ATV IPTV Record and Catch Up Features

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In video #6 above, you get step-by-step ATV IPTV Record and ATV IPTV Catch Up instructions. As I stated in the previous videos, this IPTV service is a bit different. You can find instructions when going to the ATVIPTV website and clicking Download >> Tutorials. You will find links to follow the instructions.

However, you are better off watching the video at the top as you will be able to see everything. Some things I had to learn on my own via trial and error. But after learning both features it became easier to me and it will be the same for you.

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Only a few IPTV services include both Record and Catch Up features. This IPTV includes both which makes it a tad more interesting.

I am not going through all the written steps because the video will serve you better. I am using my Firestick in these instructions

ATV IPTV Record Feature

To use the ATV IPTV Record feature, just do the following: When inside the app that’s connected to the IPTV service, you begin at the Main Menu screen. Just click the Live icon image and click the Enter button on the Firestick to get the TV menu. This will show all the listings and categories of channels.

When inside a channel category, a listing of channels appears to the right. Some channels listed will have a recorder image. This means that channel or TV network has the recorded feature. There are other channels that don’t have this feature so you are not able to record that.

So that you understand, you can a live channel to watch a movie, sporting event, news broadcast, TV show, etc. But only channels that have the Recorder icon.

When choosing a channel with the Recorder feature, just click the right portion of the ring on the Firestick. This takes you to the EPG Etials screen. Below are 3 buttons as follows:

  1. Play (used for Catch Up)
  2. Record (record now)
  3. Record Series (record future TV programs)

You can click the Record button to record a movie, TV show, news broadcast, sporting event that’s current playing. It doesn’t matter how long it was playing. Once you record, it will record the entire sporting or show or movie.

To schedule a TV program to record in the future, just click the Record Series. The next screen will show a listing of the TV program with different dates and times. A green arrow will appear for the live channel with the name of TV program that’s playing now. Just click the check and click OK.

ATV IPTV Catch Up Feature

To get access to ATV IPTV Catch Up and watch channel that was recorded by ATV IPTV, you must play the live channel (TV network) from a category first. But you can only do this when you see the Recorder icon for that channel.

While the live channel is playing, you can scroll Up/Down using the Firestick remote. You will see different names of TV programs as you scroll up or down. Just choose the TV program name that you miss or want to watch.

Next, click the Enter button on the Firestick remote. The name of the Catch Up TV program you select previous is now highlighted. Unfortunately, I made a slight error in the video where I said you had to click the Play button. But this is not necessary.

Whenever you see the purple Recorder icon for a live channel, it has the Catch Up feature. So all you need to do is play the channels and scroll up or down to get the Catch UP TV program you want to watch. When you choose the one you want, Just click the Enter button on the remote.

You can record up to 40 hours. When clicking the Rec icon on the Main Menu screen, you will see this and more. When you are recording something, you will see how much recording space was used and remaining.

Now you know how to use the ATV IPTV Record and ATV IPTV Catch Up features.


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