How to Install SO Player Old Version

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If you don’t like the new version and want how to install SO Player old version instruction including the URL, you can watch the video above. Or, if you know what you’re doing, you can simply write down this URL to download/install the old version of the app:

Some SOPlayer users complained they don’t like the new version’s performance. They liked the old version better so if you know the difference, then by all means go ahead with installing the old. I don’t know if this affects how the IPTV service functions when connecting the old version app. It might not make a difference.

As for me, I have no issue with the new SO Player version. If you are a first-time user of the app, I wouldn’t be concern about what you may have heard until you try the new version for yourself. The developer may have made some upgrades in the SO Player new version.

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SO Player New versus Old

From what I know and have experienced from the old SO Player version is the difference in programming the EPG. In the old version of SOPlayer, you can program the EPG yourself. Meaning you can go to a live channel sub-category such as Sports, play a channel, and then press the 3-line button on the Firestick remote. I don’t if other streaming devices such as Apple TV or NVIDIA Shield can do something similar.

In the new version of SOPlayer, you don’t need to do anything manually to program the EPG. This has already been done for you. When going to the EPG section, at top their many channel sub-directories listed. You simply click a sub-directory such as Sports and all sports channels appear in the EPG (TV Gide). You can play and watch those channels as well.

The new version allows you to add to favorites VOD movies and TV series. You cannot do this in the old version. There may be minor differences outside of this but as far as the performance in the new version, I’m good. By the way, you can’t add live channels to favorites. There’s no feature for this in the new or old version.

I’m mainly interested in the IPTV service streaming content delivered. A great app is the icing on the cake. If the interfacing, channel delivery, categories of channels, navigation, performance, are very good to great, then I’m good. So I take no issue with the new SO Play app. But if individuals still want to how to install SO Player old version instructions with URL, you get no argument out of me. To each their own.


When individuals talk about bad performance, let’s be clear. It must be noted the performance issue could stem from the user’s end, the app, or IPTV service provider. The process of limitation should always start at the user’s end. Having a fast internet connection speed (30 Mbps or higher), using a wired connection and a new or fairly new device whereas the OS and files are is up-to-date are very important. Any one of these areas that are lacking can cause streaming issues.

Most people may not think to use an Ethernet cable (wired connection). Instead, they use a wireless (WiFi) connection on their primary streaming device. This is the device they use predominately. I use my Ethernet cable via Firestick adapter that I purchased from Amazon. It helped decrease buffering. But understand no IPTV service perfect. You will experience playback issues more or less depending on your end and the IPTV service end.

This is why I test many IPTV services before writing a full-length review and create video reviews. I don’t go to this extent if an IPTV service performs badly which I came across some. You check out our chart to find the best IPTV service that meets your needs and watch all your favorites online.

This completes the How to Install SO Player Old Version coverage.

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