Install My5Lines on Firestick

How to Download and Install My5Lines on Firestick Using ISG GO App/APK and Downloader App

Watch the video that provides download and install My5Lines on Firestick instructions. The ISG GO app is very similar to the Nora Go and SO Player. All of them use the Provider ID, Device Pin Code, Username, and Password. If you already have the Nora Go app installed, it’s preferred that you use the newer app ISG GO for better performance.

However, if you already have the Nora Go app installed on your LG or Samsung smart TV, you can continue to use that app. If you don’t already have the app installed, you can only find it in the LG smart TV internal app store. Nora Go and SO Player are no longer found in the Samsung smart TV internal app store. The same thing for the ISG GO app, you will not find it in the LG or Samsung smart TV app store.

One of the compatible streaming devices you can use for your LG or Samsung smart TV is the Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. This is a great device to use with most IPTV services with an app since many are compatible with the Fire TV/Firestick. I’ll take you through the install My5Lines Firestick setup in the video and cover some more things in this post.

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NOTE: You should connect the Ethernet cable (wired connection) to your primary device that you are going to watch TV online. This will help you avoid consistent buffering issues on your end and get a faster Internet connection.

List of ISG GO Compatible Devices

  • Amazon Devices: Fire TV & Firestick
  • iOS Devices: iPhone & iPad
  • Android Devices: Phone, Box & TV
  • Apple TV
  • Windows Computer? (Instructions:
  • Mac Computer? (Not Sure)
  • NVIDIA Shield? (Not Sure)
  • Use Nora Go for LG Smart TVs w/ Internal App Store Only

The ISG GO can be found inside the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store to download/install. However, you won’t find the app inside the Amazon app store, LG, or Samsung smart TV internal app store. If you already have the Nora GO app installed on your smart TV, you are in luck. LG Smart TV users can find the Nora Go app but Samsung smart TV users can no longer find the NoraGo app.

If you want to use a Samsung smart TV, you must connect a compatible streaming device such as the Firestick or Fire TV. You can connect the Firestick or Fire TV device to any HDTV or smart TV you want.

Preparations to Download My5Lines on Firestick or Fire TV with ISG GO App/Apk

There are some things and extra steps you must know and do but first I’ll explain something to you about the app. You set a particular parameter in Settings and install an extra app. The ISG GO to download will be an Apk like, not an app.

You must download/install the Apk version of the app or Apk file found inside the Apk directory. This is the only way you will be able to make the download My5Lines and install My5Lines on Firestick successfully. Downloading/installing the Downloader app will allow you to enter/type in the Apk URL to download/install the ISG GO Apk.

Follow the instructions below or watch the main video at the very top…

Step #1:

  • Inside the Firestick or Fire TV Home screen, go to ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘My Fire TV’ and select it
  • Select ‘Developers Options’
  • Select ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ and make sure it’s Turn On if it’s Off
  • Go back to the Firestick Home screen

Step #2:

  • Inside the Firestick or Fire TV search and find ‘Downloader’
  • Commence to download/install the Downloader app (watch the video above to see extra steps)
  • In the Home section, type inside the address bar the following ISG GO Apk URL:
  • Click the yellow ‘GO’ bar to commence the download process
  • When the download process completes, click ‘Install’ from the popup window
  • When the installation process completes, click the ‘Done’ button
  • Next, click the ‘Delete’ button to remove the Apk URL you typed in earlier
  • Click the ‘Delete’ button again to delete the Apk URL
  • Go to the Firestick/Fire TV Home screen
  • Watch the video above to follow all steps including the remaining steps here

Install My5Lines on Firestick or Fire TV via ISG GO Apk

Once all the steps above are completed the install My5Lines process and the ISG GO Apk is installed on the Firestick or Fire TV, the other steps involve activating the ISG GO Apk. You do this when signing up to get the My5Lines trial or subscription.

The IPTV service will email your activation/login credentials (Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username & Password). You need to click the video link above to ‘Watch My5Lines on Firestick’. I show you how to activate and log into the ISG GO Apk. Once activated, you are all set. Just create a user profile and start watching your favorites online.

In Closing…

It’s very important that you watch the main video at the very top. I created more videos that cover different aspects of this IPTV service. You will find those video links below the main video to learn and see more. If you want to see everything inside the app and watch me play streaming content, then you’ll want to click that video link.

This completes the download My5Lines on Firestick and install My5Lines on Firestick instructions. Enjoy!

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