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PlayOn Review ImageStreamDirect Pro Review by Real User/Tester (live TV player software for PC and Internet Based TV). In today’s world, everyone knows the importance of using software. It can process and streamline many tasks, simultaneously. It can accomplish many different things at a faster rate than humans, which makes life much easier. With the enormous growth of streaming live and on-demand TV content over the web, finding ways to harness it is paramount.

When using an advanced TV player software for PC, getting access to any large amount of Internet TV content to watch in one place is a Godsend. This includes hi-tech technology and man-power (maintenance & support) to help organize and streamline TV content delivered.

However, there’s a much greater task at hand that one must undergo initially. Finding a good, safe and reliable live player TV app to download can be hard to come by. Then again, finding one that also includes on-demand content and live sports together is even harder. It’s important to have on-going support when receiving 100s if not 1000s of live TV channels and on-demand content from the World Wide Web. This means continued maintenance shouldn’t be taken likely.

These are just some of the things StreamDirect Pro has taken into consideration and brings to the table. At least, this is what the owner of the service told me. They seem to be taking the necessary steps that started in the development stages of their web TV/VOD platforms and beyond.

Comparing StreamDirect Pro to TV Player Software for PC Free Download

Take the time to visit one or more TV player download websites that offer plenty of free and free to try TV player software (a.k.a. TV software). This often leads to great disappointment and time wasted. There are plenty of negative user reviews that back this up. It’s enough to make you stand clear of any TV player software for PC free download. And if you already tried one or more of them, then you already know the truth.

The reason is many free VOD and live TV player downloads have very little or no support. What’s also alarming is many of these products are not compatible to the latest operating system. And let’s be real here, a great many channels don’t work/play as well as the content itself isn’t as entertaining as one would like.

If you are hard up on spending a little money, because you think the StreamDirect Pro technology should be a TV player for PC free download, like freeware, then it’s best to skip the rest of this review. The on-demand support and maintenance helps keep the software and web-based platforms like-new and up-to-date. This alone is worth the small price when entertaining streaming content is delivered in a very convenient way.

Without any support service, the proprietary StreamDirect Pro technology becomes just as bad as free Internet TV player, and in many cases low-cost shareware. This means there are no channel updates, software version updates, added features, and no help to resolve issues when they occur.

The technology would eventually become sub-par, and cursed at, if it doesn’t keep up with the forever changes in technology and Internet. From what I can see and have experienced, you can exclude the Stream Direct service from all these issues.

When downloading a 3rd party cost-free or low-cost TV media player software, one risk harming his/her computer. This can cause repeated computer and/or software crashes, lockups, computer viruses and malware, etc. When knowing something is old and unsupported, you can only blame yourself if your device becomes damage. When trying out the Stream Direct software, any fear of what could go wrong is eliminated.

One side note: I suggest using good common sense and never use the Internet without security software installed. A good antivirus application and malware application can do a lot of good when running periodic computer scans. They can also alert you when something bad from the Internet trys to invade and harm your device.

If you don’t have all or some of these applications on your PC, don’t worry. The Stream Direct TV software comes with nine free bonuses (some security apps included) when signing up (more on this later).

As for computers with Windows 10 operating system or latest OS, StreamDirect Pro always stays up-to-date and maintains its compatibility. This service also welcomes suggestions from members and you can make channel and movie requests as well.

I have been conversing with the owner of this service, who’s a software developer, since 2016. As a result, I still use their Internet based TV/VOD platforms today. The StreamDirect software is an entirely new addition and adds another way to watch TV online.

StreamDirect Pro Review: Sports, Live and On-Demand TV Plus Premium TV Channels Online

No Contract, No Bundle Package, No Subscription or Hidden Fees, No Blocked Countries, and No Security Issues.

What is StreamDirect Pro? Stream Direct Pro is an 3rd party streaming TV/VOD service that offers two platforms to watch TV online. Members can use either platform to watch favorite TV shows, movies, sports, news broadcasts, and premium TV channels over the web. This also includes listening to radio stations.

