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Slick-Rick TV Website Owners Utilize Loophole to Deliver Free Content to Computers – Is It Legal?


Image of TV over InternetSmart Internet TV software vendors and video and TV over Internet media providers who offer free TV shows, movies, sports, adult entertainment and other content from the Internet, utilize legal loopholes to gain access to Copyrighted media from the Internet. Note: The keyword here is “Legal Loopholes” that go unregulated by the FCC.

Question: Is this morally correct or incorrect? It’s your call whether or not to watch/listen to free Internet TV, sports, music videos and movies on your computer.


TV Over Internet – Playing It Safe

Personally, I would stay away from downloading anything that violates Copyright laws but if watching it directly on my PC keeps me within these loophole, I’m ok with it for now.

Legal (authorized) Internet media network providers such as Hulu and Joost are a different story where everything should be 100% legal–you would think.

Read an article that tells you exactly how one Video and TV over Internet media provider avoids jail time/penalties by pinging content from other sources when using a smart loophole to avoid legal ramifications. Read this!

If you would like to know which TV over Internet software services I use and recommend that have been in business for years, see Top 10 Best Internet TV Software Packages


Note: The Internet isn’t regulated so Government loopholes do exist that basically allows online vendors to deliver free channels, videos and other feeds that deliver TV over Internet to computers.


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