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Watch TV online software is one of the popular ways to get access to free streaming TV shows, movies, sports, news and other free content from the web. Using this technology allows users to setup a web TV system quick and easy when downloading the software to any computer. There are two types of software to consider:

  1. Freeware (free download)
  2. Shareware (pay-to-download)

Watch TV Online Software Free Download ImageAs for freeware, one might consider using it if they don’t want to pay for online watch TV software. However, there are a few things to consider when taking this route. Because it’s free, often at times these freebies are not supported at all or very little. Channel updates and software upgrades may not be as frequent or provided at all. And the channels offered may not bring the best of Internet TV has to offer.

On the other hand, if one were to consider shareware or any top pay-to-download software for a small one-time fee, s/he will benefit more when using this type of watch TV online player.

These types of products generally come with a lifetime membership consisting of tech support and automatic software upgrades as well as automatic channel updates on a regular basis. Some top brands (watch online TV software) offer more live and on-demand channels (2000-10,000+) from 80-100+ countries. Also, more feature enhancements are generally included to make watching TV online even more enjoyable.


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Online Watch TV Software – How It Works

Simply download the software to watch TV online from a reputable source. Don’t worry, there will be many top merchants/services revealed later on for you to research further and choose.

Once the software is downloaded to the computer and installed on the hard drive, there will be an icon on the desktop or screen. Usually the TV player software opens up automatically, once the installation process completes itself which generally takes a couple of minutes. The user can double click the icon to open the TV player afterwards.

As the player launches, it automatically downloads channels to it. The service will automatically do this by way of their data centers where all the free content is stored. None of these services own the content. Instead, they deliver free content from the web through open gateways.

You can use a popular watch TV online software on your desktop computer to create an extra TV. This works pretty well when needing an extra television in the house in case a TV program (ballgame) is blacked out on your television. Or, it can be used when there are more household members than number of televisions in the house.

Another way is to use the software to Watch TV Online is through a laptop. This will create a TV traveling companion so that when you are on the go, at work or college, traveling or moving around in the home, you can watch what you want, when and where you want 24/7.

Of course, an Internet connection will be needed to make everything work. A broadband connect (DSL or Cable) is preferred so that all channels play and play well enough to watch them. A wireless (wifi) connection may used as well but you may experience some channels that don’t work or play as well as others.

The TvPlayer is loaded with 1000s of live and on-demand channels which includes all kinds of sporting events, news broadcasts, shows, movies, music and radio stations. Keep in mind that each brand is different to some extent. Not all of them provide exactly the same streaming channels or features.


Software Watch TV Online – How to Use

The player is setup for the user to click channels and play them. They are organized by country, genres and alphabetical order. Some brands allow you sort channels and offer a search bar to find specific channels, like Discovery Channel. All channels are generally contained in their respective countries. Some countries have more channels than others.

Once a channel link is clicked on, it usually takes a few seconds for it to play – sometimes a little longer. There is a play/stop button or link (some brands label it differently) and feature enhancements provided such as ‘Add to Favorites’. This feature allows you to save channels once they are discovered so that you can quickly retrieve them later on. Everything is stored inside the player where you view all the streaming web content from within.

The ‘Full Screen’ is another feature that allows the user to enlarge the TV player and screen when watching a specific channel. Some brands offer more features and offer a free demo download, different versions, 5-day trial, bonuses, monthly subscription, and so on.

Software to watch TV online makes watching Internet TV easier in many ways which means the user will save time and effort.


  • Setup web TV system instantly
  • No more surfing online to find TV shows
  • No more visiting one TV/Video website after another
  • No technical skill required
  • No monthly fees
  • No hardware/equipment to install
  • No wires to connect
  • More channels than satellite and cable combined
  • Watch shows from any location – in or out of home
  • Watch favorite programs 24/7
  • Great for variety TV, bilingual and multilingual individuals

Service Package

Included is a lifetime membership and service package that’s keeps the TV online software like-new and up-to-date. There are regular channel updates and software upgrades. Tech support is available via email when help is needed or questions.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

The price of these products can range from $15 – $50 USD in most cases. But the top brand names are the ones to go after because they offer a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee. They are not scams and if the software doesn’t meet ones expectation, requesting a 100% refund won’t be an issue. Watch TV online software can benefit both young and old including those living with or without cable and satellite.

To Find the Best Brands, See Top 10 Leading Watch TV Online Software Packages

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