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How to Create Your Own Super TV through PC System

TV through PC Imagesystem is on a lot of people’s minds these days and for many different reasons. For those who have already done it, they are reaping the rewards of watching their favorite channels and entertainment via computer. But what you need to think about is whether or not to include the Internet when creating your system.

One advantage of adding the Internet is that you won’t become one dimensional, like conventional TV. You can use either software or hardware or both to watch streaming channels over the Internet. Also, you will need a broadband connection to get the best video/picture quality and overall performance.


TV Through PC Using Hardware

Take hardware for instance, you could install a piece of hi-tech hardware that connects to your set-top box or receiver (if you have Cable or Satellite TV) that also connects to the Internet.


This TV through PC system gives you the ability to watch home TV channels and videos that are streamed across the Internet directly to your computer. When using a desktop or laptop computer (Windows, XP, Vista, or MAC) you can watch your favorite channels and videos no matter where you travel in the world. Your Internet broadband connection and paid TV service will be your only costs.

Taking this approach however will cost around $200 USD or more depending on what type of hardware you buy. Some technical ability is required but the instructions should get you through the setup. The other advantage to this is that the video quality will be outstanding and you can also watch TV on an ipod and some cell phones that are compatible.


TV through PC Using Software

On the other hand, if you don’t have Cable or Satellite TV, you can download a hi-tech Internet TV software like Satellite Direct TV. This method offers the cheapest, fastest, and easiest gateway into Internet television. The cost is usually under $50 UDS, requires no tech know-how other than downloading and installing the software, and no monthly fees. If fact, no hardware/equipment or wires are needed.

Newbies in particular find this approach to be an easier way to creating a super Web TV computer system. There’s no surfing the web to find channels when there’s 1000s of channels delivered to a computer with a wireless or preferred broadband connection.

The lifetime service package also makes this appealing because it adds more value when receiving on-going tech support, software upgrades and channels updates when paying a small one-time fee.

What this TV through PC system will do is deliver tons of free Internet TV channels such as sports, movies, TV shows/episodes and other free content instantly to your computer. Again, you will need an Internet broadband connection which is preferred but a wireless connection will work well enough. You can use any desktop or laptop computer (Windows, XP, Vista, or MAC).

The picture/video quality won’t always be as good compared to using hardware that we talked about previously, but more often than not you’ll get a crystal-clear (DVD-like) picture quality. This TV through PC system will also give you the ability to watch anything and everything from any location in or out of your home.

Not only that, you can connect this TV through PC system to any small or large screen TV to watch 1000s of free live, on-demand, premium and HDTV channels from around the world. But in order to do that, this requires some minor technical work. You must buy the correct PC TV connector cable and converter box to connect both your TV and computer.

Here’s another web TV option to consider that may be better. Watch video below…

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Some people use a PC TV tuner as another way to watch online TV on their computers. But don’t worry, you will be given links to everything we’ve discussed here so far.

What you need to realize is that whether you are living with or without a paid TV service, you can get the next best thing or enhance more TV entertainment when installing either hi-tech hardware or software or both, if you want it all. Either way, you’ll never get caught without a television set around because a mobile TV (laptop) will help make this possible.

That’s the true value of making the Internet part of your arsenal, which essentially adds another dimension to your existing TV. The roadmap to creating your own super TV through PC system awaits – just click the appropriate link below…


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Try anyone of the TV through PC setups and you’ll have plenty of entertainment at your fingertips to watch on or through your computer.


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