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IMPORTANT UPDATE! Unfortunately, This service is no longer in-service (Out of business).

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TVFreeloader™ (a.k.a. The TV Hall & Formally TV Show Access): Crystal Clear TV Shows and Optional Movies Access™ for Computer, Mobile & Tablet

TVFreeloader Banner ImageTVFreeloader Review. This service doesn’t require you to download software. The brand name has change three times so take your pick. But don’t call it TVFreeload. Call it TVFreeloader or The TV Hall (formally TV Show Access) and whatever you do don’t confuse this service with the TVfreeload Forum.

There are plenty of websites out there to watch TV shows but TVFreeloader (The TV Hall) is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways to search, find, download and watch full episodes and TV/anime shows. Why? Because there’s no wasting time surfing the web to find something to watch or need to travel from site to site to see a particular show/episode.

Not only is the picture quality superior, as oppose to using software like the one revealed in the Satellite Direct Review, but downloading videos from the download service provides direct access to over 3,200+ videos — making it a popular choice.

There is no per-download cost, software to download or hardware to install, subscription or monthly fees to pay or bandwidth limits to be concerned about. The service allows unlimited downloads to any number of computers and devices, which means compatibility and restriction will not be an issue.

Sometimes searching the Internet to find favorite shows to watch leads to a number of messy, disorganized Warez websites. Perhaps the most noticeable is the lack of selections or not being able to find some of the rare TV shows. That won’t be the case here because the member’s area is well organized and considered one of the neatest out there that offers a wide selection of content.

The TVFreeloader (The TV Hall) service does a good job in providing many shows that aired many years ago and up to Watch TV Showsthe present. One of the positives is the user doesn’t get caught up in any viruses or unwanted malware when downloading television shows (video) from other sites which also have been known not to load correctly sometimes.

What is TVFree loader (TV Hall)? This service offers a membership site that provides full access to their catalog of various types of videos online where users can download content. Although the service doesn’t own any of the content, a wide variety of premium TV shows are delivered to one area for convenience and easy access. They also have a sister site called The Movie Hall (a.k.a Movie Access & Formally Go Movies) that lets you download and watch unlimited movies.

The service uses technology and manual work to comb the web to find certain types of video feeds through open gateways, and then puts them into their datacenter. From there, they update the member’s area for users to get access to different television shows.

What separates this service from others is the use of their A-Z index where the user can easily find what they are looking for — by title, category, country, etc. The interface is quick, smooth and easy which makes downloading a video file to watch offline a cinch.

Categories Included: TV shows; Movies & Films; Anime & Cartoons; Music


To Visit Official Website Now – Click Here


Is It Safe? What makes the service safe is there’s no illegal P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks included or cracking/decoding/descrambling paid television signals or channels. That said, there’s no worries about a computer or mobile device getting infected by a virus, malware, etc. Any concerns come from visiting other websites that may cause harm.

Downloading files from the Internet has always been a great concern but there’s nothing to fear as this service is safe to use. However, it’s suggested to install a good anti-virus and adware/malware software when using the Internet, regardless of the website visited.

Is It Legal, Legit? Though the videos are hosted somewhere else to save bandwidth for the user, TvFree loader (TV Show Access) advertises they provide unlimited access to their catalog of fully licensed TV shows and legal downloads.

Read the TOS (Terms of Service) when visiting the website, especially the section about the inclusion of shows from ABC, NBC, etc. It clearly says this service received permission and that the shows offered to users are held under no copyright or license, including shows under the Public Domain Mark.

Also noted was the TV Freeloader “As seen on CNN” image on the website. Is this true? Well, an 2008 article was TVFreeloader House Episodeswritten on CNN which can be found here… Is the future of TV on the Web?, where the name of the service appears under a list of “Free video Web sites” on the left side. So that’s something to think about as far as validity and trust.

However the “As seen on CNN” label doesn’t appear on the new landing page at You’ll have to Go Here to see it in the upper right corner of the website.

For this service to stay in business without receiving a DMCA take down notice, means they haven’t fallen into any unlawful acts. So it’s fair to say they are experienced, have done the right things, and know enough to stay within the law.

The service is legit in that they deliver most of what they promise. If concerned about how long the service have been in service, it’s good to know they have been in existence since June 12, 2006 and is still alive today.

Is this Service Any Good, Real? The integrity of the service, website and reputation speaks for itself which says not only are they real but good enough. While reviewing this service, it was founded that they have a very high success rate. But that doesn’t mean they appeal to everyone when trying the service out.

At the time of this post, TV Freeloader (The TV Hall) receives over 6,000 average monthly searches which shows how popular it is – with many people worldwide joining the service. This comes with the ease of use to find and TV downloads from one location, rather than spend time and effort searching for them online. The premium content is what people are searching for that interest them which is one reason why the service continues to flourish.


TV Shows download



What’s also nice about the service is… if a person makes the decision to give this a try and later decides to cancel, they can get a full refund within the 60 day money back guarantee. Simply contact FastSpring (formally Clicksure) the payment processor by email to make the request. Do not contact the TV Show Access directly for a refund. All the information including contact info. will be sent immediately to you via email, once they receive payment.


