How To Factory Reset Firestick

Whatever the reason is that you need How to Factory Reset Firestick instructions, it’s not hard to do. You just need to know where is your Fire TV or Firestick Settings to find the factory reset. There is essentially two way to find and start the reset. The video above will show you how and where.

If your Firestick screen keeps freezing or there are certain apps that worked before and stopped working, you may want to do a reset, not a restart. If you happened to be using a TV app such as SO Player or Nora Go and you must do a factory reset, then watch the video.

As for TV apps that require activation credentials (Provider ID, Device Pin Code, Username, and Password) and you cannot activate the app when going to a new IPTV or streaming TV provider, doing a reset may be needed. That’s if the IPTV or streaming TV provider cannot do a reset on there that allows you to activate the app.

Firestick Factory Reset

I also included additional videos from individuals that show the factory reset Firestick process in its entirety. So if you want to see the entire process, just look below…

Here are video tutorials if using the old Firestick version and trying to do a factory reset…


When you perform a factory reset, you don’t want any apps you installed previously. You don’t want any previous data to be restored either. I went ahead and uninstalled a TV app called SO Player whereas I couldn’t activate using the IPTV service activation credentials.

Also, Do Not restore privacy settings and parental control settings. You will eventually get a screen message to the one below when undergoing a factory reset…

You want to click the SKIP link when seeing the screen message below. Do Not restore everything back…

Restore Fire TV
It looks like you’re an existing Fire TV customer. Would you like to restore your Fire TV with your current apps, privacy settings and parental control settings?

Fire TV Stick 4K: How to Factory Reset

If you want to see the entire factory reset process, watch below…

How to Do Factory Reset on Other Devices

If you have a different device outside of the Fire TV or Firestick that you want to do a factory reset, you can click the link below that applies. Watch the video with step-by-step instructions.

Android Device Factory Reset

iOS Device Factory Reset

Computer Factory Reset

NVIDIA Shield Factory Reset

Apple TV Factory Reset

Smart TV Factory Reset

IP Lock IPTV Services Using SO Player, Nora GO & Other Apps

I understand that doing a factory reset can be a pain in the you-know-what, especially when having to reinstall apps you downloaded in the past. As for SO Player and Nora GO users, know this…

You are using an IP Lock IPTV service with SO Player or Nora GO. Often at times, this makes it difficult to switch from, for example, one SO Player IPTV service to another SO Player IPTV service. You must activate the app with a new set of activation credentials.

The old IPTV service is locked into the SO Player app which causes a ‘Bad Credential error or some other error where you can’t activate the app. Long story short the IPTV service may tell you to do a factory reset. Problem something you don’t want to do so here’s something you can think about doing instead.

Go with an alternative IPTV service, such as an ISG GO IPTV service that uses the ISG GO app (IP Lock system). It’s the closes you find to a SO Player or Nora GO IPTV service whereas you get pretty much the same thing. You get the same type of activation credentials (Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username & Password).

This offers a quick way to watch your favorites online again and you don’t need to do a factory reset. Just uninstall SO Player or Nora GO or any other app that doesn’t allow the IP address to change (IP Lock). Install the ISG GO app instead — Click the link below to learn more.

Switch to ISG GO IPTV Service (Avoid Factory Reset)

Other Alternative IPTV Services (No IP Lock – Never Have to Do Factory Reset)

In Closing…

There you have it. You now know how to Factory Reset Firestick steps to complete the task at hand. If for some the information provided doesn’t tell everything regarding the factory reset, here are other reset videos on YouTube.

In the grand scheme of things, you are really better off finding/using a No IP Lock IPTV service. This way you never have to worry about doing any factory reset when switching from one IPTV to another that uses the same app.

But if you are dead set on using SO Player, for instance, you may be out of luck as most if not all SO Player IPTV services are gone. Meaning not accepting new customers or being completely out of service. You can check our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart by clicking the link below.

As for the SO Player IPTV services you find in the Comparison Chart, you can switch over to one of them. But be prepared to do a factory reset if the IPTV service can’t do a reset. If entering the Provider ID/Username/Password doesn’t activate the app, then try entering the Provider ID and Device Pin Code.

See if that will activate the app. The same thing applies to the Nora GO app and the ISG GO app if switching to another ISG GO IPTV service.

If you are interested in finding the best IPTV service and app to watch your favorite sports, live TV channels, movies, news, or whatever is of interest, click below.

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