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Using a streaming media device connected to a smart TV or HDTV is the best way to watch TV online. I recommend the BSB Streaming on Firestick device method because it cost less than other streaming media devices and has great performance. And if you are not familiar with this device, feel to learn more in this article post.

Before diving in further into our BSB Streaming Firestick setup info, I have provided some important links below for additional information including how to install the app…


This IPTV service is no longer accepting new customers. Current subscribers may be able to renew their subscriptions but we don’t know how long this will last.

If you can no longer renew, can’t get support, SO Player no longer works, can’t find the IPTV service website online anymore, then you must choose a different IPTV service provider with a different app.

Let me be clear… Many, if not all SO Player IPTV services have closed their doors to new customers and stopped allowing subscription renewals. We don’t know the reason why.

There is a top IPTV service (an alternative) that you can sign up to get a trial or subscription. We had to remove 7 IPTVs due to what is stated above.

Click the link above below…

Click Here to Visit Our IPTV Comparison Chart to An Alternative

DO NOT READ BELOW THE LINE… All IPTV Website Links Have Been Removed…

Visit Now and Get Your Free Trial or Subscription

Watch Video 1 Review Here and See it in Action
How to Install Nora Go on Smart TV
How to Install SO Player (Other Compatible Devices)
Click Here to Watch Local Channels Online/Offline
Click Here to Learn More About Amazon Firestick
Newcomers to Internet TV/IPTV Service – Get Your FREE Guide



Please watch video 2 above as I take through the app navigation, streaming content, and features. You’ll watch as I play live channels and VOD content to see the picture quality, channel delivery, and performance. I encourage to also watch video 1 if you have not. There’s some important information you need to know about.

BSB Streaming allows you to use two apps: 1. Nora Go for smart TVs; 2. SO Player for other compatible devices. Click either link above and follow the steps to download and install the app for your device. You may ask to download the Downloader app first depending on what device you are going to use. The Firstick will require installing the Downloader app.

You will be required to type in an URL for SO Player inside Downloader. Here is the URL…

That URL can also be found at the BSB Streaming website (click the 1st link at the top to visit). Just go to the FAQ section, look under Devices and select Firestick, Firestick, Cube Installation Process. 

How to Install BSB Streaming on Firestick

This article post will not go through the steps to install BSB Streaming on your Firestick. Just click the link at the top for your device and follow the steps to install. You can also find video tutorials on the BSB Streaming website.

Setup: 5 Things Needed

1. High-speed Internet connection and/or WiFi
2. Streaming device (Firestick, Fire TV, Cube or compatible device)
3. Downloader app
4. Nora Go and/or SO Player app
5. IPTV Service Provider (BSB Streaming)

When signing up to get the free trial or subscription at BSB, you will be taken immediately to the Thank You page. This is where you’ll find your account/order info and activation/login credential with the following:

* Provider ID
* 3-4 Device Pin codes
* Username and Password

Some of that info is required to activate the Nora Go or SO Player app that you will be using. Once the app is activated, you’re ready to watch TV online.

What Else to Expect?

When you sign up for the IPTV service (i.e. BSB Streaming), you must enter your email address and create a password. Since there is no monthly billing or recurring payments, you must renew your subscription if you want to. In other words, you decide whether to pay or not.

How to Renew Subscription? Simply visit the BSB Streaming website and click the ‘My Account’ link at the top. Use your login details (email address and password) to log in. This is where you can renew the subscription and find your account/order/activation credentials.

Once you have all 5 things above setup and have your account info, activation credentials and activated the app, you’re all set and can start watching your favorites online. Just watch the BSB Streaming on Firestick review above to see everything in action.

Click Here to Visitor Now, Sign Up for Free Trial or Subscription


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