Keep in mind this service is not the one to use if your primary interest is watching OTA TV channels from local television stations in your area. Meaning you are living without cable/satellite TV or want to cancel. No software has this capability, and neither does any Internet Based TV platform. I suggest that you read the post on how to get local OTA TV channels on your HDTV without cable/satellite.

The service delivers streaming content (various sources) from the web to its members by way of clickable links. Any number of Internet-connected devices can be used to watch streaming content online. Simply put, they bring together both live TV and on-demand content to one place. This eliminates visiting one website after another to watch a sporting event or movie or news broadcast or TV show online.

This is not a subscription-based service, although it may become one sometime in the future, according to the owner. Regardless of what happens, it will continue to be a very low cost solution. To make clear, StreamDirect Pro (service) is not affiliated with, nor part of, any cable or satellite company. They are 100% independent.

Two platforms available to watch TV online streaming:

  1. Stream Direct TV Player Software for PC (Windows Computer Only)
  2. Internet Based TV/VOD (Any Device / Operating System with Web Browser)

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There are many names associated with TV player software for PC such as Internet TV player for PC, online TV player for PC, and web TV player.

Streaming Internet Player for TV

The TV player app gives Windows users a downloadable platform to watch live and on-demand streaming content online. This includes live premium TV channels from popular television networks to watch TV shows, movies, news, sports, etc.

StreamDirect Pro Review

In the latter, you may not find a better low-cost web TV solution. The premium TV channels and HD/HQ picture quality alone puts this service over-the-top. They made it affordable to those living on fixed incomes and tight budgets. Is it the best TV player software out there? Well, only time will tell. Overall, the streaming content delivered is a lot better than the Readon TV Radio player free download and You TV player app.

If you are living without high cost of cable/satellite TV, using this service can save money. Not only can the savings be great, but TV viewers don’t lose much in TV content when using this alternative. This is what I noticed when reviewing this technology and service. Perhaps making the decision to cut/downsize your cable or satellite subscription now becomes easy.

Internet Based TV

The web-based TV platform, on the other hand, is non-software. This gives Windows and non-Windows users access to Internet TV channels and on-demand content online, instantly. Just like the software version, the Internet based platform has a dedicated live sports section, movies section, and TV section (more on this later). It even has an Adult section (not sure if this content will continue). Members can watch everything through his/her web browser.

Stream Direct Pro - Internet Based TV

Windows, Mac and Linux computer users can enjoy watching the same steaming content online. What I really like about the Internet based TV platform is that it offers multiple device compatibility. I used this platform to watch Internet TV on my laptop, smart TV w/ web browser, and smartphone. You simply go to the members’ area, log in, search and find, then point and click to watch something.

In both platforms, all the work is already completed. There’s nothing to do but watch whatever is of interest. You get access to all streaming content inside the TV media player and Internet based website.

Because popups occur often, you should download the free web browser plugin called AdBlock. This plugin is visible and works on my Google Chrome browser but doesn’t appear on my Internet Explorer nor Mozilla Firefox for some reason, at least not on my end. I suggest you install it on your Chrome web browser when using this browser to install AdBlock.

Who is StreamDirect Pro for? When conversing with the owner, prior to the launch, it was revealed to me the software would be more suitable to USA TV viewers. Having gone through my review copy and played many channels, the TV player software for PC goes beyond just US TV viewers, same thing for the web platform.

From what I have witnessed, any person who understands English and likes watching English TV channels from the web can use this service. You don’t have to live in the United States. It doesn’t matter where you live or travel in the world. No country is blocked from watching the streaming content. Everyone can enjoy watching the same TV shows, movies, news broadcasts and live sports online, including premium channels. There are many UK channels as well, so UK TV viewers will benefit.

There are many other channels from many different countries included. However, I won’t get into all the details because the owner informed me they are going to remove that content. The focus will be on US and UK TV viewers including worldwide sports TV viewers and all those who wish to get access. If consumer demand becomes great, other countries will be included.

How Does StreamDirect Pro Work? When going through the StreamDirect Pro review of the new TV player software, I was quickly reminded of an old out-of-service and obsolete streaming Internet Player for TV called Stream Direct. Is it a coincidence? The design, appearance and interfacing are quite similar, although the technology, content delivery, and service itself, are not one and the same.

