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Nora Go App/ISG Go vs SO Player App – Choosing the Best One

I have tested many SO Player IPTV services including Nora Go and ISG Go services over the past few years. From my experience, I will tell you which one is the best app to use and why you should choose just one.

When clicking the link below, you will be taken to the IPTV service website where you can use the SOPlayer app or Nora Go for smart TVs (LG & Samsung). But let me bring you up to date so that you can choose the best TV app.

The Nora Go, ISG, and SO Player are all very similar free TV apps. They function the same way and all three require the same type of activation/login credentials. Those credentials include the Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password.

Of the 3 apps, the Nora Go app came first. But because of poor performance issues across compatible apps, most IPTV services switched to the SO Player app. SO player became a better performing app and there are now more SO Player IPTV services than there are Nora Go IPTV services. All 3 apps are also compatible with the same devices.

Later the ISG GO app appeared on the market which is an upgrade to Nora Go. Many IPTV services that continued using the Nora Go app switched to the ISG Go app. I am not 100% sure but I think all those IPTVs have now switched from the old NoraGo to the ISG GO. Most IPTV websites indicate ISG GO, not Nora Go.

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Food for Thought…

Here’s what you need to think about. There are a lot more SO Player IPTV services out there than Nora Go and ISG Go IPTV services combined. There are times when these IPTV services go out of service. They no longer allow new subscribers and remove a great portion of their website.

At first, they will allow subscription renewals from current subscribers, and then some IPTVs stop renewals and support. I suggest using SO Player IPTV services because there are more to choose from. If and when an IPTV service goes down (out of service) and you are using the SOPlayer app, you have more IPTVs to choose from.

You just need to sign up with the new SO Player IPTV service to get your activation/login credentials similar to what you had with the old IPTV service.

The SO Player from what I experienced is a better-performing app overall. There’s nothing else different about it from the Nora Go app or ISG Go.

SO Player/Nora Go IPTV Service Provider

The IPTV service that I will direct you to, use the SO Player app and the Nora Go app for Samsung/LG smart TVs with an internal app store. You can find all 3 apps that I mentioned inside the smart TV app store. But keep in mind what I said about using the SO Player app. In the long run, you will come out better using that app.

Don’t use Nora Go on other compatible streaming devices. If you are going to use it, then use it on the smart TV. Again, you can also install the SO Player on the smart TV. But don’t install both apps on the same device. The apps are too similar in design and function. I tried this years ago and it caused problems so don’t take that chance.

When installing the free TV app on your compatible streaming device, you will soon notice the app doesn’t deliver any streaming TV content. That’s because you must sign up to get an IPTV trial or paid subscription. The IPTV service gives you the activation/login credentials to activate the app.

The IPTV service is the one that delivers all the live TV and VOD streaming content. If something goes wrong with the app, you must go back to the IPTV service website where you subscribed to get support. Do Not go looking online for help with the app someplace else.

You must always remember the name of your IPTV service provider and know where to find them online. The emails they send you should be stored someplace for future access. The info inside those emails is very important.

Best TV App – SO Player or Nora Go

By now, you should already know my answer. The SO Player app is the best app. Better performance and more SO Player IPTV services than Nora Go IPTVs. You can continue using the NoraGo app installed on your smart TV. Just remember that you can install the SOPlayer app directly on your smart TV. But it must be one or the other app, not both.

Many visitors that continue to come to my InternetTvDotCom websites look for Nora Go support such as subscription renewals, pay the bill, shutdowns, no support, etc. We are not a support website and definitely not an IPTV service. You always go to your IPTV service website where you paid your subscription.

But if you can’t find a resolution, then it’s time to start over and find a new IPTV service. SO Player is better than Nora GO and ISG Go.

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