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The reason why you should get the ATV IPTV free trial first rather than pay the subscription is because you need to test. You need to test the free app on a compatible device to see if the installation process went well without any issues. Video #2 above.

The other reason is testing many channels from many categories including the VOD sections. And you want to go through the features such as Record, Catch Up, Add to Favorites, and so on, to understand how they work.

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The free trial covers 3 days which is more than enough time to test everything if you make the time. I entered into the free trial which you will see me go through the entire process to complete it.

In the video above and previous video, I had to sign up or register to get the free ATV IPTV account. You must do this first before getting the ATV IPTV Free Trial or ATV IPTV Subscription.

ATV IPTV Free Trial Without Credit Card

You don’t need a credit card to sign up for the free trial. Just make sure you entered the correct email address because this IPTV service will send an email to your inbox immediately.

After signing up to get a free account, they will send an email to your inbox to confirm or activate your free account. If you don’t see the email, then look in your Spam or Junk mail folder. If it’s there, move it to your regular inbox.

When signing up for the free trial without a credit card, they will send you a couple of emails. Be sure to open them and read. One email will have your activation/subscription code.

In the video above, I show you another way to find the code which is inside the My Account (or My Client Account).

Additional Information

You will need to read the FAQs section and Tutorial section to get additional information and instructions. But you might want to watch my other video that shows you everything which also walks you through the app download and installation process.

This can be a little tricky so you really need to pay strict attention to all the details in the videos. Even I messed up when going through the signing up for the free trial and choose one of the 3 subscription basic plans such as the ATV Standard Plan, ATV Pro Plan, and ATV Sub-Device Plan.

So do yourself a favor and watch each video above and read my full review before signing up to get the ATV IPTV Free Trial.

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