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All-in-One IPTV Service Delivers Catch Up TV Including Local TV, Live TV (US, UK, French, Spanish), Sports TV, PPV, VOD, and More Online

Never before has Catch Up TV been so much in demand until now. Thanks to the Internet and many streaming TV services meeting the demands of TV viewers looking for TV alternatives with savings, we now have what we want.

No doubt you are looking for TVCatchUp channels to watch shows you missed or want to see again. This can include old/current talk shows, sitcoms, soaps, news, sports, and even movies.


We are no longer recommending any Nora Go or SO Player app and IPTV services for them. Too many of them are not accepting new customers/subscribers, went out of service, and we are getting many visitors telling us they can no longer renew their subscriptions including no support.

You must choose an alternative IPTV service that does not use SO Player or Nora Go.

We recommend visiting our IPTV Comparison Chart that’s currently being updated to add more top IPTV services that use other apps. Click the link below to find the best IPTV service…

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Soon I’ll introduce you to an IPTV service that delivers not just TV Catch Up channels but all kinds of other streaming content that come with it. This includes live TV, local TV, sports TV & PPV events, VODs, and so on. And the cost savings is just one of the best things about it.

The free app can be downloaded/installed across many compatible devices. No one is restricted from using this service which means everyone gets access to the same content.

There are a number of ways to watch recorded channels with favorite television programs. One way is to use an IPTV service that records everything for you — click the link below…

Watch All Kinds of Recorded and Live TV Channels Online

4 Things Needed to Watch Catch UP TV Channels

  1. Internet (connection speed 20 or 25 Mbps – I recommend 2x or 3x more)
  2. Streaming Device (smart TV, Firestick, Apple TV, Android & iOS devices, tablet, iPad, iPhone, etc.)
  3. Free App Downloads (SO Player, Nora Go)
  4. IPTV Service (delivers live premium channels, on-demand, CatchUpTV & more)

Keep in mind that more people are online during peak hours (evening time). And more are home during weekends and holidays. Because of the increase in the number of online users, it can slow down your Internet connection speed. The same holds true when more than one household member connects another streaming device to the streaming TV service using the same WiFi network.  The more Mbps download speed the better.

If you experience continuous buffering when watching different live television channels or videos, then you ought to think about increasing your Internet connection speed. This can be done when contacting the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and let them tell you how much Mbps can be increased. Of course, there will be an extra cost when increasing speed. The savings from canceling TV from cable or satellite TV can help offset the monthly cost.

Catch Up TV ABC, CBS, Fox, History Channel, Discovery Channels, and More

You can watch recorded TV shows from top networks that were broadcast live such as CBS catch up, Fox TV catch up, ABC TV catch up, and catch up TV TLC. Each television network displayed in the CatchUp section has DVR written to the right to let you know all shows from that network have been recorded. You don’t lift a finger. The IPTV service records and makes available all television programs for subscribers to watch online.

There are 7 days worth of recordings to ensure watching whatever was missed during the week or weekend. When clicking the network name and day number of the week, two columns television shows appear. For instance, you can catch up on The Bold and The Beautiful on CBS or Family Guy. Also included are movies, sports, and news broadcasts that have been recorded.

All the recordings will be waiting for you to search and find at your leisure. The 7 days’ worth of recordings is updated regularly so there’s a time limit when they are available to watch online. There is no permanent storage available. It would be too much to ask since there’s so much to record. So if you missed something over a week ago, you will be out of luck when trying to find that particular television program.

Here are some of the other CatchUp TV Networks:

NBC, BET, FX, TBS, HGTV, TNT, A&E, Slice TV, Bravo, E USA, Bravo USA, Hallmark Movies, CW, BET, AMC, Syfy, and many more.

Here’s a Partial List of Recorded CatchUp Shows:

  • The Bold And The Beautiful
  • Modern Family
  • American Housewife
  • The List
  • Blackish
  • The Goldbergs
  • The Conners
  • The Now
  • General Hospital
  • Hot Bench
  • Bachelorette
  • 20/20
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Ellen Degeneres Shows
  • ET Entertainment Tonight
  • Jimmy Fallon Show
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Simpsons
  • Seinfeld
  • Two And A Half Men
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Martin
  • The Jamie Foxx Show
  • Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns
  • Family Guy
  • And More

Answers to Question Many TV Viewers Ask

What is Catch Up TV? A host of recorded or on-demand TV channels/networks with television programs made available and streamed over the web. TV viewers can watch at their leisure various TV shows they missed. In other words, they can watch TV catch up talk shows, news, sitcoms, soaps, night shows, movies, sports, and so on.

TV viewers can watch basically what they want on their schedule and not just live scheduled broadcasts. Generally, these recorded television programs are available 24 hours or more after air time. The IPTV service that I will introduce to you soon will provide up to 7 days worth of recordings. This pretty much sums up the TV Catch Up meaning.

How to Use CatchUp TV? I recommend using an IPTV service which is the new way to watch television online. You can watch recorded streaming content at home or on-the-go. You can watch Catch Up TV on demand via HDTV/Smart TV. Or, watch it on a mobile device (cell phone). A computer laptop is not a mobile device but a portable device instead.

It is very easy to find and watch what you want when using an IPTV service. In fact, there is more than one way to find what you want to watch. Once you find the TV program, just click it to starting watching it online. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

But the main thing you want is the ability to watch something on your schedule. If you have to work, have an engagement to be elsewhere, or simply don’t have time, Catch Up TV online resolves the issue. Since it’s hard to watch two shows airing live at the same time, watch one live and find the other recorded show to watch later.

