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TV on PCIf you are living on a tight budget and not the techie type and want to know how TV on PC works or how to watch TV on your computer in the easiest, cheapest way possible, then you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need any hardware such as TV tuner card, just your computer and broadband or wireless Internet connection will do. There are plenty of streaming TV channels, videos, music and radio stations online that can add more entertainment than cable and satellite combine.

What’s particularly great about Internet TV is there are a few ways to capture it on your computer and television. As for computers, there’s the manual way where you surf online to find favorite channels and shows to watch. Of course, this means visiting different TV/Video websites to watch a particular television program. The bad news is no one website has all the free live/on-demand content of interest.

Taking the manual approach is by far the cheapest way to go because it’s 100% cost-free. However, this approach will take some time and effort initially to find the content on your own and setup your computer. This means either adding TV/Video websites to favorites on your laptop/desktop or creating computer folders to save those links to retrieve the free content later on.

To watch live sports, you’ll have to find those websites. To catch a movie, you’ll have to find those websites as well. The same goes for news, talk shows, soaps/sitcoms, etc. Instead of installing a TV tuner card, there are pay-to-download Internet TV on PC software packages that can make the entire setup extremely easy. There’s also software for Mac computers as well. And of course, there are some free TV players out there that can be downloaded.


How to Watch TV on PC

If you like the idea of not installing a TV tuner card or other hardware, then opting for TV PC and Mac technology that can streamline and organize the delivery of thousands of free channels, videos, radio and music content instantly can be very rewarding. There’s no time and effort hardly involved, unlike the manual way. All one has to do is install the TV Internet PC or Mac software to his/her computer. That’s it! No work involved whatsoever other than downloading and installing the TV player software.


To Watch Live TV on PC or on-demand free content, here’s how to do it:

3 Quick Steps to Watch Favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports and News Online

  1. Find top 10 TV for PC software packages
  2. Download best Internet TV PC player software
  3. Point and click to channels automatically delivered

I’ve made finding the top 10 services online simple. All you have to do is visit my recommended Top 10 Internet TV Software for PC and Mac Packages that provides a comparison chart with product reviews including additional information. In fact, I even created another review site that showcases the #1 top leading brand Satellite Direct TV Reviews.

These products are nothing more than a downloadable TV player or toolbar that connects to 1000s of free live and on-demand content from around the world. Some brands deliver over 3,500 channels and over 9.000 channels. Once the player is installed on the computer, the user can point and click to any content of interest which are organized under it’s respective country and genre. Some brands have a search bar that allows searching for a particular TV network name such as ABC, CBS, Fox, BBC, etc.

Not only does TV PC and Mac technology delivers almost unlimited free content, it also delivers content from 100 or more countries in different languages. Those who speak English or from the US stand to gain more, since there are more entertaining content coming from US, UK, Canada and Australia. But don’t get me wrong, there are channels from many non-English countries as well. Some countries have more content than others.

Now that you know how to watch TV on computer without using hardware, there more benefits to reap. This technology will help setup an extra television in the household quick and easy, without having to buy a television. Imagine having the ability to create an extra television within minutes so that if there’s not enough TVs in the household, one could easily slip away to his or her private TvPc or Mac.

Install the Live TV on PC or Mac software to any laptop and you’ll create a TV traveling companion to take wherever you go in or out of the household, or anywhere in the world – just so long as an Internet connection can be made.

How Do I Watch TV on My Computer? I simply use a top TVPC software package that delivers 3,500+ free global channels to my Windows Toshiba laptop. The TV player software also comes with feature enhancements such as channel search bar, full screen that sets the picture across my entire computer screen and another feature that allows me to add channels to favorites directly inside the player itself. The user can watch any and all types of channels/content inside the player – everything in one place.

How to watch TV on PC through Television. Not only do I watch my favorite television shows, movies, sports, and news on my laptop, I also watch them on my large screen television from time to time. You can do the same when installing the technology on your computer and connecting the computer to your small/large screen television via HDMI (See how to connect TV to PC. If your computer is fairly new and you have a smart TV, then both devices should have HDMI inputs.


TV on Laptop Connect wtih HDMI


Simply connect the HDMI cord to each device, set your TV menu – HDMI input to whatever input your computer is connected on and that’s it. Play a channel inside the TV player or toolbar and it will show up on the television screen.

How Good is the Picture Quality? When using this technology to watch free channels or other content via computer the picture quality can be good to very good or even HD-like. Don’t expect HD quality too often. Nevertheless, you will be able to watch television programs with good clarity for the most part. There will be times, however, when some channels will have sub-par quality but still viewable. There are some downsides to using this technology but the pros outweigh the cons.

Watching live TV on computer and on-demand content are made easy through Internet TV PC and Mac technology, which you can find the best brands through my TV PC and Mac software comparison chart. I have researched, tested and used many of these brands and made sure each one comes with a money back guarantee, which generally covers 30 or 60 days.

These brands are safe to use (virus/malware-free) and are not scams waiting to happen. But I do encourage everyone to install security software on their computers when dealing with the Internet.

So now that you know how to watch TV on computer through software (TV on PC / Mac) to easily gain instant access to tons of free streaming content online, you need to research further to find the best brand that suits your particular need.


How to Watch TV on Your Computer with Even More Entertainment

In addition to using television software, you can go a step further by adding some of the free and paid TV/Video websites such as,, Netflix,, Amazon Prime Instant Video, or sign up below to get your FREE Online Move and TV Report. You can also download a free TV player software like Readon TV Movie Radio Player (Windows only). And be sure to check out Download City

As you can see, through TV on PC technology, watching TV online is made simple through software and provides a fast solution when setting up a robust web TV entertainment system with TV/Video websites included. This approach is cheaper than high cost of cable and satellite where you get to choose the free and paid content you want to see, without being forced into some kind of bundle. This is the type a la carte television programming that paid television companies refuse to give consumers, thus making you pay for channels you have no interest in watching.

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