Alternate Way to Install Google Play on Fire TV Stick

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How to Install Google Play Store on Fire TV Stick Another Way

In the video above, you’ll learn another way to install apps from Google Play Store when using your Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you can’t find an app when searching for it in the Fire TV Apps section, then try this method. Just follow the steps in the video to install Google Play Store on Fire TV Stick.

You’ll need to download/install ES Explorer. Further along in the video, you will type in a URL shown in the video. Afterward, you must name the file so that you can find it later. Type any name you want but don’t type ‘Gary’ if it’s not your name. This video on how to install Play Store Apps on Fire Stick is pretty straight-forward. Take your time and play certain sections of the video to review again if necessary.

When you get to the Index of / page, be sure to click… apk/. You will need a mouse to maneuver around, so the next thing to do is download the mouse. On the Index of / apk page, click… mousetoggle.apk. Just like it shows you in the video. Again, the steps to download/install are pretty straight-forward.

Pay close attention to how to use the mouse. Next, you’ll download/install the 1MobileMarket.apk file to your Amazon Fire TV or Stick. All these steps are necessary if you want to¬†install Play Store on Fire TV Stick a different way. The 1MobileMarket application will enable you to download/install any app from the Google Play Store.

Also in the video, you will be shown another application in case you cannot find a particular app when using the 1MobileMarket app. This will ensure you can install Play Store apps on Fire TV Stick that you want. At this point and time, this is where you’ll need the mouse toggle, so watch in the video on how to use it. The mouse will help you maneuver around the screen/page and open the keypad to search for apps.

This is how to install Google Play Store on Fire TV Stick and add any app you want. The video above will show you the rest of the way. Amazon Fire is best streaming TV device today for many reasons.

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