Mobile Device

Waiting for Television that Plays Like a Tablet



Tablet ImageAsk any seventh grader with an iPod Touch how to improve the experience of watching television, and the answer would likely come quickly: downloadable apps. These apps, and their customizability have played a major role in the rapid success of Apple’s ubiquitous device and the many variations that have spawned since. With a smartphone or tablet interface on television, users could pay for and download apps for the networks that interest them and leave the rest.
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Mobile TV Software and Web-Based TV

Mobile TV Apps/Mobile Web-Based TV for Mobile Devices

Mobile TV Banner ImageHow to watch TV on your portable or mobile device when on the go is something many mobile users want to know. But you may have heard that the quality of streaming TV channels and videos online can be less than impressive at times. Not only that but the crappy TV mobile software applications on the market that don’t work well enough if at all, or difficult to setup on your device.
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