How to Connect Your Computer to TV

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Learn different methods on how to connect your computer to TV (HDTV or Smart TV). The video above talks about some popular ways to connect TV on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). However, it doesn’t show how to physically make the connection. To watch other videos that demonstrate how to connect any computer to your TV, Click Here. To purchase or search Amazon for what you need, Click Here and Click Here.

Connecting your computer with an HDMI cable is a popular method. New and fairly new computers and TVs today come with HDMI ports. All you need is an HDMI cable. You may want to buy a longer cable if you intend to have your computer close to where you sit. This way you don’t need to keep getting up when operating the computer to watch something online.

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Connecting your computer to TV has never been this easy, so take advantage of this method to watch Internet TV on your big screen. You don’t need to invest more money into a streaming media or TV to get Internet TV. Now that you’ve discovered how to connect TV to computer, simply find free and subscription-based web TV services that have the content that interest you. This is how you save money without the high cost of cable/satellite TV.




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