the app, just click the icon to commence the download/installation process. Once the app is installed on your smart TV, you must enter the activation/login credentials, either username/password or pin with provider ID.

Depending on the device you use, and there are other compatible devices, will dictate what credentials are needed to activate the app. After activating the NoraGO app (same for SOPlayer), it will open and you now have access to all the content within.

Finding apps on LG smart TVs is a bit different. Click Here if you don’t know how to download/install apps on your LG smart TV.

As for other smart TV brands, more than likely neither app can be found or used which makes those smart TVs incompatible. A workaround would be to use/buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick – Click Here to Learn More. For more Jedi Stream on Smart TV information, see links at the top.

Click Here to Visit IPTV Service for FREE Trial or Subscription

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