I have tested many of these products over the years, and decided long ago to never use TV software on my computer again. However, StreamDirect Pro takes the exception. These guys convinced me to try out their new software and I’m glad I did. It’s not perfect but the interfacing is user-friendly, quick, and smooth. You will find a lot to watch online including favorite TV channels/networks with TV shows, sports, and movies.

The content is split up into four primary sections:

  1. Switch TV
  2. Switch Radio
  3. Live Sports
  4. Watch Movies

Switch TV Icon Button

When clicking the ‘Switch TV’ icon all channels appear alphanumerically within the channel list at left. You can sort channels in reverse order or search for a specific channel name. When selecting, for instance, ‘USA Premium’, which is one of the highlights of this software, you can easily scroll down the list of channels. Click any channel link to play and watch it inside Stream Direct Pro.

USA Premium and Non-Premium Channels

The most beneficial part of StreamDirect Pro is the ‘Premium USA’ section. If you are living without cable or satellite TV, this service can be a nice alternative. Or if you want to cut/downsize your monthly subscription to save money, you’ll find many of the same channels/networks available.

There are two ways to play a channel:

  1. Click channel link one time from channel list, and then click ‘Play’ icon button
  2. Click channel link twice to play it automatically

Switch Radio Icon Button

All radio stations appear when clicking this icon. Stations are listed alphanumerically for easy access, and can be sorted in reverse order. Radio stations don’t have countries to search but you can search for a specific radio station and play it. You can listen to music and talk radio. If there’s a radio station you want added, contact support and see if they can add it.

Watch Movie Icon Button

From time to time, the service will update and add more movies to this section. Mostly all movies have HD (High Definition) and HQ (High Quality). The names of different movies (links) will be automatically listed when clicking this icon.

When clicking a movie name to play, a popup window appears. You must click the full screen feature on the TV media player to enlarge the picture within the player. Then click the maximize symbol in the upper right corner of the popup browser. This function will allow you to watch whatever is of interest across your entire computer screen. If you connect your computer to an HDTV, this full screen feature will have the same effect on your television screen.

There are some entertaining movies included – recent/classic and Blockbluster/Hollywood movies from many different genres. Although I have seen many recent movies as of late from a different source, I was happy to see many of them here. The movie name and genre can be sorted. And you can also use the ‘Search Channel’ bar to locat a specific movie name.

Live Sports Section

This section is still growing, just like the other content sections. When clicking the icon all sports channels from popular sports networks appear in the channel list, in alphanumeric order. You can sort to reverse the order. Sports fans will find many popular sports TV channels/networks. This section includes ESPN, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Eurosport, and many others. You can also find plenty of live stream TV sports channels under the ‘USA Premium’ section.

TV Player Software for PC TV Media Player

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Is StreamDirect Pro Safe, Legal (Legit), Scam-Free, and Any Good

As a member, I found this service and both platforms safe but it would be foolish not to have security software installed. This is not a scam, which you can check online when doing your due diligence. Yet, I’m sure a complaint will popup eventually. No product/service is perfect and works for every customer. Resolving issues is most important, which the owner expressed they are compelled to do their best.

This service doesn’t decode/descramble any paid TV signals or use P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks. They have several websites with legal documents to read such as TOS, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy. This alone puts the service on the right track to being legal (legit). However, there’s always some gray areas when using 3rd party web TV/VOD services like this one.

The steaming content comes from open gateways throughout the World Wide Web. None of the streaming content is hosted in the StreamDirect Pro members’ area. Only direct links to the content are provided. The TV media player that plays the streaming content opens inside both Stream Direct platforms to watch whatever is of interest.

You’ll have to use your own judgement when using these types of web TV/VOD services. Many folks worldwide do use them. Youtube is loaded with copyrighted videos daily for all to watch online. They eventually catch up to those videos and remove them. StreamDirect Pro service will take action for removal if or when a content owner request to have their content removed.

Mac OS X Users May Be Able to Use StreamDirect Pro TV Player Software for Windows

Although this hasn’t been tested during my StreamDirect Pro review (don’t own a Mac), there are applications out there that can run Windows applications on Mac OS X computers. I suggest you read up on the WineBottler for Mac and watch a video tutorial to get more details, if interested.

