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How to Stop, Fix, Reduce, Get Rid of Buffering on Your Firestick

Watch the video above to get how to stop buffering on Firestick instructions. Nothing is more annoying than watching your favorite live TV show, sporting event, or movie and right at the most interesting part, it starts to buffer–repeated stop and go. I know how you feel and certainly experienced this myself.

But I want you to know the stop buffering on Firestick issue can stem from a number of things that you must try to troubleshoot the cause or causes as best as you can. The video above will help try to remedy the nagging buffering on Amazon Fire Stick issue step-by-step.

There are 3 things to consider where the issue may be coming from:

  1. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Comcast, AT&T, and so
  2. Your streaming device
  3. Your IPTV/Streaming TV service

Believe it or not, the IPTV/Stream TV service should be that last source to consider. If you are using a new or fairly new streaming device, in this case the Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you should be alright but not entirely.

Steps on How to Stop Buffering on Amazon Firestick

Removing Apps You’re Not Using…

You should first take a look at the number of apps that are installed on your Firestick. Perhaps you got a notice that told you to remove some apps. If not, you should consider removing some apps so that your device has more memory space.

The video will give step-by-step instructions on how to fix buffering on Firestick. This is not difficult to do. Just go to Settings on your Fire TV Stick home screen and go to Applications. Then go to Manage Installed Applications where yo see a list of apps installed.

The next thing you should do is clear the cache for each installed application that you are using. You should do this from time to time when the cache in each app builds up.

Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Installed Applications

Scroll down to highlight an app name. Look to the right to see the amount of cache used. If it reads zero, there’s no need to clear the cache. Otherwise, click the highlighted app name to open.

Click Force Stop and then click Clear Cache. You will the Cache amount at the right change to zero. Follow the same steps for each app.

What Causes Buffering on Your Firestick

If the buffering issue doesn’t go away after performing the steps previously mentioned, then you have to consider the source of the problem elsewhere. Again, it’s important that you use a new or fairly new streaming device and updating it whenever you asked to do so.

What Causes Buffering on Firestick can be related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or modem/router box in your home or residence. The video above will talk more about this and some things you can do.

However, what’s more important is having enough Internet connection download speed. You can install an Internet speed test app from your Firestick app store to test your Internet connection speed on your device.

Different IPTV/Streaming TV services have different Internet connection download speed requirements. I always tell everyone they should have at least 30 Mbps download but higher or faster the speed the better.

For instance, Comcast gives me over 200 Mbps. I’m not saying the you need that much to resolve a how to Stop Buffering on your Firestick issue. But more is always better especially when more household members are connecting to your modem/router/Internet services at the same time.

This also holds true when there are more people at home during holidays, after work, or what there’s a specially TV program who using the same ISP as you.

Why Firestick Keeps Buffering

To answer the question, “Why Your Firestick Keeps Buffering,” you need to watch the video at top. You’ll get a better idea what’s going on. One way of troubleshooting this problem is knowing whether not it relates to other IPTV/Streaming TV services whether free or paid for.

If you are not having a buffering issue with any other IPTV/Streaming TV service, and you are 100% sure the problem isn’t your ISP or equipment after contacting them or you have 100 Mbps or more Internet download speed, then you might want to consider the problem is with the IPTV/Streaming TV service. Again, this should be the last resort, not the 1st or 2nd.

I encourage you to watch the how to stop buffering on my Firestick video above so that you can learn more to figure out the answer to why does Fire Stick keep buffering.

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