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The video above covers how to watch AirTV Catch Up and channels to Add to Favorites. You can follow the steps in the video to learn how to do this on your own. You get 7 days of Catch Up recordings by AirTV. They record many TV programs from TV networks/channels for you. But not all channels have Catch Up.

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The way to tell if a channel has Catch Up is by looking at the EGP (TV guide) to see what channels show the video recorder image or icon. Watch the video to see how I was able to find a recorded TV program from a number or them and play the Catch UP TV program.

You also need to know how to get out of Catch Up that’s also shown in the video. Unfortunately, there is no manual to learn how to record, watch AirTV Catch Up, and Add to Favorites. I’ve added more video tutorials to learn how to do all three.

How to Watch AirTV Catch Up

It’s important that you read the FAQs and Tutorials when visiting the AirTV website. In the Tutorials section, you will find an article called…

IPTV with catch up and Record

Read the article. They also provide a YouTube URL but more than likely you won’t get it. You will need to watch the video at top to understand better.

As for adding channels to favorites, you can do this for VOD movies and TV series. You can do this for any live TV channel. Watch the other video so that you know how to do this.

You can learn more about Catch Up TV Here.

You can watch AirTV Catch Up and Add to Favorites at will once you get all the steps down. Keep in mind this IPTV service with app is a bit different from other IPTV services. Playing/watching channels and VODs are easy to do but it takes some understanding and practice to use the features.

I’ve tested, reviewed, and used many IPTV services and apps but this IPTV took me a little longer to figure out some of the features. You can contact support with questions. They usually respond within 24 hours.

After learning how to watch AirTV Catch Up, how to Add to Favorites, and how to record AirTV channels, I am now able to do all 3 with great ease. Practice makes perfect which will be the same for you.

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