However, this isn’t necessary because the Internet-based TV/VOD platform is compatible to Mac OS X machines including other devices/operating systems. This platform will continue to be upgraded to give members a better experience.

Update: The service launched its TV software for Mac in June 2017. When making a purchase, their script will automatically detect your operating system. You will be redirect to the the Mac or Windows download page — whatever operating system you are using at that time. Mobile users will be directed to a different page.

StreamDirect Pro Review: Picture Quality, Interface, Channel Delivery and Compatibility

Picture Quality

The ‘Premium USA’ section and ‘Watch Movie’ section both offers more HD and HQ streaming content. For the most part, I was very pleased with crystal clear picture on most of the content. There are some channels and movies where the picture quality isn’t as crisp but still watchable. Keep in mind that faster the Internet connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. But sometimes it’s the source where the content comes from that makes the picture a bit sub-par.

StreamDirect Pro Movie Stream Direct Movies
StreamDirect Pro Live TV - Small StreamDirect Pro Live Channel - Full

The Stream Direct TV software for PC interfacing is fairly quick and smooth running. Some channels play a little slower than others, so a little patience may be needed at times. But once the channel plays, you are good to go. Sometimes your Internet connection speed has to catch up with the streaming content, which eventually improves both picture quality and playback.

When clicking a channel to play, you’ll see towards the upper part of the TV media player, “Connecting…”. I like this part of the interface. You can see if the play action is taking place. Otherwise, you will be sitter there wondering if the play action is take place. Again, some channels will play slower than others.

I have witness at least one software version upgrade during my StreamDirect Pro review. This validates the service upgrading the software, from time to time.

StreamDirect Pro Channel List & Delivery

During the time writing this review, over 500 channels were listed under the ‘USA Premium’ section alone. Many channels have one or more backup channel link(s) with the same channel name. If one channel doesn’t work/play for some reason, then you can click the backup channel link to play it.

One of the things I like about the technology is when a channel doesn’t play a popup window appears with a message. It tells you to play the channel later but at the same time the broken channel is reported to support. I was told by the owner when you close the TV media player, the broken channel is automatically reported – Pretty cool! Question is how long does it take them to get a channel up and running again.

The channels in the ‘USA Premium’ section also include premium UK TV channels, many of which includes Sky TV channels. When exploring all the channels from this section, I can see how UK TV viewers (no matter where they are in the world) can enjoy using StreamDirect Pro as well. They won’t get blocked.

There’s also the ‘USA’ section that comes with popup ads when clicking a channel. You must close the popup by clicking the small ‘x’. This is just one of the drawbacks to using this technology and service. The ‘USA Premium’ section doesn’t have any popup ads. You will also see popup ads from the ‘Live Sports’ section that you must close as well.

Channels and videos are automatically listed when clicking the ‘Switch TV’, ‘Switch Radio’, ‘Live Sports’, or ‘Watch Movies’ icon. You can sort or search for channels by name. The ‘USA Premium section has the most entertaining content, which is probably where you will focus much of your time.

Channels in the USA section can be added to favorites, but this function doesn’t work in the ‘USA Premium’, Live Sports, and ‘Watch Movies’ section. You simply right click a channel in the USA section, not ‘USA Premium’ section, to save it to the favorites section. Click the Favorites icon, and then click the channel that was saved to play it.

Update: The ‘Watch Movies’ section is updated weekly, according to the owner of the service. If the picture quality is bad for a particular movie, they will wait until they find a better quality before adding it. However, if you request a movie, they will add it without a second thought. The service recently added more on-demand of Adult Movies, in the Internet based TV platform, due members requesting them. No adult movies are listed in the TV software.

Another thing is when launching the TV player software, channels will be updating. You can also check for updates by clicking the round blue update icon in the upper right corner of the player.

If interested in building your own super web TV and OTA TV Channels System, I suggest you sign up and download a free ebook that shows how to cut the cable cord without losing many of your favorite TV shows/channels – Click Here.

