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Top Eight Technologies That Will Change The Way You Watch Television

Watching TV ImageAnalogue TV is being made redundant all over the world. After so many years of launch of analogue signals, it is digital TVs turn to entice and excite us in our own homes. A lot of new television technologies are being promised and delivered to the consumer with promises of bigger, better more detailed picture and sound. TVs like paper-thin and a lot more have come into existence since long and as per these changes, here are some of my top picks for the top 8 technologies in television that changed the Way you Watch Television:


1. OLED displays in Paper-thin

OLED (also known as Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays used to be expensive and the huge costs were prohibitive for mass usage. But smart phone companies found a way to incorporate them into their products to produce thinner than ever displays. So it was only a matter of time till these found their way into our homes as TVs. OLED displays deliver spectacularly on the promise to provide the most vivid colors and responses faster mainly with gaming. But the best part is that all of this requires very little power consumption.


2. Internet TVs

Also known as Smart TVs, these are already in the market as every major television producer is touting how their version is in fact the smartest. With the functionality of browsing the internet right from your TV, the user can have their YouTube delivered directly to the television and also utilizes other services of web TV and download apps created specifically to enhance the use of a Smart TV. Also there won’t be a need to watch on-demand programs on the computer or tablet anymore. Of course, there will be the need to connect the TV with a wireless Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable for the faster net connection.


3. YouTube channels

Not quite a Television technology, but still this is something that has the potential to provide hours of entertainment, right in the comfort of our homes. YouTube recently announced its plans to launch 60 new channels. Yes, 60 of them! And all these channels will be dedicated to one form of entertainment each. So expect to find channels devoted to entertainment, comedy and cooking with sub categories of the most successful programming for each, for example, a channel dedicated to Jamie Oliver cooking shows.



4. ‘4K’ or better termed as Ultra-HD

We had just started grappling the concept of HDTVs and in comes Ultra-HD! The 4K resolution packs a powerful punch of a resolution into a screen. Some of these already went on sale at the start of this year with Sony’s 4K offering leading the sales internationally. Channels are scrambling to catch up with it as BBC announces its plan to start shooting in higher resolution. 4K has brought the cinema into our homes as it promises that for the first time, the viewing of cinema would match similar to the way we see movies at home.


5. Mobile TVs

With the introduction of 4G technology it has become completely possible for us to watch TV right on our mobiles and smart phones. 4G provides amazing internet speed and it has made most of us habituated. The major contribution is made by Apple and Android smartphones such as Surface, iPad and Nexus 7 which made us TV viewing which has become easier than ever. All the major sites and TV channels provide downloadable apps so a wealth of TV, both past and present is at your fingertips.


6. Flexible Display Technology

Although still in its infancy, the flexible screen technology is coming closer to becoming a reality in the near future. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and HP are among the companies that have been working on flexible displays for several years.

These screens promise to revolutionize our entertainment experience. Imagine how cool it would be to wrap our televisions and smart phones around the wrist or carry them in our pockets, just take it out, unfold it, place it appropriately for comfortable viewing. The promises are endless.


7. Total-Immersion TVs

If you think that today’s flat screen TVs are huge, wait till you see these. These slightly flexible screens are created to be installed on walls and dominate a room by taking on the whole of a wall sometimes. These use your peripheral vision to produce a really immersive experience. Even more, viewers will be able to use the entire screen or some parts of it for different shows, movies, web pages and even twitter timelines.


8. Transparent Display

It looks like glass and behaves like TV. Remember the ultra-futuristic controls in movies like The Minority Report? Well it seems that Samsung has already created a see-through screen and oddly enough, it stands the wring way as in portrait mode. Although the technology is too young to be put on sale in the near future, it is already showing potential for some unique uses.



The future seems home-entertainment friendly to say the least. Even though many of these televisions won’t be ready for sale for a few decades, chances are that these will inspire the TV manufacturers to come up with some quick-fixes that could be marketed within a couple of years.


About The Author

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