If you are new to all this, don’t worry. There are videos, tutorials, and instructions available to help with getting set up. But if you are very new to your streaming device or Internet, you may need to find someone nearby to help you. One thing you can do is go to to search for a video tutorial on any subject that you want to learn.  Learn things like how to find emails that were automatically sent to your Spam/Junk mail folder.

How Do I Get Catch Up Television? Here’s where I begin to reveal an IPTV service that I’m been using for some time now. They give me the best of everything the web has to offer. And at the time, this service has become my go-to method of watching television. No more high cost of cable or satellite TV. I call it an all-in-one source for TV entertainment online.

Click to Play Video Review of Top IPTV Service with CatchUp, App, and Other Streaming Content Below…

UPDATE: The IPTV service demonstrated in the video is no longer in service but there is another IPTV service just like it that we tested. Click Here to Learn More.

Catch Up TV

Click Here for IPTV Service with Free Trial and Watch DVR Record Channels/Shows

IPTV Catch Up Service Including Other Streaming Content

If you don’t want any other streaming content outside of recorded television programs, then IPTV services are not for you. But if you are interested in an alternative to cable or satellite TV with tremendous savings, then I have something good to tell you.,

Outside of having Catch Up, my IPTV service provider gives me hundreds of Live premium TV channels (US, UK, Spanish, French, Filipino). I’m from the US so all I’m interested in our live channels from the US and UK. This IPTV service also has Local channels from the USA whereas some of my local channels from television stations in my area are available to watch online.

I get access to live channels to watch local/national/international sports as well as movies, shows, news, and so on. Many of the top networks are included whereas there is something for the entire family including kids. There are music channels and Gospel channels available also.

Now here’s the other streaming content you get. Thousands of on-demand movies and TV series. Subscribers can watch old and very recent movies including all the popular TV series with episodes. The IPTV service does all the content updating so that you never see the same content all the time.

Not only can you watch CatchUpTV but on-demand TV also, whereas both are updated from time to time. This is a lot of streaming content within your fingertips and waits until you see what it cost. Next up is the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide).

Catch Up TV Guide

The CatchUp section has 79 television networks with DVR written next to each network name. This is your Catch Up TV On Demand. You can scroll down the list of 79 network names and select one of interest. Then select the numbered day of the week and see TV shows, news, movies, sports listed in their time slots.

The guide has around 7 or 8 days’ worth of recordings and updated regularly. You don’t spend any time or effort recording anything. Just search, find and watch. The IPTV service does everything else for you. How convenient is that?

The EPG is similar to a TV guide. You can select a category of live channels for them to show up in the EPG (TV show). There are many categories of live channels. In fact, you’ll find all the DVR recorded channels with television shows in the EPG as well.

TV Catch Up Benefits

I hope you are beginning to see how exciting this IPTV service is where lots of Catch Up TV channels/shows are included. Imagine for a moment, sitting in your favorite chair or couch or bed with remote in hand scrolling/clicking live channels, TV Catch Up channels, or on-demand content. The best of three worlds that are accessible very easily online.

I don’t know if all your favorite shows are recorded or not. This is why the 48-day free trial should be your first option You the trial to test everything on your device and see if any or all the recorded shows you want are available.

You need to watch my video review where I take you inside the free app to see the IPTV CatchUp section. See the video above. I show the features, play the recorded content, and then show you other sections of the app with other streaming content. I also take you to the IPTV service website to cover some of the important information.

Hopefully, you can see the value in using this IPTV service. But if you’re still skeptical, then my written and video review should help clear the air. The free trial (no credit card required) makes it worthwhile to test this IPTV service for yourself. The TV CatchUp section is something to marvel at but with all the other streaming content and savings, this becomes a no-brainer.

You will enjoy watching catch up television at home on a favorite device or on-the-go using a smartphone.

What It Cost to Watch TvCatchUp and Other Streaming Content

Cable and satellite TV subscribers will probably get hyped when seeing what it cost to have all this content. We’re talking about over 500+ live premium channels, 1000’s of VOD, Local channels, Catch Up On-Demand, and so on. You can virtually watch anything online with this IPTV service that I’m telling you about.

Again, this IPTV Catch Up service is tops among all the other IPTV services out there. There is no antenna or set-top box installation and no Geo-restrictions (everyone in the world gets access). There’s no contract or cancellation fee. I encourage you to try it out on your device.

The Firestick is the best streaming device and works extremely well with the free app and Genzee. If you have a smart TV, you may or may not find the free app inside the app store. If you don’t see it, then use the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Learn About It Here if you don’t have one].

If there are more than one televisions in your household, connecting a Firestick to each TV allows other household members to watch what they want online. The IPTV service that I’m recommending allows up to 4 device connections. You can connect 4 TVs if you want or connect a computer, smartphone, Apple TV, or another compatible device.

When using a smartphone outside of the home, you can connect to the IPTV service from different IP addresses. However, you can’t do this when using other devices (only 1 IP address permitted). When visiting the website, one can find all the information needed. This includes a list of compatible devices that can be used, download/installation instructions, and an FAQs section.

There’s also support via chat box, phone number, or contact form. The best way to get a quick response from support is the chatbox. But that’s only true when a representative is online at the time you have a question or need support. If no one is online, just leave your correct email address and someone will respond within 24 hours. I never had to use the phone number but I believe you will get their voicemail and not a live person.

Everyone, including guests and friends, will enjoy watching Catch Up TV and everything else packed inside the app. Loads of entertainment for the entire family and for any occasion without the high cost. No more setting up the DVR at home or forgetting to do it. That’s if you have one.  Watch what you missed or watch it again anytime. And remember, there is no storage charge because there is no permanent storage.

Get Free Trial or Subscription to Watch Recorded TV Shows and More

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