Features and Benefits:

  • Streaming content for entire family (all ages)
  • Watch national tv channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.)
  • Watch what you want, when and where you want
  • Creates TV traveling companion via laptop
  • Two different platforms to watch live streaming TV online
  • Instant live premium TV channels on laptop/desktop
  • Watch live TV streaming sports worldwide
  • Watch favorite live sporting events, including local games
  • No local sports blackouts
  • Watch favorite soaps, sitcoms, cartoons & talk shows
  • Watch entertaining blockbuster/hollywood/classic movies from all genres
  • 100s of channels delivered at your fingertips
  • Add channels to favorites for quick access
  • Great for rural areas and areas where no cable/satellite TV service exist
  • Free DVR (see 9 bonuses) to record or preschedule recordings
  • 9 free bonus software applications including security software
  • 7-day trial (few dollars) w/ full access
  • Up to 3 installs allowed (1 for streaming Internet player for TV & 2 for Internet based TV)
  • Customer support email when help is needed

One side note: Inside the StreamDirect Pro TV player, there is a ‘Report Broken’ button that appears only when clicking a channel to play it (‘Switch TV’ section).

Device Compatibility

The StreamDirect Pro TV player is compatible to Windows operating systems. This includes Windows 10 operating systems and beyond. The latest upgrades now make the software compatible to Mac OS X and mobile (Android & iPhone). You can use either a desktop or laptop computer. Using a tablet must support Adobe Flash and VLC Media Player, and Windows software. This is not a TV player app that can be installed to smartphones, game consoles, or media devices directly.

StreamDirect on Devices

This service allows up to three (3) installs:

  • TV player software – install on one device only
  • Internet based TV – install up to two devices

The Internet based TV platform, on the other hand, is a different story. It supports many Internet-connected device with a web browser and operating systems. You can use Windows, Mac, Linux computers, tablets (Adobe Flash enabled), Google Chromecast, set-top boxes and game consoles with web browser, and smart TVs with web browser.

To use the software or Internet based platform to watch everything on your HDTV, simply connect the computer to HDTV. The right audio/video cable is required.

Click Here to Watch All Your Favorite Online

Not Quite Online TV App (Mobile TV): iPad/iPhone iOS & Android Smartphones

When writing my StreamDirect Pro review, the ipad/iPhone iOS and Android mobile websites were released for smartphone users. There is no TV app download but mobile users now have access to live premium TV channels and can watch them online via smartphone.

You will be required to download/install the VLC plugin for your operating system to access the mobile StreamDirect Pro web page. There you will see a channel list in alphanumeric order. Click any link (channel name) of interest to play the channel and watch it online.

The system will automatically detect your device and redirect you to the page for your operating system, after login. During that time, you will be required to download/install the VLC plugin (for iPad/iPhone or Android) if you don’t already have it installed on your mobile device. I already had VLC for Android installed, so all I had to do was use my Google Chrome web browser in my Android smartphone. Then enter the URL to get to the mobile page. There is no standalone mobile live online TV app download/install.

Although a couple bugs existed that will be iron out, I could still play many live premium TV channels to watch on my smartphone. And all the channels that played delivered HD and HQ picture. There wasn’t as many channels to watch but I believe this content to grow over time.

StreamDirect Pro Review: Cost, Money Back Guarantee, Support, Bonuses

Cost and Payment

The cost is set for $39.95 USD right now but could go up, in the near future. This is a one-time fee where you get on-going access. The owner of the service also expressed the possibility of them switching to a subscription fee down the road. Getting on board right now would mean securing permanent access with on-going support for the one-time fee. There is no contract to be concerned about.

All payments are processed through a reputable third-party payment processor. Not only does this protects paying customer, but they are not obligated to contact StreamDirect Pro for a full refund. Refunds can be requested very easily through the payment processor, and quicker. After payment, an email from the payment processor will be sent to the purchaser’s email address. You need to make sure to include the correct email when signing up.

If you don’t get a welcome email from StreamDirect Pro and payment receipt from the payment processor, be sure to look in your Junk/Spam mail for them. If the emails are there, be sure to move them to your email inbox so that future emails will go there. Otherwise, visit the Stream Direct website by clicking any link on this review page to contact them.

