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Top Mobile TV Apps for Streaming and Recording Web Media Content to Mobile Devices

Mobile TV Banner ImageHow to watch TV on your portable or mobile device when on the go is probably what’s on your mind. But you may have heard that the quality of streaming TV channels and videos online can be less than impressive at times. Not only that, there are crappy TV mobile software applications on the market that don’t work well enough if at all, or difficult to setup on your device.

The images that come through are pixilated and the programming is really limited. Depending on the service provider you use, there can be ‘accessing’ issues where you get repeated error messages when trying to access the programs and TV channels.

The issue people face today is that they don’t feel comfortable accessing these programs and believe they need a lot of technical skills or other things to watch mobile TV on their cellular phone or other device.

Then there’s the thought of taking on another subscription fee with hidden fees added that make this even more unappealing, just like the rising cost of Satellite and Cable causing some people to turn away.

The other issue is before you had to watch TV on a network’s time with pre-scheduled programs that didn’t always coincide with your schedule, thus limiting you to watch television only when there’s a TV-set around.

How times have changed. No longer are we restricted to a network’s schedule or area for that matter when it comes to watching your favorite programs.

Mobile phone users can now watch television from any location at home, work, college or when traveling because technology is making it happen with mobile TV app.

Just imagine having the ability to watch favorite shows, episodes, sports, news, movies and other media on your cell, smartphone, pocket PC, iPod, PSP, portable media player, and many other compatible devices. It’s on-the-go entertainment that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere.

Surely, anyone who is trying to figure out how to watch mobile TV on their device will need a solution. That said, I’ve provided several products/services that will help you get access to tons of free content online, while keeping you in one location to watch your favorite TV shows, videos, news, sports, movies, and other free content on your portable or mobile device:


MoviePlayMoviePlay. lets you download and watch movies anytime, anywhere for a small one-time fee. No recurring, monthly, hidden or download fees to be concern about. Their website offers unlimited access to streaming movies at an instance.

Movie genres include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi, Thriller, Family, World Movies, and so on. They even have a Top Movies/Blockbusters section if wanting to save time and find the best movies first or as updates come in.

This full-length movie portal offers a fast, easy process that allows you to access all kinds of films in a 1-2-3 step process.

  • Step #1 – Register
  • Step #2 – Download
  • Step #3 – Watch and Enjoy

Benefits and Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited movie downloads with great picture quality
  • No monthly or hidden fees to pay, ever!
  • Full length movies for instant downloading
  • Movie updates as more are made available
  • No title or time limits
  • You own each and every movie download
  • 100% legal, no looking over your shoulders
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Instant streams which means you can watch movies instantly without waiting for them to download

How to Use Movie Play

You can download and watch all kinds of movies on your iPad/Tablet, iPhone, Android Phone, TV or PC/Mac. That’s how compatible this service is which lets you watch your favorites on any device you so choose.

Choose A Plan and Price

There are 3 plans to choose from that lets you watch movie flicks as you wish and whatever time or place that’s convenient (no limitations whatsoever):

  1. Full Access, 1 year unlimited pass – $39.95 (one-time fee)
  2. Standard Access, 3 months unlimited pass – $34.95 (one-time fee)
  3. Basic Access, 1 month unlimited pass – $29.95 (one-time fee)

Now if you’re a bit skeptical about joining this service, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee available. When signing up simply follow the instructions in the email you receive immediately after your payment is approved which takes no time. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your Spam/Junk mail folder. It could be there.

To help put yourself at ease, you should contact the service via contact form to ask any question before
buying in. This will tell you a couple of things: 1) How well they respond to customer emails and support emails in a timely fashion; 2) How well they answer your question(s).

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Android Smart Phone Satellite Direct Mobile Android is an all-in-one watch TV online application that offers compatibility to mobile android devices as well as Mac OSX and Windows computers and tablet. This app allows you to watch streaming live and on-demand TV shows, sports, news, movies and other free content online instantly.

It’s television on the go with access to over 95 countries with various types of channels in different languages. Setup is very easy. Just signup for a membership which requires a small one-time fee, choose your operating system, download and start watching favorite TV programs.

Also included is a service package that consist of tech support, channel updates and app upgrades.

To Find Out More, Go to Satellite Direct Android for a Quick Review


Visit the Official Website, HERE



DIrect PCTV ImageDirect-PCTV. This software service isn’t quite the same as the first service above. While it delivers over 9,000 TV channels, radio stations and videos, it’s not dedicated to just mobile users. The package includes many free bonuses which is more than what other services offer relating to watching live and on-demand programs online with apps for a few mobile devices.

Bonuses include iPad, iPhone and PSP software which allows access to millions of file downloads with unlimited access, unlimited movie and music downloads, a DVD/CD burning application that allows you to record favorite movies, music, TV shows, videos, data and other content buy you must have a DVDs/CDs–burner. Also included, a Video/DVD to iPod Converter, Web Look TV that allows you to watch live web cams on your PC desktop or laptop, and Internet security software.

