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The video above covers signing up for the Best Cast TV Free Trial and Subscription. I show you the process in both but I did not pay the subscription. I did, however, opted into the free trial whereas you see everything. You can enter the trial or Best Cast TV Subscription first or download/install the TV app first. It’s your choice.

There are instructions on the BestCast TV website to install the app on the compatible device. The Unlimited Player app can be found inside the Google Play Store. However, you will not find this app inside the Apple Play Store. BestCast has said they are working on an app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and smart TVs.

You are not going to gather all the info in the video above. I provided links below to learn more…

Click Here to Visit Now and Get Your Trial or Subscription

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The Best Cast TV free trial does not require any payment. You are not required to use or enter credit card info during the free trial. You make the decision to pay the subscription if satisfied with the results during the trial. After gathering all the info here, reviews and videos, you may be confident enough to pay the subscription which is ok.

Lenox MP App Users

If you already have the Lenox app installed and looking to renew the subscription, you’ve just found a way. If you are looking for your IPTV service or can’t find them, more than likely there are gone for good. If you can’t remember the name of your IPTV service and don’t know where to go, then you need to think about doing the following:

It’s time to start over and find another IPTV service that will allow you to use the Lenox app. BestCast uses the Unlimited Player which is supported and can be downloaded/installed to compatible devices. As for the Lenox app, it is no longer supported and it can no longer be downloaded/installed on any device.

If the Lenox app gives poor performance, then uninstall it and install the new replacement app which is Unlimited Player. You will sometimes see the name unliplayer app which is the same. All installation instructions will be provided by BestCast.

Best Cast TV Free Trial Process

There are two important things to note when signing up for the trial or Best Cast TV subscription:

  1. When signing up, be sure to enter your correct email address. Get this wrong and you won’t receive any important emails from BestCast. They will immediately email you the order/account info, activation/login credentials. Your credentials will include the Service ID, Username, and Password. You will also receive instructions.
  2. If you don’t see any emails from BestCast and you are sure you signed up with the correct email address, look in your Junk/Spam mail folder. You may find the one or more emails there. If so, move them into your regular email inbox.

Signing for the Best Cast IPTV free trial or subscription is pretty simple to do. If you don’t feel comfortable about typing in your phone number during signup, then enter a fake number. This is what I normally do.

Just watch the video at the top to see the entire process and know what to expect when you decide to do the same thing.

The free trial only lasts 24 hours so try to put as much time into testing as possible. No PPV events are included in the trial but you do get access to everything else. After the trial ends, you can go back to the BestCast website to pay the subscription.


Always, always remember the name of the IPTV service which in this case is Best Cast TV. If something goes wrong with the TV app, don’t go looking for support elsewhere. Go to the BestCast website to get support. Same thing if you want to renew your subscription, go back to their website. Save all emails from the IPTV service and put them somewhere you can find them in the future.

Because there is no Refund Policy, the free trial becomes the safety net. Enter into the trial first. If you pay the subscription first, then understand there is no refund. Feel free to contact BestCast with questions or opt into the Best Cast TV free trial.

Click Here to Visit Now and Get Your Trial or Subscription


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