7-Day Trial StreamDirect Pro Trial

Included is a 7-day trial that cost $2.95 USD, which automatically rebills to the $39.95 USD (one-time payment). No additional or hidden fee applies. This allows plenty of time to test everything yourself before paying the full price. And you get full access to everything without any restrictions.

Customer/Tech Support

Besides having 24/7 access to watch your favorites online, customer support can be contacted via email. You can also contact them through the chat box on their website. If no one responds to you via chat box, they are probably offline. Be sure to leave your name and correct email address along with your message. However, it’s best to email them about an issue.

Whether contacting them by email or chat box, they usually respond to messages within 12 hours. However, holidays and weekends, will take a little longer to respond. There is no phone number. Most of these services don’t offer this level of support.

I have conversed with support via email for a good while now. If you want, you can test their support response time by sending an email with questions.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, which offer a safety-net if something were to go wrong and can’t be resolved. Even if you decide StreamDirect Pro isn’t for you, for any reason, after making a purchase, there is a no-questions-asked refund policy in place. All requests will be refunded fully and can be requested through the payment processor the service uses.

9 Free Bonus Software Applications

  1. DVR
  2. PC Cleaner
  3. Free Safe Kids
  4. AntiVirus & Malware
  5. RAM and Internet Booster Pro
  6. Registry Repair
  7. Recuva Data Recovery
  8. CCleaner
  9. IObit Uninstaller

You will want to use the free DVR app to record whatever you watch from the StreamDirect software player, and their web based TV/VOD platform. I made recordings on many occasions, whereas the recorded video appeared in the same quality as the original source. Users can also preschedule recordings and do other things when watching video tutorials.

If you don’t have antivirus, malware, and registry cleaning apps installed on your computer, do yourself a favor and install them. All bonus software can be found on a separate web page for downloading when clicking the ‘Bonus’ icon inside the player. Again, these are not some run of the mill freebies. They can be quite useful, which add more value to StreamDirect Pro.

Pros and Cons

Quite frankly, the StreamDirect Pro TV player software for PC is better than any 3rd party freeware or low-cost shareware. I’ve come across lately. Although the service still has some work to do, both software and Internet based TV platforms do what they are designed to do well — compared to many free Internet TV players online.

I put all other web player TV softwares like PlayOn in a different category. This is because they include subscription-based TV/VOD content providers. TV viewers must sign up and pay to watch their content online. The cost will increase with the number of subscription-based TV/VOD content providers one opts into. This doesn’t apply to StreamDirect Pro members. There are no subscriptions to pay, which translates to more savings.

The nine bonuses included are valuable and worth using, especially the DVR (video recording software). You can record whatever you watch on the Stream Direct TV player software for PC. The 3rd party DVR makes it more than a live TV player software. You can record entertaining live and on-demand streaming content, and even start your own video library.

If you live in the US or enjoy watching US TV (no matter where you live or travel in the world), this service makes a good companion. For the low price (one-time fee), savings can be huge compared to the high cost of cable and satellite TV. The technology is good, channel delivery is good, interfacing is good, and entertaining content – all good!

Another good thing about this service is the support. Members will not be left in the cold if an issue arise or need a question answered. In fact, they take channel and movie requests also. There are more HD and HQ streaming content available than any freeware out there. You also receive on-going channel updates, software version upgrades, and email support.

The exciting content delivered will keep all family members entertained. Downloading the software will give any Windows computer a great boost of entertainment. And the 9 bonuses included, especially DVR, adds even more value to StreamDirect Pro.

You read the pros but nothing in today’s world is perfect when it comes to man-made items. One thing I noticed right off the bat… some channels/TV shows didn’t play in full screen (USA section & Live Sports Section). However, I was told by the owner that they will look into the matter. In any case, members can always report issues. Support must rely on members to report issues. They don’t have the manpower to monitor everything on an hourly basis, let alone day to day.

Update: Full screen feature is now working in the Live Sports section. When the channel is playing, just double click on the video to activate Full Acreen or click the Full Screen icon on the TV player if available.