Pros and Cons. Once again, this service doesn’t offer dedicated software for mobile devices. Instead, they provide free downloadable software for an iPod, iPhone, and PSP. Though the bonuses are many, there’s nothing here for watching streaming live and on-demand channels/videos on your mobile device, only PC.

Still, if recording and converting favorite programs to your iPod, iPhone and PSP is all you need than perhaps this is the way to go. The main software itself delivers thousands of worldwide channels, radio, music and other free content that comes with the same few downsides when watching streaming content over the web.

Price. For what it’s worth, you only pay an one-off fee ($39.95 USD) that can be converted to your currency. There is a 30 day money back guarantee available so that if something goes wrong, you’ll have no problem getting a full refund.

Verdict. This product is for individuals living in different parts of the world that want quick, easy access to live and on-demand content to watch on their Windows desktop/laptop computer and/or want to download and convert media files to one of the portable devices mentioned. However, much of the development went into the DirectPCTV application itself (not free bonuses) that caters more to PC users. So be aware of that if deciding to make a purchase.

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TvFreeLoad - TV Show Access ImageTvFreeLoad. TvFreeload now called TV Show Access. Here’s another way to watch free content online but it’s not quite the same as the software services previously mentioned. This one is primarily a downloading TV shows website that lets you use their A-Z index of titles with over 1,200 shows to search and download.

You will have access to many of your favorite shows in one area as oppose to surfing the web trying to find them on your own.

Using this service can be accomplish in 1-2-3 easy steps: (1) Register; (2) Search TV shows; (3) Download to watch on any PC, Mac or Linux computer, as well as downloading to watch everything on your iPads, iPhones, BlackBerry, Android or any device capable of watching videos.

The TV episode that you select to download easily opens in a mp4 file for mobile devices or .avi file for computers, thus giving you the ability transfer these files from one device to another.

This also means users can burn their collection of episodes to a DVD, iPad or some other device which entails a dragging and dropping process.



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The service updates it’s database/content periodically which means more content will be available to download. There are no additional fees whatsoever, bandwidth issues, additional software to install or hardware, etc.

Pros and Con. This service is limited to just video downloads of TV shows and episodes. The picture quality is high definition (DVD-like) with is better than quality of streaming channels and videos. However, you don’t get any live content such as sports, movies, news, and more.

Perhaps combining Mobile TV Elite and TvFreeLoad (TV Show Access) would be the idea combination if you want the best of both worlds – download favorite shows (videos) and live/on-demand streaming content with more than 4,200 combined pieces of content to watch.

Price. You have 3 options to choose from… VIP Platinum @ $39.95; VIP Gold @ $34.95; VIP Silver @ $29.95. You can choose what best suits your needs. Again, this service is primarily for those interested in watching their favorite TV shows/sitcoms/episodes 24/7.

Verdict. Of course, you have the option to find this content on your own. But, with this service you save valuable time and effort as well as stay in place, rather than go from site to site to watch what you want. This service is quite and easy and constantly updates its content to bring even more shows your way.

So if you find any value in this, then perhaps this service is worth a try. Remember, this isn’t software that delivers streaming content with occasional low picture quality that’s still viewable. Instead, you get a crystal clear picture that’s second to none.

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iSatellitelink Banner 2 ImageIsatelliteLink. This software service offers the some of the same functions of Internet TV software and TvFreeLoad. It has the ability to convert videos to your mobile device and you can also watch everything on your Window PC, Mac or Linux computer. That means you get a combination of both streaming TV channels and video downloads.

As for the latter, features like the Stream Downloader and Media Converter helps you handle the content in four steps as follows:

  1. Visit any streaming website with videos such as YoutubeM
  2. Click the ‘Download Video’ button inside the TV player (software)
  3. Store the downloaded media file to any computer
  4. Convert the media file to your iphone, ipod, cell phone, or other deviceK/li>

These are some of the main features this service brings to users along with two different services that were combined together — normally sold separately.

Pros and Cons. Just like the others, this service/product come with some of the same issues such as streaming channels coming and going sometimes, some sub-par picture quality but viewable. However, there are thousands of other channels to watch on a computer with good to very good quality.

There is a web browser inside the player where you can go to any video streaming website and download whatever that’s of interest. The TV player will have links that will take you to some of these websites. However, this will take some practicing to fully get the hang of the ‘Stream Downloader’ and ‘Media Conversion’ features. Practice makes perfect!

To help you more the service provided instructions along with a video to get a better understanding how things work.

Price. To become a member, you get to choose 1 of 3 optional installation plans as follows:

  1. Install on 1 computer @ $39.95 (One license key)
  2. Install on 2 computers @ $44.95 (Two license keys)
  3. Install On 3 Computers @ 49.95 (Three license keys)

Verdict. If having one Web TV software package with features to download and convert media files to your device makes sense, then this service obviously makes for a better choice. Or, it can be combined with any one of the services previously mentioned.

In either case, here again is a 60 day money back guarantee by Click2Sell. So there’s no need to worry if something goes wrong after making a purchase. Click2Sell is a highly reputable payment processor that protects customers and will honor all requests for a full refund.

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