Install Iron Mountain Media on Firestick

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How to install Iron Mountain Media on Firestick instructions are easy to follow. Just watch the video above and follow along. If you already have the Firestick or Fire TV connected to your TV(s), then all you need to do is download and install the SO Player app. You won’t find the app inside the Amazon app store so you will need to download/install the downloader app first. I advise you to do that now when clicking the link below to watch the video on Downloader.

So that you understand clearly you won’t be installing an app per se. You will be installing the apk file version of the app which can be found in the apk directory. You are not installing Iron Mountain which is an IPTV service. It’s the SO Player apk you are installing.

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Difference Between App/Apk and IPTV Service

Always remember the name of your IPTV service after you enter into the trial or subscription. The TV app is a free download that does not require a paid subscription. However, once the SO Player app/apk is downloaded to any compatible streaming device, you need an IPTV service subscription. They will send you the activation/login credentials which include the Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password.

You will get the activation/login credentials immediately after you get the trial or subscription. Iron Mountain Media will also email your credentials that you will enter into the TV app/apk to activate it. Once activated, you can watch TV online. Understand the app does not deliver any streaming content by itself. All the live channels and VODs come from the IPTV service, in this case, Iron Mountain Media.

The video shows the install Iron Mountain Media on Firestick set up, step-by-step. It’s not hard to follow or set up. But if you are very new to the Internet and to the Fire TV or Firestick, you will probably have some difficulty. If this is the case, find someone to help you.

Downloader App

Watch the video on how to download/install the Downloader app – see link above. There is one perimeter you must set in Settings on your Fire TV or Firestick. And there is one setting that may need to be completed inside the Downloader app. Once this app is installed, the video will show you the SO Player apk file URL to enter into the address bar of the Downloader app.

Write down the SO Player apk file URL. You should also write down the Activation/Login credentials once you have them. This way you can continue without having to get up to get that info.

SO Player App/Apk Activation

Because I reviewed many SO Player IPTV services like this one in the past, I ran into somewhat of a snag when trying to activate the SOPlayer apk.

I got a Bad Credential error message. If you used SO Player before with another IPTV service, you might get the same error. If this happens, enter one of your Device Pin Codes. Usually, you enter the Provider ID, Username (all numbers), and Password (all numbers) inside SO Player. Try that first and see what happens. You will see me do this in the video above when trying to install Iron Mountain Media on my Firestick. Actually, SO Player on my Firestick.

Install Iron Mountain Media on Firestick – Final Notes

The SO Player app/apk does not play any streaming content by itself. You need to opt into the free trial or pay for the IPTV service subscription. The app/apk connects to the IPTV service (Iron Mountain) which delivers all the live channels and VODs.

Make sure you have at 30 Mbps or more Internet connection speed. The more or faster the better. My advice is to connect your Ethernet cable from the Internet modem to the Fire TV or Firestick. This will give you much faster Internet speed than WiFi. Connect all other devices via WiFi. You can buy an adaptor to connect the Ethernet cable to your Firestick or Fire TV – see link above. You will want to do this for your primary streaming device or TV.

The video above covers all install Iron Mountain Media on Firestick or Fire TV steps. Once you complete the setup, you are ready to watch all your favorites online. In the free trial, you can connect up to 3 devices at one time. For the subscription, you can choose either 3 devices or 4 device connections. Those devices can be connected at one time which allows you and your family to watch everything on different TVs or streaming devices.

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