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You arrived at Video #2 – Cola IPTV Free Trial and Cola IPTV Subscription. If you did not watch Video #1, please do so. There’s a lot of important information you don’t want to miss. Also, watch the other videos–see the links below.

To Visit Cola IPTV Now to Get Free Trial or Subscription, Click Here

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Video #1: What Is Cola IPTV
How to Install Downloader App on Firestick/Fire TV (install first; also compatible with Android TV/Box devices)
Video #3: Install Cola IPTV on Firestick
Video #4: Watch Cola on Firestick
How to Stop Buffering on Your End

I entered into the 24-hour free trial to test everything which was easy to do. I wanted to use my Firestick and needed to know which app out of the 3 was the best one to use. After contacting the chatbox agent, I was told to use the Cola App. This is the app I installed that you will see in Video #3.

They sent me the free trial info with username, password, links to apps, shortcodes, etc. Once the 24-hour free trial ends, you have a decision to make whether or not to subscribe.

Requesting Cola IPTV Free Trial

When visiting the Cola TV website, no free trial is revealed. You must contact the chatbox agent to request a free trial. When providing your email address, the agent will send you the Cola TV free trial email. This will include the following:

  • Order Info which says Trial
  • Login Details: Includes Username, Password & Expiration Date
  • Player Info: AppPlayer Apk URL; SmarterApp Apk URL; Web Player URL, Another URL (?); M3u VLCPlayer URL; EPG URL; ShortCode (ColaApp, SmartersApp, TiviMate)
  • News, Channels & Playlists Updates: Discord URL
  • And Other Info

For the Fire TV/Firestick and Android TV/Box, the Cola App can’t be found in any play store. The workaround is Downloading the Downloader app to install the Apk version of the Cola App. You must do this first. Click the link at the top to learn how to install Downloader if using those devices.

When the Downloader app is installed, you simply type the Cola App shortcode in the address bar inside Downloader to commence the download/installation. You can click the link for Video #3 that shows all the steps.

Completing the setup for the 24-hour free trial is not hard to do. To install one of the other apps that are compatible with your device, just follow the step-by-step instructions on the Cola IPTV website. The trial doesn’t require a credit card or any type of payment. Many IPTV services have you fill out an order form to create an IPTV account whether you opt for the trial or subscription.

Therefore, there are no additional steps outside of the app installation process. That’s all there is to know for Cola IPTV free trial.

Cola IPTV Subscription

The Cola IPTV subscription requires an additional step compared to the trial. This time you must complete the order form with your personal info, choose the payment method, and make a payment. Once completed, you will receive an email just like in the free trial optin.

The Order Info will now include the number of months and device connections you paid for. You will get a different set of login details with the Cola TV subscription. From herein out, there is nothing else different involving the set up to watch TV online.

I am not going to break down the 20 subscription plans and fees here. You will find the breakdown when reading the full review. Click the link at the top. Or, you can visit the Cola website to see all prices. One keynote is there is no refund. They want you to enter into the free trial to test.

In Closing…

Make absolutely sure you provide the correct email address when signing up for the Cola IPTV subscription. If you don’t see any emails in your inbox, look in your Junk or Spam folder. If any Cola emails are there, just move them to your regular email inbox.

The 24-hour Cola IPTV Free Trial doesn’t give you a whole lot of time. So choose the time wisely when you are free to test. There’s a lot of stuff inside the app to learn, check, and test. Don’t count on this IPTV service to deliver all your local TV channels. The same goes for any IPTV service.

To get all your local OTA TV channels without cable TV, purchase an indoor HDTV antenna with a 100 mile or more radius. No IPTV service is perfect. When it comes to buffering issues, most of that occurs from the user’s end and not so much the IPTV service end. I don’t go out of my way to test reviews, and then write a full review, create video reviews, and so on for an IPTV provider with buffering issues.

There is no contract, hidden fees, cancellation fee, and no equipment to set up such as installing a receiver or box. You will not be automatically billed (no recurring billing). You simply pay as you go. Whether you choose the 1, 3, 6, 12-month subscription, once it ends, your streaming TV service stops. You must go back to the IPTV service website to renew.

Always remember the name of your IPTV service provider, in this case, it would be Cola. Don’t go surfing the web for help with the app you are using. Go directly to your IPTV provider website. This completes knowing all there is to know about the Cola IPTV Free Trial and Cola IPTV Subscription. Enjoy!

To Visit Cola IPTV Now to Get Free Trial or Subscription, Click Here


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