Install Red Widow Media on Firestick

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How to Install Red Widow Media on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV/Box & Tablet via SO Player App

Video #3 – Install Red Widow Media on Firestick provides step-by-step instructions to complete the installation process. You are going to install the SO Player apk file which connects to the IPTV service (Red Widow) where all the streaming TV content comes from. The IPTV service also activates the SO Player apk when giving you the activation/login credentials via email.

When using the Fire TV, Firestick, Android TV/Box, or Tablet device, there are some extra steps to complete the installation process. If you were wondering what the heck is an apk, let me explain. Apps can be found inside the Google Play Store, Apple Play Store, Amazon Play Store, etc.

But the SO Player app cannot be found inside the Amazon Play Store. However, there is a workaround. The install Red Widow Media Firestick instructions will have you downloading/installing the Downloader app first. This app is needed to download/install the apk version of the SO Player app found. The apk version is found inside the apk directory.

You must go through the same setup for the Fire TV, Tablet, or Android TV/Box. Installing the Downloader app comes before installing the SO Player apk file. Now that I explained this part, let’s continue.

To be clear, you don’t use the same activation credentials used in the video (Provider ID, Device Pin, Username & Password). You get your own credentials from the IPTV service provider when clicking the first link directly below. However, you will use the same SOPlay URL to install the free app. There are 3 URLs listed below…

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Video #1: What is Red Widow
Video #2: Red Widow Free Trial & Subscription
How to Install Downloader App (must install 1st before installing SO Player)
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Setup Instructions for How to Install Red Widow Media on Firestick

For Fire TV, just follow along. You should be able to figure out the rest on your end. Here are the step-by-step Install Red Widow Media on Firestick instructions:

FIRESTICK, FIRE TV, and ANDROID device setup instructions…

Downloader Installation Setup

  1. On the Firestick Navigate to Settings >> My Fire TV (or Device) >> Developer Options.
  2. Make sure “ Apps from Unknown Sources” are turned on.
  3. Return to the Firestick Home Screen and Navigate to Apps
  4. Use Alexa Voice command and say ‘Downloader App’ or use search tool and type… downloader app
  5. Commense to install the Downloader app
  6. Popup window appears, click the ‘Done’ button
  7. Click ‘Delete’ and then click ‘Delete’ again to remove the URL (You don’t need it)

SO Player Apk File Installation Setup

  1. Open the Downloader app now installed on the Firestick
  2. In the far left column, scroll down and select the Browser tab (Do Not use the Home tab)
  3. Delete the current http URL you see in the address bar at the top
  4. Enter/Type the following URL in the blank address bar: (this is case sensitive)
  5. Click the ‘Go’ button to commense downloading/installing the SO Player apk file
  6. When popup window appears, click the ‘Done’ button
  7. Click Delete, and then click Delete again to remove the URL. You don’t need it anymore
  8. Go to the Firestick Home Screens again
  9. Scroll right to the 3 squares with ‘+’ sign and click it to open
  10. Find the SO Player app and highlight it. Do Not click on it.
  11. On the Firestick remote, click the 3-line button
  12. On the right side, click ‘Move to Front’
  13. Go back to the Home screen
  14. Now open SO Player and for first time use, enter your activation/login credentials emailed to you.

Note: Here are all the SO Player apk file URLs. You can use any one of them to install SO Player.

Please refer to the video above to see all the steps in action.

How to Install Red Widow Media/SO Player on Android Devices (TV or Box) or Tablet

Simply watch the video below to get all the steps:

SO Player Activation

After you complete the install Red Widow Media on Firestick instructions whereas you are installing the Download app and SO Player apk file, you must go through the activation process. After signing up to Red Widow to get the free trial or subscription, they will email your activation/login credentials.

You enter those credentials (Provider ID, Pin Code, Username & Password) to log into SO Player. You only have to login once, unless you decide to log out of the app or something else happens that requires you to login again. You are home free after the activation process takes place whereas you now have full access to the streaming TV content inside SO Player. Watch and enjoy!

In Closing…

The extra steps are necessary for the Fire TV, Firestick, Tablet, and Android TV/Box but not for the Andriod phone and other compatible devices. Those devices don’t need to install the Downloader app. Any compatible device that has access to the Google Player Store or Apple Play Store can install the free SO Player app directly to that device.

Same thing for LG and Samsung smart TVs. You can find the SO Player inside the smart TV internal app store. I encourage you to watch all previous videos so that you get a full understanding of everything. You now know how to Install Red Media on Firestick with SO Player and install the app on the Tablet, Fire TV, or Android TV/Box.

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