How to Install App on Lg Smart TV

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Steps on How to Install App on LG Smart TV and Uninstall

The how to install app on LG smart TV video takes you through all the steps to get the mission accomplished. If you want to know where to find new apps to download and install them or want to know how to uninstall them, then watch the video.

The steps are pretty straight-forward but somewhat different than finding apps on a Samsung smart TV. Whatever app you may want find, download, and install, this how to do it. In fact, the video tutorial above even shows how type in your search to save time.

Whatever app or TV app you’re searching for should be under the Apps and Games category. The video shows how to find the app, install it, and how to download app on LG smart TV.

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How Install App on LG Smart TV and How to Uninstall

Here’s the transcript from the install application on LG TV video above:

Tips for installing and uninstalling an app…

  • Pressing the HOME key takes you to the LG Content store.
  • Clicking the apps and game tab. For easy search, you have to scroll down the menu.
  • With the search bar, type the app you want to search.
  • On the right side, you can find the app size version and details.
  • You click the Install button and wait.
  • You can Launch the app right from the button. Or you can find the app pressing the home button and moving the cursor to the right to find
    the app you installed.

The uninstall procedure is even simpler…

  • You find the app in the right corner and you press the center button of your remote and wait for a second for app to start father.
  • An ‘x’ appears over the app and you click it.
  • The system will ask you whether you want to cancel or remove the app.
  • Confirming the removal you are done.


As you can see, the steps are pretty straight-forward and don’t require a whiz kid to install app on LG. Your smart TV is ready-made with free and pay-to-use apps. If you cannot find an app by name, then it’s likely your LG TV isn’t compatible.  You now know how to install app on LG smart TV


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