Is It a Scam

What may have happen years ago or even months ago may not be true today. When researching any product/service online it’s best to check the date when the report was made. TvFree Loader (TV Show Access) continues to update and upgrade itself to keep customers happy while generating new satisfied customers.

There are scam reports out there but some of them are unwarranted. The reason why I know this to be true and why I know this isn’t a scam, is through a test I conducted over the pass months. I had to sign up to become an affiliate to sell the service/product to get access to sales, refunds and other information. Take a look at my ‘Comparison Chart‘ that reveals the ‘Success Rate %’ (just scroll down the page). It speaks for itself!

How Does it Work? Easy 1-2-3-4 process that consist of the following:

  1. Login – Register to receive username and password to log into the membership website and download TV shows – 24/7
  2. Search – Use the A-Z index to search over 3,200+ full length television shows and episodes or find shows from a wide range of categories
  3. Decide – Make a decision to watch a show from season 1 or 3 or if an episode was missed
  4. Download – Simply click ‘Download’ to download the media file to any computer or mobile device. A broadband (DSL or Cable) connection will make the download faster than a wireless (wifi) and 56k modem

One of the advantages to using this method is any media file can be downloaded from any part of the world. It doesn’t matter where a person lives as there are no restrictions.



The great news is no one is left out from using this service. Users of PC, Mac and Linux desktop/laptop computers can get access, including but not limited to, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Zune, BlackBerry and many other smartphones – this also includes any mobile device running on iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Android, WebOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, and others can be used.



  • Unlimited downloading of every single TV show from over 3,200+ to choose from
  • Legal and safe downloads, this service is a fully licensed company
  • No P2P, torrents, or software to download, just one-click downloads from 1Gbit speed datacenters
  • A trusted and recognized name in TV Show downloading
  • 24/7 support, guidance and tutorials
  • Transfer full TV episodes online to your mobile devices, other computers, TV’s and more!
  • Instant updates of new episodes
  • Lifetime membership with continual updates and upgrades
  • Create DVD/CD video library
  • Watch videos on the go with laptop or mobile device

If you like watching old shows from the 50s and 60s, then using this portal will be a great way to watch them. Shows that you grew up on and others you never knew existed – all included with the thousands you have access to.

How Much Does It Cost? New members have one of three membership plans to choose from that can be paid by a major credit card or through PayPal:

  1. $39.95 USD Platinum Membership – Lifetime VIP Access w/ Unlimited TV shows plus auto updates)
  2. $34.95 USD Gold Membership – 2 Year Access w/ unlimited TV shows plus auto updates
  3. $29.95 USD Silver Membership – 1 Year VIP Access w/ unlimited TV shows plus auto updates

All fees subject to change.


The ‘Platinum Membership’ clearly offers the best buy as this will be a one-time fee request and no 1 or 2 year renewal. However, short term users may elect to choose those options.


Movie Access (a.k.a The Movie Hall & Formally Go Movies) – Optional Movies Downloads

Movie Access Image
The TVFreeloader (recorded TV Shows) service also gives you the option to choose their Go Movies package during checkout time on their order page. Choosing this option you can download movies in high quality for $14.99 USD per month. This service also makes itself compatible to computers, iPad and mobile devices which provide enough flexibility to watch movies at your leisure wherever you go.

However, you might want to consider the other Movie Hall (a.k.a. Movie Access package that comes with a one-off fee of $39.95 USD (1 year access) where you won’t get billed monthly.


Pros and Cons

TV Show Access (TVFreeloader) makes searching, finding, and downloading television shows fast and easy with access to 3,200+ videos online. But one of the drawbacks here is you can’t watch Internet TV shows live or live sports. While the price seems reasonable, experienced users will probably find this service a waste of money – since everything can be found online free of charge when knowing where to look.

Downloading videos online compared to watching streaming videos online offer better picture quality (HD-like or DVD-like). However, using a 56k modem or dialup isn’t recommended as this will cause the download to take much longer depending on the size of file. The good news is an Internet connection isn’t needed to watch a video once it has been downloaded.

Be aware that downloading videos to a computer or device eats up memory space. Perhaps burning them to a DVD/CD player or external hard drive or memory plugin is better.



At the end of the day, this service lowers the learning curve, improves finding sitcoms, episodes and other content online quicker when using a one-source member’s area. With nothing else needed to start watching favorite shows, other than a computer or mobile device and Internet connection to download everything, newbies are not confronted with any time consuming tasks or setup.

As a result, this service lets you surf less and watch more which is quite rewarding considering how hard it can be to find hard to find sitcoms and episodes over the web. If this service sounds appealing enough to give it a try, remember to check and read all emails sent to your inbox immediately after sending your payment through FastSpring or PayPal.


The TV HallClick Image at Left or The TV Hall (formally TV Show Access)
by same Merchant


The Movie HallClick Image at Left or Movie Access (a.k.a. The Movie Hall & Formally Go Movies)
by same Merchant



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