Because the StreamDirect Pro software was released in April 2017, more work is still left to do. An issue could arise and if one should occur, contacting support will correct the issue quickly. You can try refreshing the channel if there’s an issue with the stream. If a different issue occurs, shutting down the TV player software and reopening it again may fix the issue. The main thing is reporting a repeated issue to support so they can fix it.

Although they offer a few ways to watch the steaming content, the number of devices that can be used is very limited. You can use a smartphone, computer, or any device with a web browser. However, you can only use one device with the software and up to two devices with the web based platform.

When visiting the website, it wasn’t hard to notice some of the information not up to date. I’m sure, at some point, the information will get updated. For instance, the number of channels is not correct.

Some channels may not work/play. But when shutting down the TV player software for PC, channels get reported to support automatically. You can still report a channel when clicking the ‘Report Broken’ link.

Some channels can have sub-par picture quality but are still watchable. It may be best not to use full screen to watch those channels. But channels from the USA Premium section generally come in HD or HQ.

Many channels from the ‘USA’ section have popup ads when clicking a channel to play it. Same thing in the ‘Live Sports’ section. You must click to close the small ‘x’ wherever it appears on the streaming Internet player for TV. And you must close the popup ad quickly or else it will stay on top of the TV media player as the channel plays. If this happens, just refresh the channel to play it again and try close the popup again.

Often there will be a second ‘x’ to close. Some appear in a red color. You might not be able to find the ‘x’ with an inexperienced eye at first. It’s suggested that you watch the video above where it covers the ‘Live Sports’ section. No doubt this will take time getting use to and patience but it’s the price you pay when using this low-cost service.

There will some malware when playing channels from the ‘Live Sports’ section. As I said before, your computer should have malware and antivirus applications installed. This will help keep your computer out of harm’s way, just like my computer. If you don’t like the sound of this, you can stay away from the ‘Live Sports’ section. There’s plenty of sports channels in the ‘USA Premium’ section where there is no popup ad, and no or very little malware.

Conclusion – Is it worth the Money?

All things aside… if it wasn’t for the StreamDirect Pro TV software for PC, DVR and bonuses, I would have given a slightly lower rating. According to the owner, more things are in the works to improve both the software and Internet based TV platform. The live premium channels with HD and HQ also gives this a higher rating. You can watch live TV online including on-demand content without paying a bundled or opting into a contract. And I can honestly say the pros do outweigh the cons.

The price is right – almost $40 USD — which is a one-time payment after the 7-day trial (few dollars) ends. Clearly a winner in my book. The 7-day trial also gives this service a high rating. The StreamDirect Pro software is new but these software developers are not entirely new to the industry. From my experience, this low-cost technology/service tops any TV player software for PC free download.

There is nothing to fear. Nothing to be concern about when trying out this service. Just make sure you have all the security applications installed that were mentioned earlier in this StreamDirect Pro review. The nine valuable bonuses are yours to keep, even if you decide to opt out.

Getting access to USA premium TV channels and on-demand content, no matter where you are in the world, is a benefit within itself. No free software offers this type of entertaining content. You won’t get blocked when using the StreamDirect Pro Movies and TV player download service including technology, no matter where you are in the world.

In the end, you get a great entertainment source on your Windows computer and other devices to share with others or just yourself. The Internet Based TV/VOD platform is compatible to all Internet-connecting devices (Windows/Mac/Linux computer, tablet, smartphone, Google Chromecast, etc.). Remember, all devices must have a web browser. You won’t find two different web TV platforms from the same web TV service to watch TV online.

One last thing: There is nothing stopping you from connecting your Internet-connected computer to any HDTV. Many online TV viewers today, including myself, are watching Internet TV on the big screen. Soon you will find out whether or not this service has the best online TV player.

Using the StreamDirect Pro TV player software for PC and Internet based TV/VOD platform can be used to one’s advantage. Simply put, it’s a cheap solution that provides the next best thing to cable and satellite TV. Use the software for one Windows computer and up to two devices for the Internet based TV platform. You can get access to download TV player including web -based TV platform and mobile TV from the link below. You will be taken to the official website where you can start the 7-day trial.

This concludes our StreamDirect Pro Review
4 Star Rating

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